Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today was pretty good. I worked from 4 to 9:30. I was on the floor all day, but thats ok, because I busted ass. I also bought some christmas ornaments. I am so excited about Christmas. I have decided to skip over thanks giving decor completely and go straight on into christmas. I got a email from my friend Linda today. I had not spoke to her in over a week. I had not even realized it!( Sorry Linda!) But I got really excited about meeting Todd that I kinda just focused on getting the house clean and was trying to potty train the dogs. This weekend will be so much fun, because after I get off work on Saturday, it is me and Todd the rest of the weekend! My detail billing thing is going good. I put int he new transactions for today. I got Mickey some cute PJ's for Christmas. I already got them some Christmas presents and birthday presents. Zoe is sitting out here giving the dogs the evil eye. But she does play with Coco though. Chris took Garth to work with him. I think it is better for Garth, because he has a hernia and it can be damaged by Coco playing too rough with him. Plus he can't sleep in bed with me, because he peed on me and Chris(separate occasions). But anyway, I am heading off to bed soon, I got to check my email and talked to Todd on the phone, so I am a happy camper!

Money and Bills

I think about the weirdest things before I go to sleep at night. I was thinking about how difficult it has been lately for me to keep track of the bills and such through the move. I have a hard time remembering if I paid it or if I just paid some of it. So I decided I was going to keep a detailed report in a not book. I takes a lot to write it all out. Because I am also writing out side notes for every transaction, describing what and why. This way if I look back in a months time I can figure out how much I spent when and where. I think I am getting too loose with the money and I need to tighten up a bit with it. I want to keep more detailed track of what I do, even cash and such. This way I have a better idea of were the money is flowing. If I can get that I can figure out ways to save more money. Which will be good, because with me dating Todd I have a feeling I will be spending a lot more gas money, so I can see him. I could only go back about 6 days when I started the notebook this morning. Before that I really don't remember all the details of the transactions.
Mom is having me and Koty go in and resign our advertiser routes. Mom told me that Koty and Jeremy are tired of doing them. Which is fine with me. So I have to go do that in a just a little bit. I also have to stop by the bank and deposit my GoodWill pay check. I got paid late. But it is ok, it is just nice to have a regular paycheck again. Mom is trying to get on at Prairie Meadows with Butch. If she gets on there, when my birthday rolls around they are going to try to get me hired on there too. Which would be really awesome because they pay like $10 starting for a lot of the positions. Plus they awesome benefits and right now I have none.
I had this nightmare last night that I got in a fight with my manager at GoodWill and like clocked out and left in the middle of my shift. And I was at home freaking out and my heart was racing and I kept saying I need to get back to work right now, but I kept finding ways to stall going back. So I don't know whats up with that.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Me, Mom, Mickey, Holden, and Todd all went trick or treating together. It was a lot of fun. We went walking done the streets in me and moms neighborhoods. The kids did pretty well. We went to the church after that. They had whats called Trunk-or-Treat. People sit in the parking lots with their trunks open and the kids trick or treat there. Then we went to the hospital. By the time we all got there, we got through pretty quick. So it wasn't too bad, besides it was hot. Then we swung back by the church again. Finally we went and ate at McDonalds. They were having .59 cent cheeseburgers today. Mom bought us all dinner. Which was really nice of her. We went back to moms and unloaded. I had Todd bring me home, and I showed him around my house some. It is wild because I own so much stuff. But he has to work tomorrow, so we said our goodbyes. I have to say I had a overall Awesome day.

