Monday, January 28, 2008

I think I am up just way to early. But now we are down to one car and I had to drive Jeremy home from work, so I can go pick up Chris in justa little bit. Plus since I am up and about, I am taking the kids to school this morning as well. I have a ton of stuff to do today. With Michael leaving, it has just made realize I need to focus and work hard on my goals. I have been talking to my Mom about college and I have decided to go for it. I am going to enroll today. I don't need some one holding me back. I went and peeked in the windows of this house I want to buy and I am totally in Love. But there is one very similar two houses over and my mom says it is less and she and I would have a back yard divided by a fence. That would make me so happy, because thent he kids could come and go as they please. Even my eldest younger brother, Koty, comes down here to disapear from mom, so we would be right there. Plus I feel it is pretty safe, it is on the same street as the fire/police station.
Today I have to go to the salvation army, more then once, probably pick up the kids, go over to my moms, and go to the high school. SO I have a ton of errands I am running. Going over to my moms is not unusal though. I go over there almost everyday, and we talk on the phone at least ten times a day. It is really nice to have a supportive mom. With out her I think Michael would have hurt me more, because he was dragging things out and making me feel like crap. Plus the weird thing was when he was here I was having all these weird nightmares, but now that he is gone I haven't had any more. Being with him has made me realize I don't want to be him. I don't want to have no goals or career. So thats why I am going to get my assoc. degree in business and marketing. I want to get on as a event coordinator, or some thing similar at Prairie Meadows. I think I would really enjoy it. Plus the pay is really awesome.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Life Goes on

Well, life does go on I guess. Michael left to go back to North Dakota today, because he chose to be a teenager instead of a adult. There is not much more to say then he was a big disapointment and honeslty I have no faith in men anymore. Love does not exsist in this day and age. You always see successful older couples, but never younger ones. I don't need a child to hold me back form achieving my dreams and goals. So screw you michael. Some times there are battles in life you can't win period.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well, my dogs never cease to amaze me at all. I have these pills my mom gave me to take to help my strep throat and I took one and set them on the floor. Well my thought was the bottle was child proof and I have no children, so who would it hurt to set them on the floor besides the couch??? Well, ave two young chihuahuas is like having very small toddlers, because some how Coco and Garth managed to get the bottle open and Coco was trying to eat one. But Michael managed to get it from her before she ate it. I think they didn't get any, but don't know for sure. Mom said that if they ate one it should only make them a little sick. So I am really relieved. I don't work this next week, so I hope I recover quickly and then we can finally get started on the remodel of this house!! I have not heard back about the final estimate on the basement yet. But I am very releived about the ost being lower then I expected. I read a book the other night, yes in one sitting, it was called chinese cinderella. It was really good. It was the story of a unwanted daughter in china back in the 1940's. It was a true story. it is hard to believe society can be so cruel at times. My little Coco is sleeping in my lap now. I don't know what I would do if didn't have my puppies. They are my babies. I am really proud of Coco, she is gettig more vocal about her needs. She whined in the kitchen today because they needed more water. Then Garth went potty outside when Michael took him out on one of his smoke breaks. So they are growing up so fast. I have pictures of Coco when I first got her and she was soooo tiny. I know it probably weird for some one to go on so much about their dogs, but mine are my life. I worry about them eating and their moods. They are just like children to me. They are spoiled because they have a bunch of outfits and tons of toys. Oh I got my replacement battery cover for my digital camera today in the mail. I am so happy. I miss using it. I have been using Michaels camera. Butch is going to put the new cover on for me! It really bummed me out whe it got broke, but it was only $15 to fix it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I had this dream the other night and I am thinking it would make a really good story or book even. So if I get the time I am going to try to write it all down. It is pretty intense and emotional so I am hopeing I can handle expressing all that on paper. I Picked up Holden from school with Michael today. Poor Mickey has pink eye, so she out of school for a week. I remember when I was in middle school my teacher had pink eye. She came to school the whole week and it looked pretty bad. Mickey doesn't look too bad, but I still don't want to catch it. I have never had it. I have a huge list of chores that I want done today because I am trying to get the house arranged still. Todays tackle is the front porch. I hope it gets done, but moods aren't the best around here right now. I still feel pretty sick. So I don't know how much I can get done before I crash. My parents are rearrangeing hteir house right now too. It is like a very early spring cleaning. I think with all the snow, we are a little restlesss.
Well not much has been going on here lately except me getting things changed. I have been off work for a while so i am taking advantage of this time to get the house ready for the renovations and to be put on the market. I found another house I would really love to have and it is more of what I was looking for to begin with. So I am going to get a lot of things done and changed around here so that this house can be sold for it's full value and then I am going to take the profit and put it all down on another house. Hopefully the house I have in mind will still be on the market when this one sells. But I can hope and try! We have a lot of work to do. I have a wall that needs taken out to enlarge the kitchen. Some re-wiring needs to be done so we can put int he new stove and fridge. Then I already talked to the guy earlier this week and the costs for water -proofing the basement are much lower then expected. So I am very excited about it all. Both the bedrooms need repainted, because they are both done in pink. Which I would guess is not the most popular color. I have been doing a lot of research on home improvement projects, which are low cost, but can help sell and increase the value exceptionally.
I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. I only got 6 hours last night, which wasn't too bad, but I didn't go to bed until 3:30 am and woke up a little after nine. So I feel ok, but then I am sick too. Jeremy worked his first over night shift. I am really proud of him, he did a lot of house work too. We did get a lot done yesterday and I am hoping we still get a lot done today. I am unsure of what Chris is working so I don't think we will have his help in the house work. Michael is off again tonight. Michael's night shift has been giving him a lot of trouble sleeping, so I think if he can't switch shifts then he might quit. It is making him sick. We are working on finding him some thing else right now anyway. But I felt like writing a update. Oh and I love the new group my mom started on yahoo. It is a really nice way to keep all the Newton community working with each other.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No Car........
My life is just going down hill at the moment. My job is barely giving me any hours and when they do the girls I work with are mean. Which sucks. Chris broke my car so now I have nothing to drive. Jeremy is working more hours how, which is good, but he needs a better job. Then I have other people always complaining about their job, when it is easy as crap. So I am under a lot of stress and don't know what to do. I am just trying to scrape together all the money for the house payment at the moment. Plus I am trying to get healthy, which is hard, because I always feel tired or fatigued. So I don't know. I am under a lot of stress and being pulled in so many directions. I am trying to got through stuff at home and get rid of extra junk, and then I am helping my mom get rid of her junk. Because she can't drive or anything, because of her knee injury. I have to pick up the kids from school and stuff for her. She calls me like a million times a day. Plus I get home last night really late and she calls me at eight in the morning. Which really sucks because I wanted to sleep in. I have been having a lot of issues sleeping because of staying asleep and nightmares. But I wanted to get this all done before I headed off to do other things. :(

