Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Walking It Off!

So I started this new workout routine. I got great advice from my friend Maya, who has had three babies of her own, on how to lose the weight and get back into shape after having my baby. Basically her routine was walk, walk, walk. So that is my plan. I started yesterday and so far I feel great from the extra exercise. The main routine is for me and Justin's mom Kim to walk together 4 days a week. Then when ever I can squeeze it in Jeremy and I will walk together in the mornings. Basically the goal is to walk a mile and more if I can handle it. Below is a screen shot from the app I am using on my phone to track my progress. I actually have more energy since I have been walking, instead of feeling more tired. I push Aries in the stroller every time we walk as well. Love this. 

Two Months Today!

I can't believe it has been two months already! I am so happy my little man is so happy and healthy. The first picture I have here is him in the same laundry basket as I have for his two week old photo. My goal is to show his growth this way, I saw the idea originally on Pinterest. I love that site. He is starting to smile and giggle now much more often. He has smiled since the day we brought him home, such a gassy boy. Now though he is starting to show what a happy boy he is.

The thing with taking his picture is once I start I can't stop and then I end up with a million slightly different but equally cute pictures of him. I love to share them but I try not to blow up Facebook with tons of pictures of my little guy. So I use a neat app on my phone to combine them into one nice one so I can share more of them without being obnoxious. 

Another big thing is Aries is finally starting to play with his hands and notice his toys, and just loves being talked to. When I get him up in the morning and change his diaper I always talk to him and he just smiles and gets excited. He can't say he loves me yet, but I can feel it!

Monday, August 19, 2013

It can wait

I think the first thing I have learned as a parent so far and one of the biggest things is that everything else can wait. I sit down and rock him just to rock him. When I feed Aries I look into his eyes and talk to him. I take that extra five minutes to cuddle him before laying him down to bed. Because everything else can wait. The dishes can wait. It won't hurt me to wait to go to the bathroom, five minutes never killed anyone. My favorite TV show can wait, it will be on again. The laundry can be folded another time, he is only little once. He is only a baby once. He smiles when he is gassy and rolls his eyes when he is fighting sleep. I see him do this every day, but yet every time it brings a new smile to my face. Becoming a mother changes you forever. 

From the moment I became pregnant my son came first. While I was pregnant I ate right, took vitamins, and went to all my prenatal appointments. From the minute I knew he existed my entire world changed, and for the better. I never knew what it was like to love some one with all my heart and so unconditionally. Then seeing him in his fathers arms brings me twice the joy. The two most important men in my life, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Everyday I tell myself it can wait, because Aries needs me now. I may be a little behind on the house work, and at the end of the day things are left undone, but my son had my attention today. He will everyday, because he will grow up fast and I won't have these times anymore. So I hold him close every chance I get and love every minute.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Grandma Moving to Ohio

We are super happy to say that Justin's mom Kim is moving to Ohio. She got here Sunday with all her stuff and is now for the most part settled in. So Aries has his Grandma here now and can see her everyday if we want. I am so glad my little guy is going to have his Grandma here and we finally have a perfect little family. 

Above is our cousins Logan and Abby, when we met everyone in Cincinnati to pick up Kims truck. Abby is only a few months older then Aries. Kim is going to miss those kids, but she is very happy to get to be a Grandma. We are very lucky to have her here too.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Our Time Together

Being a first time parent is new everyday, but yet we are falling into a routine. To me every smile is new and unique, and still makes me laugh when he makes goofy faces. Aries is a blessing to me. 

Justin spends time with Aries everyday, and takes such good care of him. I can tell Aries loves his Daddy very much. He takes a partial night shift to help me with him at night. I love seeing them together, they look so alike, especially with the hair.

Aries loves his Grandma very much. I really mean that. His favorite place to take a cuddle nap is laying on Grandma. She is so amazing with him, some times when he gets super fussy she can take him and calm him down almost instantly. Being a new mom I was worried I would feel threatened by Aries's relationship with other family members. But after having a nine month relationship with Aries, I love when he connects with our other family members. 

The dogs like Aries very much, but still step on him when they get excited. They like to lay near him when he sleeps on the couch near me, because he is so warm. When ever Justin spends time with Aries he likes to involve Furby, he wants them to be little buddies.

Daddy has already decided Aries has going to be his little WWE watching buddy. We got this picture while we were all at WalMart together. Aries is our little champion.

Everyday I am glad to have my little guy. Some times it gets hard, especially when I get tired. I am glad to have him. Every minute of lost sleep and every dirty diaper change is worth it to see his little face everyday. I am so excited to start teaching him everything from talking to walking. I love my little family, it is perfect for me.