Friday, January 15, 2010


Okay, I must blog. I have all these thoughts running through my head and I gotten get them out the only way I know how! To write! Well the first thing on my mind is how awesome my pants fit today. I know it sounds dumb, but I got a really awesome deal on Tripp pants at the salvation army!! For one Tripp pants are super expensive. Like at Hot Topic they sell for $60.00 a pair! I paid full salvation army price for them, which was $3.28 each. I haven't tried on both pairs, but this pair fits like a dream. I love them. They have these long black ribbons hanging down from the sides. Which is nice because I have this thing that some times when I stress or think I mess with the hems of my clothes or feel alone seams. So I can have my arms at my sides and feel these black ribbons. Some may laugh, but others know what I mean! It kinda runs in my family too, my little brother likes how things feel.
The other thing that is on my mind is my new schedule I am on. I have been on it for five days, and it seems like every day I get a little more tired. Which is very discouraging. I am getting enough sleep, and I have been doing exactly what I am supposed to, but my body is taking a extra long time to adjust. I feel really wore out. I am going to keep pushing though, I am sleeping in only one hour later on weekends, other then that I am trying to stick to a strict schedule to try to be healthy and be more focused.
Speaking of focused, my new schedule has helped that a lot. I was always forgetting things and putting things off because I would only think of them last minute. Before my new schedule I couldn't sleep at night. I am still tired during the day, but I have learned that I just don't naturally produce enough energy to get me through my day. I am testing different caffeine drinks to figure out what boosts my system the best. Overall I am feeling pretty accomplished. I have gotten my living room unpacked and cleaned, the closet cleaned out and organized, and I found a bunch of stuff I have been looking for! I have been writing out long to do lists and getting so much done every day. Honestly before I slept more then I was awake. We are working with all the dogs we are keeping and work at getting the other dogs sold and gone. We have 13 dogs right now, and we are cutting it way down! I wish I could find a nice old lady for my cat Zoe. All these animals stress her out. She could use a home like that, but most people have multiple animals. The only reason she gets along with Sam is because she made him! I am excited, we have people coming this weekend to take Spaz, and look at all of Egypts puppies. We only have one of five claimed so far. Then once all her puppies are gone, we will have her for another month, so she can get rid of her mommy boobs, and then find her a nice home. She is pretty needy, so I am sure she will make a nice dog for some one.
Today has been a tragedy though. First off I wake up with a really sore throat and booger issues. Then I am trying to relax in the living room while doing some paper work, and reach for my drink and spill it all over myself and the couch. Oh yeah, I felt like a major fail right then. I was lucky that none of it got on my important paper work.
I have been having the weirdest dreams at night, too. Like I had a dream that my mom tripped over my dog Coco, she broke her leg and Coco's! Then in another dream she secretly bought back the house we used to live in, which would be a dream come true for her, but she couldn't pay me back the money I loaned her. Which I loaned her a big amount, so she comes up with a reason to be mad at me!! So I was freaking out in my dream. My mom laughed at me when I told her about it though. Basically the more restful sleep I have been having has resulted in lots of weird dreams.
Oh, and I am super proud of my friend Linda!! She went and got a stomach surgery, and now is losing a lot of weight, and she looks so good! I am proud of her for taking that step to have a healthier life, because in the end that means a longer life. Linda is one of those people you really want to have around for a long long time. I took her some new clothes, then felt a little silly, because they were too big! We really related to each other the last time we visited because we are both going down that road of self improvement right now, and are very happy with our progress. This is going to be a great year, I can feel it.