Wonderful Date

I had a absolutly wonderful date with Todd. I had so much fun. We went to lake Red Rock. It was a spur of the moment idea. I was a little nervous at first but that wore off very quickly. I feel so comfortable around him. We both took some nice pictures. I put some of the pictures I really liked up here. Most are of the view, but one is of the little hike we went on. I saw a lot of beautiful views and we talked a lot. It was so nice and refreshing. He is so easy to talk to and funny too. We went down by the waters edge, and there was a lot of drift wood. The rocks were worn down and it was just neat. The wind was just right, and it just felt so nice. I wore flat shoes, so I wasn't going to go climbing around. But he totally amazed me when he just climbed down the edge and was taking pictures of everything. It was just a wonderful unqiue date. I see him again and sunday. I can't wait.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Fluffy Vs Garth

Fluffy Destoryer of Worlds

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Meet Garth!

I want everyone to meet my new puppy Garth! He is a Japenese Chin and Chihuahua mix. He only weighs 1lb 5 ounces. He is so tiny!! Coco likes him, but he is so much smaller then her. Coco is now up to 3 pounds!! What a big girl.
I got most of my cleaning done today. The house looks freaking awesome!Even Zack is impressed. I vacuumed and got all the extra boxes stored away. I still can't find my pedal for my sewing machine. I might have to hang up my curtains un-hemmed. Plus I have to get my sisters pants all hemmed up. Lots to do.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Items for Sale
I have updated my new site and it has new items up for sale! I still in the process of moving and cleaning, so not a lot of new items. But I hope everyone enjoys! In the future I may have lots of childrens clothing. I have been helping my little sister sort out her clothes and I think my mother would give them to me if I asked, or basically consigned them for her. We got a lot done today at home. It looks much cleaner. I was going to upload some pictures on here, but it is not very happy with me, so you can just check out my link above.

Being Amazed

I had some thoughts yesterday and I forgot to write about them. I hear a lot of bad things in the media about how our world is filled with hate and war. How things are so bad. I worked for seven hours straight on a register at GoodWill. I saw so many smiles. I had so many thank you's. I had a customer ask to use the phone, and before I could even explain that we couldn't make long distance phone calls, I had another customer come over and volunteer her cell phone. She realize that her phone wasn't on her, and went out of her way to go out to her car and get it. Just so that lady could call a relative. I thought that was a wonderful thing. There are so many good people in this world.
I guess this is just a moment to be thankful.
Mickey is watering coco. She is so sweet. I am lucky to have such a nice little sister. Holden is here playing one of our game boys. Zack is sitting in the living room watching full metal alchemist. It is the final episode which is really sad.
But I guess I am going to get my butt off here. I need to brush my hair and get to cleaning.

Weekend Finally

I am so glad it is finally the weekend. I am so happy to be off work. I have tons of cleaning to do, but I can't wait to get it done. I have Mickey and Holden for the night. Mickey has some sores from sweating. So she had to soak in the tub. Mom still doesn't have a tub, just a shower. Mickey is on the floor and Holden fell alseep in the chair. I like having them here, but I am so wore out. I guess I am just not one of those people who can work five days straight. I like my schedule to very.
I picked up some bread some HyVee tonight and Chris is going to make me french toast in the morning. I am excited, but then not really, because he going to make it for me at 6 in the morning. I need to call Linda tomorrow too.
Oh, and I so going to bed now, Jeremy is standing behind me singing the crabs song. It is from Dave Chapelle. I am not sure if I spelled his last name right.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Low Bid Auctions

I found this cool site with these low bid auctions. They have this easy to follow system where you win the auctions by having the most unique low bid.
Once you get onto the site it has a simple two minute video you can watch explaining how to play the game. Or you can take a few minutes at your own pace and read the instructions on the page. Basically, you try to get the most unqiue low bid and then you win the prize, they pay for shipping and handling as well. The only thing you may have to pay for is taxes, depending on state!
Then when you bid on prizes, you recieve tokens to play on their online games as well. When you play these games you get chances to win cash!
You can join with a simple entry form. The only thing you can't do without a premium membership is redeem prizes. Which is ok, because if you win auctions or play games you still win and have fun doing it!


