Tuesday, October 11, 2011

American Eagle

Well, Thursday I start at American Eagle, in the Springfield Mall. I am really excited because I have never worked in a name brand clothing store. I worked at Goodwill selling used clothes, and at Walmart selling generic clothes. This will be my first time actually shopping and selling some expensive clothes! I am very excited though, because I plan on getting Justin lots of new jeans with my discount. I am not sure how much my discount is, but if it makes them more comparable to Walmart Prices, I would really be a happy camper. So I am counting down the days!

My new Flowers

Today one of my neigbors sold me some awesome flowers, so now, my house has these pretty bushes that will come back every year! I ended up with a red one, a lavender one, and a magenta one. It took forever to dig the holes to put them in, but I love how pretty they are. I am so lucky to have such nice nieghbors to buy extra of these plants so I coud have some too. I would like to get some other plants that also come back every year, to fill in the spaces in between. It is starting to look like living in Mechanicsburg is a really good thing for us.

A beautiful day

Today's weather was just awesome. The sun was out, it was a little cool, and a nice light breeze. The only thing that sucked was it was warm enough to get all the bugs out there excited and active too. So we had severe ant occurrences, and lots of mosquito's. My friend Mike put money down on the trailer he is buying out here in the neighborhood I am in. I don't really want to call it a trailer court, when all we are is one dead end street. He got #24 ad we are in #18, so I will be able to hang out with him and his fiancee Lori, all the time.
I was super productive today. I went up to stepping stones, and got a ton of free groceries. Which I ended up taking three paper sacks to my moms for her. Also some one dumped two kittens at the church. It was so sad. One found a home, but no one ever wanted the other one, so I took it over to my moms, I knew that she would take it in. Turns out some one had dumped another kitten in Woodstock and my sister found it and brought it home. So I wasn't the first to bring her a cat! This kitten is pretty healthy unlike the other kitten I brought to her previously. Which sadly, after much love and care, passed away in its sleep.
I am no longer working at Hertz, so I am currently looking for a part time job. I have filled out a bunch of applications at the mall in Springfield, and have more I need to turn in.
Tomorrow my main focus is getting a our truck traded out for our correct truck and then working on moving a bunch of stuff to storage. Also I am going to go through our extra stuff and see what I can give to Mike and Lori for their new house. They were like me when I moved to Iowa when I was 18. I got my first apartment alone and didn't have squat. All my stuff was back in South Carolina with Chris. But there are a couple different programs around here that help out with things like that. Plus it helps a lot that the lot manager is really helpful too.
So life is interesting, but very good all at once!

New Blogger

Wow, I am trying out the new blogger lay out and it has all this imformation telling you how many age views you have. I did not even realize that so many people viewed my blo, considering how few comments I ever get. I am super happy though that my stuff gets viewed!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Yay for October

I absolutely love the month of October. I love the leaves changing, the cool breeze, and of course Halloween! Dressing up is such a blast. I already have a cute sign on the door and will be putting up more decor soon. Our internet gets hooked up tomorrow and I am very excited for that. It means no more blogging from my phone and more interesting blogs as well. I really have no clue if I havr loyal readers or not. If I do I thank you all for keeping up with me and reading what I write. I love writing and love I get this outlet to do so. I will be uploading a lot of pictures and art I do after tomorrow. I just bought a new printer today that is also a scanner, so much better pictures of my art work to come!