Sunday, September 30, 2007

Puppy Mills

Well today I learned about puppy mills. I went and visited this wonderful lady who has four adorable puppies for sale. They are all sweet and healthy. They were happy and allowed to run freely in her kitchen. I was able to pet and play with them. I fell in love with one, and might be going back to get her. Then we went to this guys house and it was just horrible. There were all these different breeds of puppies all in cages stacked up. The dog I went to see was so scrawny and sickly looking. I almost wanted to adopted him just to get him out of that bad place! They were all dirty and starved for attention. I felt so bad. I am going to find some way to report him so those puppies won't suffer anymore. There was this one puppy that all its siblings were over 3 times it's size!! I felt so bad.
The rest of my day went pretty good. I got a call just in time from my friend Linda, who's friend knows a person who is having puppies. So I am waiting to hear from them. I hope it is good news, because the other puppy is going to cost me $300.00!! That is a lot for a dog. I have bought a car for less before! But I guess we will see. I hope I get a call while I am over at my moms.
I am getting so excited about the house. Only 12 days until we get to move in!! I will have to start making calls next week about getting the electric and water turned on in my name. Oh, and something awesome is Hy-Vee is doing this thing, if my church brings in $1,500 in Hy-Vee receipts, then they will donate $1,000 to the people who help with heating aid in the winter! So I am keeping tabs on my Hy-Vee receipts. I will also be volunteering at my church with the Angel Food Ministry. Which is a program you don't have to qualify for, you just buy these $25 food packages, and the packages actually range from $50 in value up to $100 in value. It is a great deal on meats, and they have nice packages of meals for the elderly. It is a awesome program!


Well, today was ok. I had Mickey and Holden last night anf they were pretty good. I drove all over newton in search of a bunk bed. I have come to realize that I have a list of things I need:
-Bunk bed (full on bottom prefered, or loft bed)
-vacuum cleaner
-carpet scraps
But yeah, I have been looking for these things for a little while now. I need them fairly cheap. I got a bunch of laundry done today and put Chris's clothes away for him. I got a few boxes packed as well. I was pretty productive. Zack got all the dishes done and that was good. But other then that not much happened today. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow with my mom.

Friday, September 28, 2007


I have been trying to write more lately because that will increase my typing speed. Which is important for the jobs I applied for. I have working on my home guide and I think the typing has been helping a bit. But I hate that this key board gets an attitude every now and then and won't work right. Like right now wht space bar is sticky. I hate that. I can't tell if I have pressed it or not. I checked my myspace. It is ok, but just not something I am big on any more. I mean I like it, just not as much as I used to. But anyways, I am off again to look for stuff, and junk.


Well, today was pretty cool! I went over to my moms. We had to get Jeremys car fixed today. It cost $130 dollars. Which kinda sucked. But my mom rented our house today. The lady is super nice. I went over to Linda's house, and gave her a couple of shirts. She gave me some clothes for Mickey too. Which was really nice, and Mickey really liked them. Chris bought me and the kids Taco Bell for dinner. I talked to my mom today about some suggestions for her book. When I was growing up we always had a cat in the house, so if I ever heard little noises in the night they weren't scary, because it was always the cat. So I thought she should put that in the book. Oh and that I had a water bed until I was in my teen years, and water beds have no underside, so it eliminated the whole monster under the bed idea. I think it is so awesome that my mom is finally writting a book. Every one goes to her and asks her for advice anyway. I am getting pretty excited about the close of the house. It is coming up pretty quick. I need to balance the check book today and figure out where we sit.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I was trying to get on here yesterday and it wouldn't let me for some reason, adn I was just too tired to deal with it. So I went to bed. But what I wanted to post about last night was that Zoe thought it would be fun to get in the lizard tank and sun bathe. So I got some pictures!! Zoe is such a funny cat. She makes a great addition to the family. We can't really tell yet if she is pregnant for sure. But she might be. SO we will just wait and see.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Long Day