Ok, I guess I haven't written in a while. I am sorry for that. I have been super busy. Usually write toward the end of the day, and my boss has me working everyday this week. So it sucks. But is good, because I am getting tons of hours. I was on register all day today, which wasn't cool. I did nothing but run all day long. I sent a lot of text messages though, lol. I work tomorrow then I have the entire weekend off. I am going to get tons and tons of cleaning cleaning done then. My house is trashed. Zack got a lot of cleaning done today, mostly getting boxes out of the house. I have a date next Tuesday that I am extremely excited about ( and kinda nervous too). I want to get a lot of unpacking done between now and then. I want the house to look really good, in case we decide to come back here, because he is coming here. I just can't wait!!

I think I will be carving my pumpkin this weekend! That should be fun. I wish I could have decorated more for Halloween, but since the move date got pushed back, most of the decor is lost amoung the packed stuff. Coco is super tired. She spent the last few hours running around like a freak! She can be one psycho pup. But I love her so much. I just don't see how I could live without her. She is my baby.

I am still unsure of my Halloween plans, but I will be doing something. If I had more friends, then I would throw a party. Although I am still not sure if I would because I think I would freak out about the time someone spilled something on my new carpet. This is the first carpet I have ever owned that was nice, and clean.

I have gotten two more boxes unpacked, which is good, because I having a hard time finding my pants! I am frustrated though because I can't find the pedal to my sewing machine. It must have gotten separated in the move. I really need it because I bought these huge curtains and I had to split them in half for them to fit the windows. Well now I need to sew up the edges and I can't! I wish I knew where things were! Like we couldn't find the cat food all day long. It was beside the fridge all along, but the cat wasn't happy yo have had to wait. Chris found Zoe laying in the bath tub earlier. She usually lays in the lizard tank under the heat lamp. Oh, and then she owns the windows.
I am going to try harder to keep up on my writing. I love to write, so I just need to make time for it. I ams till collecting those HyVee receipts for the heating aid this winter. I have a stack I need to take over to my moms house. She has a little envelope that she is keeping of them.
I have a fairly long day tomorrow, I have to run a lot of errand. I have to go and buy food, then I have to go to the bank, I would really like to stop by the salvation army, and then Chris wants to take me out to eat since I haven't been in a while. He is going to be running errands with me so it should be fun.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I used to read all the time. Like a book a week. I loved it. I lived in my books, each one was a new and exciting adventure. When I was younger my mom said to me she read a lot, but now she doesn't. All I could think back then, was why give up reading? Nothing would ever make me do that. Then one day I realized, that life made me do that. I don't have the time I used to to read. It really bums me out. I have this application on facebook where you list all the books you have read, and I thought oh yeah this will be easy. Because I have read hundreds of books in my time. But then I came to realize it was really hard because of the fact that I have not hardly read anything in forever! It makes me kinda sad. SO I am going to try to bring reading back into me life, because it brought me so much joy.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Well, I think everyone in the house officially has a cold. Jeremy stayed home sick from school today. He feels like crap. Chris is basically dieing. He just doesn't take being sick very well at all. I am up and about, so I am mildly sick. I am debating on taking cold medicine before I go to work. But I hate it so much. It tastes so nasty. I have to go into work early today to fill out paper work. I still don't have a swipe card, but then I am not really bothered by that, because it makes my life easier. I finally turned the heat back on in here today, this house heats itself way too well. So I shut it off a few days ago. Coco is driving me crazy, I can't wait until we get another puppy. She wants to play with me all the time. Her favorite time is when I am sleeping. So I get woke up a lot. Which makes me want to sleep more and more. She bounces around like a little rabbit. It is so cute, but when you're trying to sleep, then it is not so cute. I need to go now and get something to eat......

