Friday, April 24, 2009

Life has been interesting for sure. I have been doing some volunteer work for Clothing Without Walls. I am really loving it. I like helping out with a cause that helps other people. I am hoping that I can eventually help them raise enough money to help with catch up with the rent of the building they are in. I have been working at the Library for a few weeks now and I like it. Except some times it is way too quiet. I have a had a migraine for the past few days, which has sucked really bad. My court date for the puppies is coming up on May first. I am looking forward to seeing that creep in court.

Things have been kinda quiet around here mostly. My moms garden is growing well and the weather is finally starting to warm up super nice. It rained a little today, but other then that, the sun was shining all day long. It was beautiful. I went by moms and she made me little cards for me to hand out to people for clothing without walls. Krystal has been helping me and Justin helps on Tuesday nights. Jeremy won't help at all. I really like volunteering though. I can't wait to go back on Tuesday, I have a bunch of hangers to be sorted out between now and then though.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I guess this is just a little update on me. I got a second job at the library. I like it. All I really do for the most part is put away books in the children's section. I can pick up some extra hours the week after next. The house is looking pretty nice. The realtor came and looked at it and now I am just waiting to hear back from her on where to go from here. Mickies 7th birthday party was last night. I gave her a kite, a rock star barbie dress up kit, a barbie wallet, a Bratz doll with computer game stuff, and a princess sleep mask. We had breakfast for dinner which was fun.