Well, it has been a fairly long day. I quit my job yesterday, and have been working with my mom most of the day to get another one. I also shipped my two ebay sales. I wrote more of my house guide. I am writing a guide for my roommates. This way it is a bit more clear what they need to do. Chris likes it so far. I am not sure if I will have them read it before I finish or not. I already have like five pages. Mickey and Holden went to church tonight. I am not sure what they are doing, but it sounded like fun from what they told me. I got my last pay from my nanny job. I am glad to be out of it. I think it is sad that a parent can't accept when a kid is a lier. They have serious issues and I don't want to be around that kind of drama. I mean the mother has two boyfriends, and the older daughter is allowed to throw out the younger girls clothes and toys! So I am glad to be done with that.
Cy is laying around the hosue like a big teddy bear. He is so cute. I am still looking for a chihuahua puppy. I want one so bad. Buying one is still out of the deal, unless I get a good job.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time for a change

Well, I quit my job as a nanny. I think it was best for both parties. I got a lot of errands done today. I also got a bunch of buttons done for my blanket I am making. I went over to my parents house after work and mom made tacos and that was pretty awesome. I helped Mickey sort through her clothes, mom and butch got part of her closet put up and it is looking really good in there. I love Mickey so much! Holden was a pain tonight, but nothing more then usual. He was just kinda hyper about me being there. Mickey is having issues with chruch. So I am going to go there tomorrow. I want her to be able to enjoy church, it is a good oppertunity to make friends. I am pretty tired, so I am off I have a ton of work to do tomorrow.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Up and now what?

Okay, this is a first. I am up and not sure what to do. I got up in a hurry like I had something important to do, but now realize I only have one real thing to do today. So, yeah, this is odd. But I know I have people I need to go visit, and I need to put up flyers. Other then that I guess I could just clean. I am sure there is laundry to be done. I have been having issues sleeping. I have a hard time getting to sleep and then around 5 am I will start waking up, a lot. Me and Jeremy were wrestling around last night and he scratched my face and gave me a black eye! It is a mild black eye though. If it weren't and accident, I would have to beat him up! He is working today, and called to tell me he was staying late. He is very wonderful. Chris got home from work late today and brought me cookies. He is sleeping now, but he is off tonight. Zack doesn't work today I think. So he will be home all day. I found some one to rent our house! So things are falling together nicely.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Status Update

I had Mickey and Holden over last night and I am very lucky to have been blessed with a great brother and sister. They are well behaved. My mom doesn't have to ask them about their home work. They don't lie to me about anything. They are just wonderful kids. It was nice having them here. It will be great to have their help when we move. I was at my moms for a long time today. We discussed her business and my new side business. I am still really sad about not getting the puppy. I wanted a little chihuahua so bad. I just hope eventually I will get one I want. I am very excited abouy Monday for two reasons, one it is Jeremys Birthday, and two I hear a update on the closing of the house! Because if they can push it sooner, they will push it sooner. Chris has to work early tonight, which sucks, but is good, because we could always use the money. At this point we are not sure if Zoe is pregnant or not. I have my doubts, but then I guess we will just have to wait and see. The mouse on the computer is acting way better, but now we are having overall problems with it, I can't hardly use it! I am going to have jeremy get my brother over here to fix it soon.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Good News!!

Today has been a pretty good day. We have finally decided on the house, the cost and the close date!! I am very happy to announce we will be closing on the house on October 12th, only a few weeks behind schedule. It is such a nice house. We are all very excited about the move. We are having issues with the current landlord, so we are fairly eager to tell them to shove it. I should be going Sunday to get my puppy! I am very excited, but trying not to be too excited, because I don't want to get my hopes up and then last minute something happen. Mickey and Holden are staying the night tonight. I don't think Mickey is feeling very well. We had to beat Cy a little while ago, because he thought it would be fun to explore the cat litter box. He is usually such a good dog, but I think cats are just foreign to him.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Looking at Houses with Mom

I actually had fun looking at houses today with my mom. I finally found one her and I both agreed on. I want their help when we move and stuff, so it is always best just to get her opinion. Oh and then when we were standing outside the one I chose to get, she says there goes your son! The realtor just looked at me and her like we were crazy, lol. Then my mom explained that Jeremy is my adopted son, and her grandson. It was funny and sweet. Me and Jeremy are so close. I love him to death. He said he likes the new house, but he hasn't seen the inside. I am excited because I can build him a room anyway he likes it! His birthday is coming up quick, and I can't wait. I am going to do some thing special for him. I have been talking to Linda a lot through emails. She has been really supportive of our move and stuff.