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I feel I have not posted enough pictures, but have taken plenty, so I am going to put a bunch on this post!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sometimes it is just good to be alive

I worked eight hours today. It was long hard and worth it. I am just glad to have my job back. I love it there. My hip hurts and so do my legs and feet. I am not sure what I did to my hip, but it started just recently to hurt. I have to work again tomorrow. Bryan is staying over night with Jeremy, so I might have to kill them when I go bed, if they are not quiet. I am just really happy. Not sure why. I did watch transformors tonight. It was pretty good. Linda came by, she brought us poles and a clothes rack and curtains. Okay, I know several times by now I have not used proper sentencing. But oh well. I am so thankful to have Linda as a friend. She is so awesome.
Oh and by the way, chocolate milk is awesome. Sorry, but we can't usually afford milk, let alone chocolate milk.
I might play some guitar hero before bed. I am glad Jeremy got me addicted to it. But first I am off to hang up some of my clothes!

Friday, October 19, 2007


I am a memeber of this site called Bloggerwave. I found it while I was searching for ways to earn money while blogging. They have many open opportunities right now for other people to get paid to blog. I like it so far. I have only gotten one assignment from them though. The membership is completely free. It is nice and a fairly simple site to follow. When you sign up it asks for all the basic information and took me less then ten minutes to do. I recommend it thus far!

Cleaning Done

I a ton of cleaning done today. I am so happy with our new home. Chris took his college entrance exams today. I am so proud of him. If it weren't for his parents ruining his chances at college when he got out of high school, he could have been done by now. But this is better any way because the schools in Iowa are so much better then South Carolina schools.
Anyways, Coco is peeing most of time on her puppy pads. I am so proud of her. I love that she can be a super hyper little thing, but then is my little lap buddy too.
My job interview went well, but I don't think it will work out because they are wanting a bunch of short shifts that would interfere with my GoodWill job. So I probably won't end up there. But thats ok, nursing homes can be kinda sad.
I found a bunch of my Hallloween decor today!! I put a bunch up, including this awesome string of lights that are really cute, they are little pumpkins. Oh and I carved a pumpkin on my facebook. It is cute. I let Mickey and Holden do one too. They had fun with it.
I am getting excited though, because my mom is going to have a Halloween party/House warming party. I think we are going to have our house warming party some time early November.
Chris has been a total sweet heart to me today, but then he feels kinda bad about this morning. I went in to wake him up and he scratched me. He didn't mean too but I was supposed to wake him up and he got grumpy. He felt so bad. It is ok though. He is in making chili spaghetti for dinner. He is such a good cook. All the boys are. I am one lucky girl. Me and Zack have been getting along better lately. Which is good for everyone. I am just glad we got so much done around the house today. The living room is useable, the kids are in watching the movie Cars. Zack is too. Today has been pretty good.


OK, I am up, but so tired. I have a job interview today at 2. I need to find my hair clips so I can put my hair up in a bun. It is driving me nuts not being able to. I love my hair and all but we need time apart. Today won't be too interesting I assume because I work at 4, at GoodWill and then my interview. Other then that a whole lot of nothing going on. Jeremy doesn't have school, so he will probably sleep all day. Then Zack is in sleeping as well. His dad stopped by last night and should come by some time today. Which is good because he is supposed to give me 5 bucks and take our empty cardboard boxes. I just realized that I am the only one not sleeping. Coco is laying here in my lap, passed out. All the boys are sleeping, and Cy and Zoe are not to be found. It was funny last night Cy was snoring in the hallway. The boys got my closet put together, Chris has a few final things to do before it is finished.
I had this bad dream last night that I had to check my water coming out of my pipes in the bath tub to see if they had this bug or poison or something in it. So I took home this test and tried it and we had it and I was freaking out. Then my dream switched over to me and Chris walking around this weird carnival place looking at used fridges. This one makes sense, because we need one. But every time we found one we liked and could afford, then it would have a tag on it saying some one had either bought it or reserved it. SO that was tons of fun. Oh and then Chris got a bunch of ice cream and was carrying it on his shoulder and was dropping it on the floor and I was really mad at him, because the place we were at was all hard wood floors and he got in trouble for dropping it. I was so mad and frustrated in my dream. Then some little girl was bugging me to do my hair, which happens a lot and I usually like but in my dream I had already taken the time to do it up and detailed braids and didn't want it messed with. But they kept bugging me. So yeah, not so great dreams last night.
But speaking of my hair, I need to go look for those clips and get me something to eat.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Post!!!

