Monday, February 18, 2013


So I have decided to take up extreme couponing. I have taken several steps to prepare myself for this, and feel I have finally started and wanted to share my experience!

At first I thought I could just clip some coupons and head to the store and the deals would rain! LOL. Wrong. To save a decent amount, besides maybe a dollar or two on a huge shopping trip it takes careful planing,clipping, and organizing. Once I realized this, I decided to ask for help. I talked to a few friends and then hit the jack pot with Tiffany Phillips, AKA, Money Saving Mom of 5. You can check out her blog here:
She is your everyday mom, with the knowledge and skills you need to coupon like a pro! Also she teaches classes on it too! I went to her class in Bellefountaine, Ohio on Feb 16th. You pay $5.00, it pays for the huge packet you get, and helps cover her gas. She drives all over and teaches these classes, and is always available to answer any questions you may have. Visit the link on her blog to find out her class schedule, and go if you want to learn! Her class cleared up so many questions and confusion I had and between the packet she gives out and the notes I took during the class, I felt ten times more prepared to go out and get a bargain.

So my obvious first step was I took the Coupon Class. This helped me line up my other steps to get me rolling.
Next I organized a list of the prime stores I planned to shop at. Most of which required membership/reward cards. Before now I was very much guilty of getting everything from Wal-Mart. From now on, I won't hardly be going there because that is just not where the coupon bargains are!
After that I bought  two Sunday papers, and set a alarm in my phone to remember to get one next Sunday. I easily forget these and they are very important. I am missing out on deals this week, because I don't have the coupon inserts from the paper.
So after I got my stores in order, and have my first set of coupons, I set down and reviewed several blogs that post coupon comparisons, and planned a trip. I lined up my coupons with products and locations, and was ready to roll.
Then finally I went on my first trip, only to one store, it was hard not having those other coupons to make a trip to all the stores. So I settled on Walgreens.
I got food and some bathroom items, and between coupons and sales I saved 67%. Which I was pretty proud of for my first trip out.

It is gonna take me a week or two to really get into the groove of it and have big savings on a regular basis, but I know if I stick to it I can.
Oh and I am helping others because any expired coupons I don't use I can send to families in the military over seas and they can use them!