Mouse Issues

Not the furry kind of mouse, my computer mouse is acting up. I am not sure what the deal is either. But it is old as the hills. I should give up on trying to revive these old ones and just buy a decent new one. It just bothers me, because Jeremy's nice one died too. And I mean died. Just quit working one day. But I do a lot more stuff with the computer now then I used to. I think I might see what kind of deals I can find online for one. I have to buy Jeremy's birthday present really soon. His birthday is on the 24th. I am excited. I love birthdays. They are like every ones own personal Holiday!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We went and looked at let another house today. Mom walks through and it is a NO. So yeah, just can't win. The realtor gives us a huge list and we set off to check them out from the outside. I managed to narrow it down to 3 houses total. In my opinion I don't think any of them are completely what we want. So I don't know. Most of them are above our price range. But the realtor said we might be able to talk them down on some of them. So we meet them at noon tomorrow. My friend Linda was nice and called to check up on me. I need to go and visit her very soon. The kids had chruch tonight so I got off work early. I picked up some interesting looking fabric from the salvation army. I am going to use it to make my blanket. See Linda has this really neat family heir loom, and it is this blanket made out of little pieces of fabric sewed into what are called buttons.

Thats what the picture is of above.

I have some other stuff on my mind and I guess I just want to write about it. I have had this guy on my mind for a while now. He and I used to be friends, like really awesome friends. I would have done anything for him. But he did some stuff that seriously hurt me and I did some stuff that seriously hurt him. Now I will probably never be friends or anything with him ever again. I have dreams at night about him, and it really bothers me. My other friend tried to help, but all it did was remind me he hates me. I realize now, what I should have realized then. I should have told him I was sorry for the things I did, but I didn't. Now it is too late. He will always hate me. He really ment a lot to me as a friend and I guess I should have told him that.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Houses, Houses, Houses

OK, I think we may have found a sweet little house. Well, it is not that little. I think it is wonderful, but that is from the outside. We are going to go and see the inside tomorrow. I am very excited. I think this may be the one. Jeremy is even excited about it and he hasn't gotten excited about any of the places yet. It has awesome pictures online too. I can't wait until tomorrow. But I think I might go to bed early. I am soo tired. I ran so many errands.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Every one! Switch Places!!

Ok, I am going to mix things up a bit here. We went to the new house today and found out that they did not properly winterize the house at all, and we do not know the extent of the damage. I went over to my parents house after school, and after a lot of talking, and web searching, I am getting a different house. That is if it is still available. I have to call the realtor first thing in the morning, call Jon first thing in the morning, and make up all the arrangements. I am crossing my fingers I can keep my original move date. We have so much of the packing done already and everyone keeps giving us more boxes!! Thanks everyone! Oh and the new place we will get to live across the street from Linda. Which would be so wonderful, she is such a wonderful lady! I am very excited about this place. It has a very hidden drive way, it took us over 15 minutes just to find it. I will update more on this tomorrow night. Zoe is doing so well. Her hind end is even starting to look better. She was pretty tore up when we got her. But she is very happy to have her own space. Cy still tries to sneak in there, but he knows better mostly. Things are going really well here. Everyone is getting along really well.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Cat!

Well, we drove all the way out to the Tanger Outlets to get Zoe. She is my new siamese cat, and is pregnant. We locked up Cy, because after traveling, she seemed pretty nervous. So we stuck him in the bathroom for a couple of hours(sorry Cy!). We couldn't find her later on, and she had gotten into the back of the couch. Poor thing, she is just not adjusting well. Oh and Cy loves her, and she hates him. Hopefully they will get used to her. She is about a month along we think, so no kittens until after the move.