Okay I know I have not written in a while so this will probably be a long post, your eyes may bleed when you are done reading it all. If it is short when I am done, then HA! fooled you! Just kidding, but I am going to write my little heart out.
I have missed my Internet sooo badly. I had it shut off before the move and swore to myself I would not have new service put in until after we emptied the other house completely. This way I would not be distracted and stuff. In between this time and that time, we moved into our new home!! I am now officially a home owner! I love it here, the only major issue is the basements floods, so we have to get some exterior work done, before we can make it livable done there. I am going to turn this two bedroom house into a four bedroom eventually.
Oh, and I am now back among working people. My old manager at GoodWill called me and asked me to come back. I said yeah, because I loved that job a ton. I have already worked two days and I have 28 hours next week. While we are talking about jobs, I also have a interview for Heritage manor tomorrow that I have to go to. I would love to get hired on there, they have benefits! So we will see what happen with that. I will probably have to work two jobs. But I happen to like money so it will be okay. I think.
Coco has gained a whole pound! She is up to 3 pounds now. I love her so much. She is actually starting to use her puppy pads, but she gets confused a lot because she is so small and we keep moving all the furniture around. So I would have a hard time finding the bathroom too if I was her.
We got the Internet hooked up this morning, but they messed up a bunch of stuff and it didn't start working until a hour or so ago. Chris had to go into work early, so I got on here FINALLY. I have really missed the Internet, have I mentioned that yet??
Jeremy and Zack are back in my bedroom building me a closet that Chris and I designed. But if we ever move out we have to take it apart, because it can only go up and down the hallway because it is so big. But I really need it because I own a lot of clothes. Don't believe me? There are two 5 foot long dressers in my office/living room/dining room and they are full of clothes as well as a 2 shelves on a 5 foot book shelf. Plus I haven't even unpacked every thing. I can't find my pants!! Luckily I can go for a long time before I run out of clean clothes.
Then there is Zoe. She has been running around the house like a mad cat. Well now we can't find her, so we think it may be baby time. I wasn't expecting anything until at least November. But she may just be hiding because the boys are running power tools.
Okay I think maybe I might possibly be done writing for now. I think I may need to supervise the boys, if they screw up my closet I just may have to hurt them.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

No time to Play

Well, I am home alone and this is pretty unusual. I am getting more boxes packed up. The only issue is I am out of boxes. Plus I let Chris take the car to work. I really need to go over to my moms and borrow her vacuum. Linda was really nice and gave me one, but it didn't work. It may just need cleaned out or something, but it wasn't really picking stuff up. So I am back to a no vacuum dilemma. I have been trying to get things cleaned up and done, but it just seems like I am not getting any where. There is so much stuff I can't pack because we use it all. Coco is getting annoyed with me because I am not playing with her. So I have to keep stopping and playing with her. Poor baby, she just wants to play. Cy has a attitude problem. He wants to play with any one but her. He was playing with her a little bit last night, but I am worried he would hurt her. We haven't seen the attic at the new house yet. I am hopeing to be pleasantly suprised. We know there is an attic because there are two windows up there and they are open. I am just wondering how long they have been open. Because the house belonged to a little old lady. If it was hard to get up there I don't see some little old lady doing that. But I am wondering how much space is up there. I am just one of those people I hate to waste useable space. Like the basement, it is as big as the upstairs floor. Throw down some carpet and walls, and you might as well be living in a two story house! So I am very excited. My dad is going to do some work on the kitchen, so it is bigger. Eventually I am going to put a bathroom down stairs. What sucks though, is even if I put two more bedrooms down stairs and a bathroom, if I sell it they don't count. So basically some one has to discover that the house is twice as useful as it is listed as.

