Friday, August 31, 2007

Cy under my Desk

Cy is under my desk. I love him. What more could I ask for out of a dog. He is such a sweet heart. I got him a new toy today. He was so happy about it! I got Chris' check deposited today, and then I got paid. I am doing pretty good saving up some more money for the house. I actually found some! Jeremy finished up my mom's laundry. I have a bunch of stuff to take over to her house. I am so excited about everything. Jeremy has been doing laundry most of the day and I am really proud of that. But I am really unhappy with the fact that he let the car run dry. But I am so glad it is Friday. Oh, and I have Monday off!!

Finally Friday

Well, it is finally Friday.I am so tired from this week. Chris faxed the stuff last night and we confirmed this morning that they received it. There was one late payment made, so they have the choice of rejecting us. I hope that doesn't happen, but we won't know until about Wednesday of next week. So until then I am just going to keep packing. I went and made my car payment today, and picked up my medicine. I would go crazy without it. Chris had to work a double last night. So he is really tired today. I missed him last night because he had to go in so early. But yeah my sweet Cy is under my desk like usual. I am sooooo glad we have him.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I really really want a sweet little chihuahua. I just want a sweet little purse puppy. I want a little baby I can carry around with me all the time.The Chihuahua is the smallest of the AKC registered breeds, weighing in at two-to-six pounds. A graceful, alert, swift-moving little dog with saucy expression, compact, and with terrier-like qualities of temperament. This is a long-lived breed, often achieving 16 or more years of age. I love these little dogs. My mom has a mix that is a Dehuahua, half dochson half chihuahua. She is the best little dog ever.


Chris is faxing the paper work for the loan tonight. I am very anxious. I guess kinda paranoid. Things have a bad tendency to go wrong for me in the last minute. I packed a ton of stuff out of the garage today. It was hard work. Zack was sweet and made us some tomato soup. Cy is sitting under the desk like usual. He is my sweet doggy. I am looking forward to moving though. It will be a lot less hassle to see my mom.

Packing and Renting

Well, I have started to pack, it is a good idea to start early because of the fact that we have my stuff, chris's, jeremys, and Zacks stuff to pack. I own a ton of stuff too!! I packed like 8 boxes last night and didn't even make a dent.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bid Accepted!!

Well, I got a phone call today from the realistate agant and we got our bid approved!! I am sooooo excited! I have to take the earnest money up there tomorrow, and the lady is already talking with my loan officer. Things are going great! I am so excited. We moved a bunch of Zacks stuff today. We are going to move more of it tomorrow. Things are going well between all of us. Cy is sitting under the computer desk like usual, he is such a good dog!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Put in a Bid!

Well, me and Chris went and put the bid in on a house today, I am extremely excited. They should except the offer as far as I know and I am looking forward to it all. My house will be up for rent in a month or so. The closing date it set for Sept. 27th. If all goes well, that will be the day we move in! Everything is coming together nicely. We are a bit short on funds at the moment because of the car, but we needed it because if we didn't have it then Chris wouldn't have a way to work. We should know by Thursday if they except the offer. I am just so excited about it all.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Car!!

I just bought a new car!!! Well, it not really new, but new to me!

I love it! It is a 1993 Honda Accord LX. The perfect car! I love Hondas. I am honda girl born and raised. My grandfather worked for honda, and my uncle still does! We can't put it on the road until next week, but thats ok, I still drive my honda van to and from work.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beautiful day

We have all the windows open and the breeze is coming in, it is just a BEAUTIFUL day all in all. I am very happy about today. It has been peaceful, calm and relaxing. I went and bought my medicine this morning. I stopped by Dino's Truck Load sales up by Kum and Go. I got this cute teddy bear with Class of 2007 emboridered on it! I thought it was great. I am really happy about graduating. I can't believe some people just don't. Anyway, my mom gave me some money to do her laundry. She currently doesn't have a washer and dryer hook-up because they are remodeling the house. So I don't mind doing it, I didn't even know she was going to pay me. So, today has been so nice, I am home by myself, and it is the first time I have been alone in a long time! But anyway, I am off to fold laundry!

Friday, August 24, 2007

LifeGoalAction’s Birthday

I found this cool contest to enter, and you have to be a pretty cool person to do this! For this guys birthday on his blog site he giving away gifts! Some really cool books. But anyways you should check out the site for yourself! Just go to:

Pamper Me Contest

I have decided to try out this blog contest site and one of the contests is about how you are pampered! Thats an easy one for me because I have a boyfriend and two guy friends who pamper me constintly! My one roommate always cooks me dinner and rubs my back before bed and while we watch movies. My other rommate is always hanging out with me and helping with things, if not doing them for me. When ever I am sore one of them will always give me a back rub or foot massage. I love my boyfriend who is always putting lotion on my back or legs for me, so my skin is always silky soft. I love my boys, they pamper me! You should check out the contest page:

New Glasses

The kind you drink out of........But anyways, yeah I picked up two new glasses at goodwill because in the ;ast few days Zack has done a good job of breaking items at my house. He is going to move in here soon enough though. Zack and Chris cleaned out the garage today, so we can put most of Zacks Furniture in there.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Home From Work

Well I just got home from work and I am starting once again on my quest to raise more funds for the house. If anyone has any ideas, or suggestions on what I could do, please post!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This is Cy and Chris. I took this just a few min. ago. They look so cute together!! I love my new digital camera. It comepletely fits my needs. Plus Chris bought me the biggest memory card available. So I can always take as many pictures as I want. I love Cy, he is the best dog I have ever had. He is always happy and always lays by my computer desk while I work. Plus he always meets me at the front door when I get home. Zack is at work right now, his first day at the econo lodge. I am pretty proud of that, but I think he mostly got hired because of Chris's recommendation.


I just helped Zack sign up for a new email. What a punk. But before that me and Chris had to run to the store to get some milk and butter, while Zack attepted to make macroni and cheese. Sadly, that did not go well at all. But next time should be better, or I will just beat him silly.


I am at home for a little bit. Zack had his interview over at the econolodge. And he got the job!!Yay!! I am trying to find some way to get paid for blogging, since I love to do it and would like to write product reviews. Chris Jeremy and Zack are going to be getting paid this week and I am happy because we have bills to pay. Zack is going to be moving in here soon! Thats also kinda exciting for me too!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is my newest blog and it will have a direct feed to my main web site. Please read and come back!