I got a bunch of cleaning done!

I am so glad I got a ton of cleaning done. Jeremy and Me got the dishes done, and Jeremy dealt with the trash. Cy is being cute and clingy. We got the kitchen cleaned up completely. I packed three more boxes. So it looks nice in here. I sold some more stuff on eBay today. I got payment for one, and waiting for a other one. I am watching a bunch of auctions for Kirby vacuums, I want to get one to clean this place, and the new place. Kirby's are the only ones you use to vacuum up old skin, but anyways, I am too tired to go into detail.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Productive Day

So far today has been really productive. I have done three loads of laundry(and counting). I got the mail and took Cy for a walk. We went and picked up and a few things at Wal-Mart and GoodWill. Also dropped off a donation at GoodWill. Now I have Jeremy doing the dishes and Chris is going to pick up the living room and then play the new game I bought him today. He is so excited about it. It is sooo cute. I am very excited about tomorrow, we are going to go pick up our new cat. Her name is Zoe, and she is a Siamese. She might be pregnant too! I am relly looking forward to it!! I love Siamese cats. But I am off to pack some more stuff.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Home Finally

Well, it was a long Friday. But it is over now. Jeremy got us a awesome deal on pizza. Then I have Mickey and Holden. They are spending the night here. They are great. I love having them around. I finished up my errands for the week, and paid some more bills today. Chris went in to work early last night and has to go in early tonight. It sucks. Things are great with the house, we have an appointment Monday at 1 pm with the realtor to check out the pipes at the house. I bought cleaning supplies today so we have them to clean out the house.


I am crying as a look over a few web pages and I just wonder why am I crying. Why now? I cried then, and I know why, but why now? Nothing is going to change. It still hurts, but since when does that matter. Sorry about the randomness. Just sad for a moment.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I made this video for the kids I nanny. I hope they like it!!


I love my brother and sister so much. The best part about this move is I will be so much closer to them. I have them both over at the house right now. Holden is playing guitar hero, and Mickey is taking a bath. They take baths over here often, because mom only has a shower for now. She is putting a second bathroom in the house in a month or so. They had to remodel the kitchen first. I think Holden is just great because he is so smooth, he put my cell phone in his pocket and I forgot it was there. A few minutes later he pulls is out and is all like 'what is this!' and hands it to me!I love them both. Mickey is so funny, and she likes the same things as me. She loves the clothes I buy her.


OMG, I took Olivia to the animal rescue league to pet animals. There were these puppies shut in a secured room. They all possiably have parvo, and they could all die. It is sooooo sad. There were some really sweet animals there though. Then there was this dog they couldn't keep in a kennel because he could climb out them! They are like 8 or 10 feet tall, the kennels.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Every day draws us a little closer to moving, and today drew us a lot closer. We could be moving as early as next Thursday. I am so excited. It is awesome that all of us are out on our own, and don't have to live with our parents. What kind of loser would want to live with their mom after the age of 20? I guess people who can't support themselves because they are too lazy would do that, but who cares about losers like that? Jeremy got my brother to work on the computer and now it is working freaking awesome again. I am really happy about it. We cleaned out the garage, and now all we have to do is fill it with packed boxes. I packed 3 more today, and will probably pack a few more before I go to bed. I put the new brackets on the book shelf, so it wouldn't wobble. Plus I got the new chore chart put up on the fridge. I have to mail the boxes tomorrow of the stuff I sold online, I made some good extra money with it all. I am still hoping my next set of auctions will sell.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time to Celebrate!!!

We heard back from the loan people today and everything is go, go, go!!! I am so excited, there is no longer that faint if in the air! I am so happy. Me, Jeremy, and Chris went out to CiCi's to celebrate, and then went over to Big Lots and got some packing tape and tiolet paper. I got my Mediacom bill straightened out. They over charged me, and now it is a tiny bill. I got payment for some items I sold online, so I need to ship them tomorrow. I am so so happy though!! We are all getting excited!