Early Start

I had a early start this morning. Me and Chris got up shortly after 8 and went to Desmoines and picked up a load of free clothes. I was hopeing more of them would have fit me or Mickey, but no such luck. Some of them I can consign, but that won't be until after we move. I did how ever get some new clothes for the boys. I got this t-shirt I am going to ask Jeremy if he wants, as a joke. It is a pink Iowa State shirt. I think it will be funny.
I don't have a lot of other plans today besides I think at some point I should go get boxes from moms and Lindas. Maybe from McDonalds too. I am really excited about the move. We only have 5 more days until we move! I have to call and find out tomorrow and find how much for sure we have to put down. Then I have to call the electric company and get that set to transfer. I just can't wait. I have decided where to put me and chris's desks and where I am going to keep all my stuff for sale. I just can't wait.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


I was laying bed napping with my puppy, and a lot of thoughts came to me. You know there are so many topics that people say we can't talk about. Like religion, politics, and stuff like that. I think it because people like to argue. Because I don't mind talking about these things, but then I am really open minded. It would take a really long explanation, but basically I agree with everything in a sense. OK, to explain myself better, take abortion for example. I am pro-choice, but against abortion. I think that the only reason that a woman should have an abortion is to preserve herself. Basically only abort if it going to kill her. Because there are tons of couples who would love to adopt a baby! So basically I am on both sides of the tracks.
But besides all that, I had the weirdest dream a little while ago. I was driving and a cop pulled me over. I had to get out of the car to talk to him. Well it was him and this female cop. They both started asking me questions about where I was going and what I was doing. They were getting really mean and said that if I kept dressing like that they were going to take away my drivers license!! I was only wearing a tank top and jeans! So they finally let me go and I went to my moms, and was crying my eyes out. Because all I own is like what I had on. But my mom was too busy to comfort me because her friend was pregnant or something and they and just went out and bought all this huge baby stuff and were too busy trying it all out. All though the lady who was pregnant looked bored.
So whats that supposed to mean???


This was one of those morning where I woke up and was like I have to shower or I am gonna die. I felt so icky. I might even wash all my bed sheets. I had Chris take the kids home. I think I am supposed to watch them tonight, but me and Jeremy are going to Bonnaza with Brian. Coco is taking one of her many naps. I didn't feed her dinner last night because she slept through it. Well this morning when I fed her she looked overly skinny. So now I know to wake her up and feed her. She is such a sweet baby. I played with her in bed for a while this morning. I usually go to WalMart for everything, but I am going to try for a little while to make a habit of going to Hy-Vee so we can get those reciepts. I think I will qualify for heating assistance this year so that will really help. I don't think I will be getting a job until after the move because we need to find Chris's birth certificate and I think I packed it up like a long long time ago. Which wasn't really the best idea. I am going to look around to make sure, but I am postive I packed it. All the laundry is caught up. I have a load in the dryer to fold, and then I need to get evertything put away and I am good!
Everyone is going to start getting upset with me, because from today on it is less then a week until we move, which meanas I am packing everything!

