Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feeling Pretty!

Well, I know my mom is going to love this post, because most of it is about the stuff she bought me for Christmas. Today I decided I would try out the make-up and stuff she bought me. First off I was addicted to some make-up when I was younger, but kind of grew out of wearing it on a regular basis. I think that is mostly because I developed a kind of allergy to it. Mostly I think it is because I wore the cheap stuff. I mean when I was a kid I mostly wore Avon, which isn't too bad. When I moved out on my own, I in no way could afford to pay ten bucks for mascara! So I eventually stopped wearing it all together. Not that it was a bad thing, because during that time I really learned to love how I look naturally. Which being able to accept yourself as you are is very important. Anyways, my mom has discovered a really awesome way to get make-up cheaply from Walgreens. So for Christmas she got me a nice make-up bag and tons of quality make-up that is mostly nourishing or hypoallergenic.

Okay, first off today I wore Rimmel eye liner. Which was really awesome, because it goes on smoothly, and I don't have to press very hard. My eyes are a little sensitive. Then I wore Almay one coat nourishing mascara. This is a great product because I even took a nap wearing it, and it doesn't do that thing were it gets your lashes all crunchy and itchy. I tried out some of the eye shadow, it was Markwins, a nice bronze color. Which the lipstick was the same brand. I loved the color because it was a nice auburn that had a slight glitter to it.

Now my biggest issue is finding cover up that works, doesn't itch, and doesn't come off with the slightest touch. Today I tried out the Cover Girl Aqua smooth mom got me. You use a small sponge and rub it onto trouble areas. It blends really nice and I couldn't even tell I was wearing it.

Honestly, if I had to go out and buy all this off the shelf full price I would say she could have easily spent two to three hundred dollars on the make-up. The stuff I mentioned above is only a couple of the things in the bag she got me. I have several different types of cover up, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, and eye liner. She also got me some gentle makeup remover. I also use cleansing pads on my face so it stays more clear.

Trust me, I never thought I would see the day I would write an entire blog post about make-up, but honestly I went out today and felt pretty. It made me feel more confident to know that I didn't just look ok, I looked really good. Confidence is key to happiness and success in life.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I was having some strong thoughts and really just wanted to share them.
First of all this may be the very best Christmas I have had in years. I have a amazingly wonderful loving boyfriend, Justin, who has given me wonderful gifts and showered me in love and affection. My ex who is my roommate, Chris, has been just a great friend all together and very supportive of me. Then my family has been amazing. I was able to buy just tons of gifts for Mickey and Holden. Which seeing them happy and having fun makes this holiday even more amazing. Plus my Dad was in a good mood for once, and it was so much fun having everyone together. Then we added yet another member to the family adoptive wise and have Brandon's friend Heather come spend Christmas with us. We had a amazingly fun get together, were we all got great gifts, and good food. Mickey and Holden got a Wii thanks to Jeremy and we all took turns playing on it.
I am pretty proud of myself because I have been able to ignore small triggers of things that would upset me or ruin the happiness this holiday has brought me this year.
The past few years I can't say I have had bad Christmas's, but they weren't happy or heart warming. I guess you can say I was fairly hum bug, although I didn't show it on the outside.
I am thankful to have enough money right now, I can pay my bills and then some. I am thankful for the fact that Egypt's puppies are healthy and happy. I am glad that me and my mom aren't fighting, because I know it is hard on the kids. Justin isn't a perfect boyfriend, but I am grateful that the longer we are together, the better he gets. I guess I am happy that I do have things good, and I am so glad to have this great Christmas, I know I will never forget it. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am soo tired, but I can't sleep. I finally gave up and decided to get on the computer. World of Warcraft is shut down for maintenance. Blah. So I got on facebook and finally updated all my stuff on there. I am not alone in my not sleeping. Justin can't fall asleep either. We have a bunch of stuff to do today too! We have to take the dogs to get their shots, and drop off Garth to get him fixed. Oh, and before and after that we have to pick up and drop off the one dog I did sell because I told her I would get her shots for her. Then we have a eye appointment at WalMart for Chris and Justin. So they are both gonna get new glasses. Chris hasn't had his in years! Justin just needs new ones because he hasn't had his eyes checked in years.
Egypt is doing really good with her puppies. They are all very cute and healthy. I can't even tell which one is the runt of the litter. I am just still shocked she had a all white puppy. Pure white.
I am getting pretty excited for Christmas. I got almost all my gifts wrapped and ready to go! I have a hutch in the kitchen that has our tree on it, and it is covered in gifts. I am excited to see the kids freak out over what they are getting. Heck, I am gonna freak out over what they are getting! We are gonna have a blast! I have to say this year is coming to a pretty good end.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

World of Warcraft

Wow, it has been over a month since I have posted on here. I guess I really haven't been in the blogging spirit much lately, but there is nothing like a good snow storm to get you stuck indoors and make you want to write! Especially when Blizzard chose now to download their new patch, and made my game sooo laggy that I can't play.
Which makes me wanna throw my laptop across the room. :)
ANYWAYS! I have come to the realization that I am a little more then addicted the game and I am trying during this down time to find other enjoyable activities to do. Like I have a new book from my House of Night series to read. I am the 5th book call Hunted. Which I have read most of it today and it has been really awesome so far. They only have one more book out right now. If I had gotten over to my mom's before the snow hit I could have been working on my Christmas cards. I don't have many to send, and she has some nice variety ones I can have. My mom always has everything in bulk.
I am kinda happy for all the snow, I am liking being closed in. Now it is a good thing, but in a few weeks it will be cabin fever like crazy!
This year has gone by really fast. It is hard to believe it is Christmas time again already. I am usually way more prepared for things like this, with gifts and such, but this year I am totally behind. I have fallen under the category of the last minute shopper!
I guess the main reason I wanted to write was because I was stressed about not being able to get onto World of Warcraft. I have made it to be an officer in my guild and I am holding our first contest, which is today! I can't even get online to play or help. So I kinda feel like a failure on that end. I know it isn't really my fault, but now I am kinda stressed on the inside. Well, I am gonna go spend some quality cuddle time with Justin. Wish me luck on getting my game to work right!