99 Red Balloons

I really love this song.

99 Red Balloons

You and I in a little toy shop
Buy a bag of balloons with the money we've got
Set them free at the break of dawn
'till one by one they were gone
Back at base, sparks in the software
Flash the message "something's out there"
Floating in the summer sky
Ninety nine red balloons go by
Ninety nine red balloons
Floating in the summer sky
Panic bells, it's red alert
There's something here from somewhere else
The war machine springs to life
Opens up one eager eye
And focusing it on the sky
The ninety nine red balloons go by
Ninety nine decisions treat
Ninety nine ministers meet
To worry, worry, super scurry
Call the troops out in a hurry
This is what we've waited for
This is it boys, this is war
The President is on the line
As Ninety nine red balloons go by
Ninety nine knights of the air
Ride super high-tech jet fighters
Everyone's a super hero
Everyone's a Captain Kirk
With orders to identify
To clarify and classify
Scramble in the summer sky
Ninety nine red balloons go by
As ninety nine red balloons go by
Ninety nine dreams I have had
In every one a red balloon
It's all over and I'm standing pretty
In this dust that was a city
If i could find a souvenir
Just to prove the world was here
And here is a red balloon
I think of you and let it go

Look at Bottom!

I put a awesome video remix on the bottom of the page, so check it out, I wanna know what you think!

Doctor Visit

Royce had a ear infection, so I had to take him to the doctor this morning. They gave him all kinds of medicine. So we are all over at my house for now, becuase it looks like he isn't going back to school today. I forgot to tell Jeremy goodbye this morning, and I feel bad. I wake him up every morning. He doesn't work tonight so we will get to spend some time together. I am looking forward to it. I think I know what I want to get him for his birthday, but it is going to be late, because I can't afford it until next month.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ewww mostly

Well, I think I am sick, at least this is what Chris tells me. Earlier he orders me to go lay down, I sleep, I get up, he feels head, and says you sick. So I guess I am sick. I feel like crap, but it is that time of the month, so I just thought it was crap, and now I get the joy of special crap! Oh, and my sweet Cy stayed in the bedroom the whole time I was napping. My sweet doggy was worried about me. I love him so much. Jeremy got paid today, and we went to the bank and filled up his gas tank. I got a whole bunch of bills in the mail today, which oddly is a good thing, because I need to know when to pay them. I have to do all kinds of math and bill stuff tomorrow. Also I have to call MediaCom and bitch because they are chargeing me for a phone I don't have! Ah, but they have sealed their fate, and I am going through a different company when we move! I am so tired of their crap! Chris has been my knight in shinning armor, he has been taking care of me so well. I am so lucky to have him here. I will probably just work until I died!

Good Morning

Well, usually I am not home this early in the morning. But I decided it would be nice to pick up Chris from work, instead of him having to walk home from work. I came home and took Cy out to potty. He is such a lover. He is always sitting under my desk, just so I pet him a little while I am online. I have never had such a good dog. It is funny because he talks a lot. It scares Mickey and Olivia some times, because he yawns, and makes growling noises all the time, but it just him talking. He sounds like that big furry guy off star wars. I love that he is so vocal. He makes all kinds of noises when we play with him too! I am a little worried about Cy though, because we found this scab on his back and we have no idea when he even got hurt. He has never been in a fight or anything, the worst was when he accidently scratched Gretchen, but I didn't think she got him back. But I am just happy it is on his back so he can't lick it or anything.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


I love the this song, it was on scrubs!