Sneaking Away

Ok, I never thought I would see the day were I would sneak away from my puppy! Coco has been asleep for hours now. She is the kind of dog that can't sleep alone. She slept in the noisy living room just to not be alone. Then she has been asleep on my stomach while I was on the computer. I was getting pretty sweaty so she had to have been hot. So I took her in the bedroom and half way laid down with her. She woke up of course and plopped right down back to sleep. Then when I tried to get up she woke up and gave that 'Mommy where are you going?' look. So I laid back down with her for a little while longer and slid off the bed in slow motion, not waking her this time. She is just so wore out. We went over to my mom's and my dad loves her. So she got played with a lot. Gretchen is even starting to like her! Then after there the kids came back to my house to spend the night. She has had a busy evening. I am so glad I got her! She is so much like a baby though. I love it.
Today went pretty well. I am trying so hard not to turn on the air conditioner, so we can save on our electric bill. It is pretty hot in here. I have all the windows open and the fans are on, but it just isn't pulling the air in from the out side the way we need it too. Plus I have been running laundry all day. I wanted to get it all caught up. I got my clothes and Chris's clothes packed for next Friday. I am so excited about it. Exactly one week from today!
I bit the inside of my lip today while I was eating a chicken pot pie. It is kinda karma, because I don't really care for pot pies. But I was just eating it because we don't have a lot of food in the house. It never really healed and so I have this spot on the inside of my lip that kinda tastes like pennies. Weird, and slightly uncomfortable.
I put on one of my pairs of jeans this morning and I felt like I had gained ten pounds! That either means I need to exercise more or my period is going to start soon. So I need to make sure while I am packing stuff up that I don't pack up my pads, or comfortable pants.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Decorate Your Own Photo
I made this picture of Mickey and thought it was so cute!

Just Cleaning

I have been cleaning most of the day. Just trying to get things ready for the move on the 12th. I am really excited to finally own my own home, and it is not a mobile home or a trailer. I might be re-applying at GoodWill if Chris gets this job. It would be awesome pay. I won't know until tonight or tomorrow though what is going on with that. He needs to talk to these guys who are staying at the hotel. I am so hungry. I have no idea what to eat though. Plus Coco is taking a nap in my lap. I really don't want to disturb her. Oh and me and my mom weighed her last night she weighs 2 pounds and .1 once. That is so tiny!

Busy Day

Wow, okay, today was a really busy day! I got up really early to go with Linda to DesMoines. We went to this house this lady is trashing out and got a bunch of stuff. I got a ton of clothes I am going to wash, two really nice white cabinets for down stairs, and a bunch of odds and ends. Me, Chris and Zack went. It was a really productive trip! Linda was so fun to go with. We were all so beat, and tired afterwards though! Chris says no more trips like that until after we move! I had a ton of fun. Coco was with me the whole time. She is such a good girl. She even went potty for my mom when I went over to her house for dinner. It was fun over there. I gave her the fish from Lindas and she went out and bought the fish a friend. It was kinda funny. I spent some time with Jeremy. I am still a little upset over everything, but he is coming home tomorrow night. I do miss him. I am heading out for the night. Poor little Coco is ready for bed. She and I sleep together every night and if I take naps during the day. I think me and her will be really close and thats what I wanted.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Meet Coco Bean Mills

Meet Coco Bean Mills!! She is the newest addtion to our family.

She is a full chihuahua. She is seven weeks today. She was born Aug. 15, 2007. She is a little sweet heart!
I love her so much! My mom named her. I had a hard time coming up with a name that stuck. Mom said she looked like chocolate and that is her coloring. So it stuck. I am super happy to have her. In a month or so a friend of Lindas will have puppies and I would like to get a little boy. Coco's parents were 'married' puppies. Her dad died like two weeks ago. So I think when Coco grows up, she will get married like her parents. I am into weird stuff like that. Cy is pretty jealous. But I think if we work with him in time, I think he will be fine. Oh and Zoe is starting to look pretty pregnant. So we will be having little kitties in the future!
I had a pretty good day. I went and picked up advertisers for the boys and ran to a few stores. I want to work at GoodWill again so bad. I miss it there. If Chris gets this job he has been talking about I could work there again. Because the amount of income I make wouldn't matter. I loved my job. Now I am not saying it didn't suck from time to time. But I did enjoy it. I stopped at Salvation Army and got some neat stuff.


