Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The YouTube

So the YouTube is calling my name. I am going to start posting some short videos on there about my different crafty experiences and hacks I come up with. My embroidery machine is still being repaired so I am going without right now. It sucks. I miss it BAD. But hopefully we will hear back this week and be able to go pick it up. The worst part is it is an hour away. Worth it just to have a working machine again though. 
As soon as I have a video posted I will be sharing the link here as well. I do plan to continue to blog!!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Fonts, Fonts, Fonts!!!

SO! I recently found out that you could download fonts to your computer and they would be usable in in my PE Design 10 software! It is like my crayon box went from 4 colors to 100! 
So can you guess who sat down and individually downloaded over 200 fonts last night? Oh yeah, that was ME. I am so in love with them! Now I have figured out that there are a few fonts that are a little bit too complicated for the program but nothing too heart breaking. I have tested out a few. Now to give you a example of the fonts I have downloaded here is a variety I printed off in a word document.
Are these not cool or what? And this is only a sample of what I have downloaded! I cannot wait to use them in several projects I have planned. Now I did download them all from one source and I would like to share that here, so that if anyone else wishes to go out and get some cool fonts they can.
Simply click above to check out the site. Once you download the item it will be in a Zip file. No need to unzip! Simply open up, you will see the TrueType or OpenType Font and double click that. It will open up a preview that you can see. In the preview box at the top should be a install button and it is as easy as that. Once it is installed you can actually delete it from your downloads folder. 
I hope you guys find this helpful and enjoy!

Saturday, June 09, 2018

My Machine

First I want to start off with a little info on my machine and what I use. My embroidery machine is a Brother SE400, which is a embroidery sewing machine combo. So it has the ability to switch back and forth to do both. I only use for embroidery and I have another Brother machine I use only for sewing. Now my embroidery machine is currently in the repair shop, cue the sad music please. I do hope to have it back soon. Below is what my machine looks like.  
This machine has a max hoop size of 4inch by 4 inch. As you can clearly see above. Seems small but I was looking for a affordable beginner option, something simple to learn on. Now the great part of this machine is it does come with 5 built in fonts and 70 designs. That comes in very handy.  The best part of embroidery is the HUGE variety of designers out there! There are so many places to buy designs and get FREE designs. Brother machines use .PES file types, which each brand has different file types for the most part.
Now I don't claim to be an expert by any means and I am still learning every day new things. A lot of what I learn is from the awesome Facebook groups I am in and from YouTube videos posted by people who seriously know what they are doing.
I use the deign software PE Design 10, which is a Brother design software. I love how easy it is to use and learn to use. If I ever get stuck I just look up a YouTube tutorial and I am set.
Before I went much further into my adventures and stuff I wanted to explain my basic equipment I am using.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Update and Restarting!

I haven't written in way too long and the biggest reason is nothing really inspired me to write. In the past two months I have become very passionate about sewing and embroidery, especially embroidery!! I purchased a Brother Se400 on April 8th. I LOVE it. I have been learning how to use it and how to digitize aka make my own designs! The whole experience has been crazy and fun. Right now my machine is in the repair shop, and I hope this gets it all fixed. I plan to write a lot more blog posts about the whole thing simply because I am not Vlog material, lol. I just don't know how to edit videos. So None of that for me sadly.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Writing and Learning about Me

I used to write a lot here, I loved having a outlet to express myself. This along with journal on a regular basis. But I feel over time I lost myself because I lost many of the things I used to do that made me ME! I used to blog, journal, read, paint, make jewelry, play sims and world of  war craft, sew, and dream of opening my own business. Now I clean house and raise kids. That is my life. I never realized until now but so much of my view of how my life should be was a very feminist point of view. I felt I should be strong, independent, creative, smart, and able to achieve ANY dream and goal. I wasn't going to settle for being a housewife or just a Mom. But now that is what I am. A homemaker and a mom. And I feel like that is all I am. I struggle daily to keep up with laundry and dishes. Failing daily at potty training my oldest, while my youngest like to show me how much they can really tear apart a house. I haven't held a job in 5 years now, and I am starting to doubt my ability to.  It is heart breaking and depressing.

 I usually spend this last part of the year deciding what I want my new years resolution to be. You would think that I am getting to the point of saying this year I am gonna get out of this and find myself again! But sadly that isn't the case. I feel life has defeated me. I feel empty and so tired of fighting. So I think my new years resolution will be to learn to accept and conform to the role I have been assigned. Because at this point, I don't have hope. I don't find joy in anything any more. My kids do make me happy, but they don't make me feel complete. At this point I just don't think I will feel complete again.

  I spent a vast majority trying to make myself better. My goal was to be healthier mentally and physically. I went to the YMCA and worked out frequently. I ate better. I got into therapy and took different things to help with mood. I worked hard on making our home nicer and our family happier. But in the end I still felt empty and alone. I wanted to be stronger and happier. In the end I still feel weak and sad. So I think it may be time for me to accept, I can be nothing but what I am and stop trying to reach so far.

  If you  can't tell, today wasn't a good day for me. Tomorrow won't be better. For the first time in a long long time, I don't want to celebrate Christmas. I don't want to open gifts or see people. I have always been so open in my life, and what has happened to me I can't be open about and that makes the sadness even deeper. I don't know what will happen next.