OverKill By Colin Hay

I can't get to sleep
I think about the implications
Of diving in too deep
And possibly the complications
Especially at night
I worry over situations
I know will be alright
Perhaps it's just imagination
Day after day it reappears
Night after night my heartbeat shows the fear
Ghosts appear and fade away
Alone between the sheets
Only brings exasperationIt's time to walk the streets
Smell the desperation
At least there's pretty lights
And though there's little variation
It nullifies the night from overkill
Day after day it reappears
Night after night my heartbeat shows the fear
Ghosts appear and fade away
Come back another day
I can't get to sleep
I think about the implications
Of diving in too deep
And possibly the complications
Especially at night
I worry over situations
I know will be alright
It's just overkill
Day after day it reappears
Night after night my heartbeat shows the fear
Ghosts appear and fade away
Ghosts appear and fade away
Ghosts appear and fade away

New Couch

We went and picked up a new couch. We got some funny looks too, because we picked it up with the Honda! It was pretty easy in my opinion. Mickey and Holden came over today. I gave them both baths. Oddly enough, for Mickey, I already had clean clothes over here for her. I bought her this cute little out-fit from GoodWill. Things are still kinda weird between me and Pat, my old manager, because I dated her son. She was working today, and it's kinda a odd tension. He was nice, just not what I was looking for. But any way, I talked to Danielle finally, and things are going good for her. I was checking to see with her if either of her girls wanted to buy some clothes. I am selling some to Lindas daughter, but I need to see if I can find some more people to buy some. Holden and Mickey were really good when I had them like usual. I can't wait until I live down the street and I can see them any time. It is probably going to drive mom crazy because they will always take off to see me!

Ebay Items

I have a few ebay items ending in the next few minutes. I already sold one. I am glad they are selling, it is extra money we can use toward the house. I got the garage cleaned out, because I think we are going to get another couch. It is pretty neat. I went to GoodWill earlier, I got a skirt, Zack some new shirts, and Jeremy new pants and shorts. I also got Mickey a new out-fit for school. She is wearing this pretty blue dress today that I got her.


I found this site last night that determines how fast you type. I thought I typed a lot faster then that. But I guess I don't. The problem I think I have is I look at the keys, even though I can locate most if them without looking. Jeremy can type really fast though, he is my computer whiz. My ebay sales are going well today, a lot of them end today, so I have to prep them to ship. I let Cy out and I am so proud of him, there were kids out side and he only strayed for just a moment and then he came back in. I gave him a treat for doing so good. I will probably be writing on here a lot more so I can get my typing speed up to par. I am trying to get a secretary job in DesMoines. I don't really care for the nanny job I am working now, but I would make more money doing data entry. I am getting so excited about the move, Jeremy is working today and should be bringing home boxes. We need them pretty bad because I used up the last of them last night. The house is already starting to look more bare!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

News Story

I just saw this news story online and I just had to put it on here, check it out!