There is this really neat site called MasterSeek. It is basically a data base where you can search through and find businesses all accross the world. They have were a company can subscribe for the first year free. Which is a great deal because the usual cost is $199.99. They even had a signed contract this year with the Tour de France, and they will have a promotional spot on the clothes they will be wearing. It is their first time doing this. To see all the detailed information on the site, you must apply for a password. But in order to do so you must own a business. It still has a lot you can do on there without the password though. The site itself is pretty informational. If you ever had issues contacting a major business, this would be a great site to get their contact information.
Check it out Here:

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I have been hiding out at home today because it has been raining forever. Not just a little rain, like the kind of rain were you expect to see Noahs Ark coming down the street. So I have just been staying home, and being quiet. It is weird for me to be home. The rain is peaceful though, but it just makes me sleepy. Chris actually doesn't work today for once. It is nice to have him home. Zack has been working all day, so it has been just the two of us. Me and Jeremy got in a big fight yesterday. So he is staying with mom for a while. I don't know if I want him to come back or not. I am still pretty upset over the whole thing. Oh, last night me and Zack got a full size bed home! We actually got the top mattress to fit in the back seat of my honda!! It was awesome. We felt so accomplished. Zack is sleeping on it at night now. He really likes it. I think when we move I am going to try to make a full size bunk bed. Because now we have two full size beds. I could still use a bunk bed that has a twin on top and full on bottom, it would be much easier to fit inside the house. But I have looked all over and not much luck.

Monday, October 01, 2007


I got more packing done today. I cleaned out my closet completely. Then I got a ton of the living room packing done. I got on Zack and Jeremy's case so that they finally got their room cleaned up. The laundry is caught up for the most part. I am glad about that. I don't have a lot of clothes out for me. I wish I could move some of the furniture out of the house, I would feel like I am getting more done. I just have a bunch of naked furniture laying around. I am just glad it is only 11 days!! I am so counting down. I took a bunch of clothes to the consignment shop earlier today. Then I went and paid the water bill. The electric came in the mail so I got it sent off and bought some stamps. I am trying to pay the bills as soon as they come. I don't have to pay my last months rent, they are going to take it out of my deposit! Which saves me in the end. Oh, and I have to go over to Chris's job in a little bit and pick a full size bed from Chris's boss as a moving in gift. Thats pretty cool I think. But we will have to put it in the basement in the new house, because there won't be enough room for it.


Well I got up early and late for what time I was supposed to get up. I need to get over to my moms. I put flea and tick medicine on Cy last night and now he stinks. I am not sure if they are connected or not, but he does stink. Jeremy went to school and Zack headed out to work. SO it is just Chris here sleeping. I would wake him up, but he is always grumpy when I do. He doesn't work until four. I have a new chart that I picked up at GoodWill. I use it to keep track of the boys work schedules. Since that kinda matters now that I am home all the time. Chris is going to go and talk to some guys about a job tonight. It pays awesome, but has a lot of travel. So I guess we will see what happens with that. He will be home at mid-night.


This post is inspired by my friend Linda. She was starting to feel a little down, so I told her some of the things that cheer me up.
When I was out of state, I was in a place that wasn't pretty. Or enjoyable.

But now I am in Iowa. I love it here. It is beautiful. The way the leaves change to different colors of golden brown and red oranges. Each tree on it's own time and schedule. It is so beautiful to see the leaves fall one by one and be swept away by the wind. I drive past the elementary school as it lets out and kids run and jump and play in the leaves. The breeze is crisp and cool. Then it rained today, and it was cold and dreary for a bit. Then after the rain is that fresh smell that only nature can provide. Everything washed clean, fresh and new.
I am so thankful for these things, because once you don't have them, you miss the beauty. I missed enjoying this season. I love Halloween and the weather.
I picked up Holden and Mickey from school the other day, and Holden points out the window all excited and says"Look Panda! Half that tree has red leaves and the other half is still green!"
He is eight years old, and I am so glad he can see how amazing that is.
This is my home and I love it here.