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Art Work

Here is some art work I have done

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well, not many exciting things happened today. I changed my bill pay over to budget for the gas bill. Jeremy got paid so I have to run around and pay bills tomorrow. Michael and I went and picked up the kids from school. Then we went over to my moms. We talked to her for a while about stuff and then I went out and shoveled her drive way. Most of the drive way, I left a little on the edges. I don't think Coco and Garth have chewed up anything today. That is amazing! I bought this shirt for Michael and it was really big on him and so we gave it to Jeremy. He looks really good in it. I caught Chris smoking in the basement again. I saw him stick the butt down the drain in the basement. Thats why he locked the door so he wouldn't get caught. I am really pissed off about that. Michael doesn't smoke in the house. I don't understand why Chris can't respect that.
I guess we will see how things got from there.
Today has gone by pretty fast though. But I think I will stay up late and clean. I am trying to get the laundry caught up. I go back to work on Sat. I can't wait, because I like money.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Well, I am have been super busy with the new year and all. Now I am a little ill. But it just because of being a girl, lol. I am on that time of the month. But now my great wonderful Michael lives with me. he is the best thing to ever happen to me. Really, he is just so sweet and handsome. I never thought I would be with such a good looking guy!! He is in bed now sleeping because he has to work tonight at the hotel. It is his first over night shift. I miss him while he is sleeping, but I want him to be able to stay up all night for work and all. Chris has started his new college classes and is loving them. He was going to move out at the end of the month, but we are going to put that off for a little while now, because money is really tight because I don't have any work hours for a while. But that has worked out to my advantage now. One of my New years resolutions was to get rid of a bunch of junk I never use, or have been trying to sell for a long time. I need to refresh the page of my life and get rid of some clutter. I have been freecycleing like crazy. Then I gave a big box to the salvation army and I have a big box I am taking over to the high school tomorrow. I am donating some old clothes to the clothing closet there. I am finally settled in some where, and I am un-pack ratting. Well, at least until I hit the summer garage sales!
But having Michael around has been a wonderful change. I love him so much. I have a feeling we will be together for a long time. We play video games together, and he makes me laugh. He is not perfect, but he is working on doing better. This is his first time living on his own. He is only a year younger then me, but comes from a very well off family. But he is willing to work hard. I love that about him. He is willing to do anything to make me happy. He likes my pets. He is a cat person so now Zoe loves him. It is cute to see him get excited over her. Then he likes the puppies too. But Garth is his favorite there. Coco is just too hyper for him. He really likes Jeremy. They are a lot alike and have a lot of the same interests and humor. I like seeing them hang out together, because it is almost like brothers. Chris is never around, but has done amazingly nice things for Michael. He went through and gave him a bunch of his old clothes, and then he was the one to hook Michael up with the job at the Econo Lodge. So it has been pretty awesome on that end. Chris is never really here though, because he is working for direct tv and the hotel, so he goes from one job tot he other and then sleeps and is out the door again. I miss my car! But since Michael has a car here, it hasn't been too bad. I love him!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Well, I leave by train tomorrow to go to North Dakota. Then Michael and I drive back together the morning of the forth. I am very excited about it all. He is very wonderful. I can't wait to see him again. I feel as though I have not seen him for a long long time. But it was just before Christmas when I saw him last. I miss him a lot though. We will be together again soon and I can't wait! I am packing my bag up tonight. Coco has been such a sweet puppy. She is asleep in my lap now. I feel so bad leaving her again. But this time it will only be for like three days at most. I have never taken a train before so it should be interesting so say the least. I think it will be much more comfortable then the bus. I could have paided extra and gotten a bed car. Which would have been kinda cool, but I really didn't have the money for it.
Garth is such a lover. He is so cuddly when you pick him up and hold him. Then he loves to rest his head in your hands when you pet him.