Diane Jessup, founder of Lawdogs USA, transports two of her dogs, Dilly and Kona (left-right), for narcotics training on August 31, 2007, in Olympia, Washington. Diane takes in pit bulls that have been used in dog fighting and trains them to be K9 drug sniffing dogs for law enforcement agencies. (Steven M. Herppich/The Olympian/MCT)
Pit bulls help fight crime
By JEREMY PAWLOSKI McClatchy Newspapers(MCT) OLYMPIA, Wash. - Diane Jessup of LawDogs USA rescues pit bulls from animal shelters and dog-fighting busts nationwide and helps turn them into crime fighters at her Thurston County, Wash., kennel.The Washington State Patrol uses eight pit bulls that were donated by Jessup as narcotics-detection and bomb-sniffing dogs, said Trooper Steve Gardner, a K-9 trainer for the patrol.Jessup said the pit bulls she gives the patrol for specialized training are trailblazers in K-9 law enforcement, in which breeds such as Belgian Malinois, German shepherds and Doberman pinschers traditionally have dominated."My pit bulls right now are Jackie Robinson," she said. "They're breaking a barrier down."Pit bulls are unfair victims of negative publicity because some bad owners breed and train them for aggressiveness, Jessup said. Pit bulls are naturally friendly and good-natured, she said."If a pit bull kills a cat in Kansas, you'll hear about it. A lot of antisocial people own them," she said. "It would be nice if people saw the reality that most pit bulls are good."Jessup has about 10 pit bulls - as well as some pups - on her property, which she calls "the pit bull paradise park." Jessup, 48, a Seattle native, said she has loved dogs for as long as she can remember. She said she has been breeding and raising pit bulls for about 35 years, and she worked as an animal control officer in Olympia for about 20 years.At Jessup's kennel one recent Friday, some of her dogs ran loose and played, showing no aggression toward visiting strangers.Jessup founded LawDogsUSA in 2004 when she sneaked a pit bull out of Ontario after a law was passed in Canada banning the dogs. The law would have subjected the dog, Neville, to euthanasia or life in a research facility, she said. Instead, he is working to protect Washington's ferries for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.Jessup said she picks certain pit bulls that might have the right stuff for law enforcement training by measuring how good they are with people and whether they enjoy playing with a toy. It's important for a pit bull to love toys because they're used as rewards during training, she said.Jessup said suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick's recent guilty plea to a federal dogfighting conspiracy charge has drawn attention to the fact that pit bulls often are mistreated. "They're finally seeing pit bulls as victims" instead of villains, she said.Jessup is checking whether she can get custody of any of the dogs that were seized from Vick's kennel. One of the members of a team assembled by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to evaluate the surviving dogs from Vick's kennel has worked closely with Jessup, and she is going to determine whether any of the dogs would be appropriate for LawDogsUSA, Jessup said.She said she also has put in a proposal with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to see if it will award her custody of any of the pit bulls from Vick's kennel that show an aptitude for detection work. The choice is up to the feds, she said.Two puppies from Law DogsUSA are about to enter the State Patrol's K-9 training academy, Gardner said. Since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, there has been a sharp increase in the number of dogs used for detecting explosives, Gardner said, and using the pit bulls donated by Jessup is one way the State Patrol is working to meet the need for qualified dogs.© 2007, The Olympian. Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

Ebay Stuff

My stuff on ebay is selling very well. I am really happy about it! It is just more money toward the house. Plus my mypoints is coming along very well too. It seems like everything is working out well! I got more boxes packed up today. Which is good, we are getting closer to the move date. I guess in a sense I am nervous. But I really don't have anything to be nervous about. I got a bunch of laundry done today. I have been helping Chris catch up.

Nice Morning

Well, it has been a really nice morning so far. I got Zack off to work, and then Chris came home and I sent Jeremy off to work. Now Chris is sleeping so it is really just nice and quiet here. I had a bowl of cereal and now I can get to work on packing some more stuff up. I have to go shopping later. We need food bad here. Who knew how much three guys could eat!? I am going to try to help Chris catch up with the laundry while he sleeps in. Poor baby, working nights is hard on him. But at least he finally has a job he enjoys, and isn't killing him physically.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Doing Hair

Well, now I remember why I love doing hair! I just finished straightening Jeremys hair! It looks ssooo cute. It has all this body, and well it is just cute!

I can't believe I put this off for so long. Jeremy has been bugging me for a couple of weeks now to do his hair! He is just so handsome!! What girl wouldn't want this!

Weekend Finally!!

OK, it is the weekend finally!! I have determined that we only have 20 days to get everything packed up! But I think it can be done! I am so excited. I walk Mickey and Holden down the street to our new house today. They are so excited. I am going to be so glad when they can come and visit me any thime they want. It will make life so much easier, because it is like they live with me half the time anyways. Zack got extra hours today, so I won't see him until tomorrow. Then I am letting Chris take the Honda to work. So tonight I pack and relax. I really don't feel too good. Being home helps though. Jeremy already had his chores done when I got home, I am so proud of him! He is playing guitar hero now, I love listening to him play it. They have a lot of good music on there. I am off to pack a few boxes!

Helping Move

Zack was over helping Linda move today. She is so nice. She paid us today and I am so grateful. I am going to get all of our house money together and I should be hearing from the bank today. I am so excited. I am so excited about moving and everything. Not much longer it seems! I took Zack over to the Mery-Go-Round and bought him a nice leather coat. Then we went over to the Dressing Room and got some white under shirts really cheap. Chris has been running laundry all day, trying to catch up.

Stopping to Eat

They still didn't have anything to eat at work, so I brought Olivia here to eat. It was better then nothing. My friend Linda needs more help moving, her husband feel down the stairs yesterday and had to go to the hospital. I feel so bad for them. I have been thinking about the house a lot lately and I am going to make up a moving schedule, so I know how fast to pack everything up. I can't wait until we can let Cy run outside again. He is such a good dog. Chris is running laundry, now that there are four of us here again it is hard to keep up! He has been playing some game on Zacks xbox a lot lately. He has it hooked up in the bedroom so everyone can use the lving room still. Once we move it should be easy to have a system for each guy, because we have so many big TV's.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Took Pictures of the House today

We went over to the house today and took over a 100 pictures. This way we can evauluate the remodeling and cleaning it out. I should be able to have one kick-ass garage sale when we get moved in. But we have like a two or three day period where we have to clean it out, clean it up, and then move in! The place it huge so it is going to be wild! There are two fridges, two stoves, and tons and tons of cabinets! I love it. I am really excited about it all. We are doing more paper work tomorrow. I packed up a few more boxes tonight and might do a few more before I go to bed. It is all coming together!!


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Yeah, the computer has a attitude problem today. But thats ok, it starting to work half way decently now! I heard back from the loan people today, only to find out that we have to wait until friday until we know more! But me and Chris are going to go and take pictures of the house tomorrow. It will help us to determine where things are going to go and such. I am very excited about it.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I believe in the Secret

I believe in the secret. The secret to life that is. I had me, Jeremy, and Zack sit down and watch The Secret. Ever since I have seen that movie, it has changed my life. I hope it has the same effect on them. Those who make excuses, shall always live those excuses. But those who believe will live what they believe.


I just worked 12 hours and then went and helped Chris at his job and I just got home. So, all I have to say is blah.

Home for a moment

Well, I am leaving the van over at Dawns until she fixes it. I am just going to drive my honda for now. Which I am not really complaining about, lol. I love my honda. After we get moved then I will be able to invest more money into it. Because I want it to be painted. I had to have Jeremy come pick me up from work and I got the tags, title and insurance stuff all done in about a half an hour. I am off here for now!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Done for the night!

Awwww, I just had to put some pictures of me and my baby on here! I love Cy so much. It is so sweet he follows me every where. I thought I would post one last time before I went off to bed. I had a long day. Tomorrow I go back to work and don't know if I will have a chance to get back on the computer again. I have to talk to Dawn about getting the van fixed, so it might be interesting what happens tomorrow.

Just thoughts

Being single is odd for me, but it is a good kind of independence. I have Chris, Jeremy, and Zack all as great friends and roommates. I am glad to have them all. I guess I am lucky our lives have intertwined they way they have. Plus with buying this new house it is so exciting to be able to share this experience with them. I really don't need a boyfriend while I have my boys to take care of. Making sure Jeremy does well in school, getting Zack back and forth to work, and making sure Chris remembers to eat and sleep! I have my hands full. I am happy with life, we all are. Nothing to hold us back or tie us down. I feel like together we can accomplish anything and everything. So far we have. I am just so excited about the house. We are all pretty eager to start the remodeling. Zack and Chris have been coming up with designs for my bedroom and walk-in closet. I own over 40 pairs of shoes and at least 30 pairs of jeans! So the design process has been fun. I am excited to have a yard for Cy to run in! My parents are even starting to become supportive. We will be living 3 houses down from them. Chris really likes the location, we are in a pretty rich part of town, so no crime. I can't wait!


Done! I just finished cleaning up the house. I vacuumed out the van and it looks so much better. Then I vacuumed every room in the house. They look much better. There was tons and tons of Cy hair. It was like I found another dog! Oh, and it was so funny, he tried to bite the vacuum. He didn't bark or anything, just tried to nip at it! It was hilarious. The bedrooms look so much better.

Cleaned Up

I have the garage cleaned back up the way it needs to be. All the packed boxes are stacked in the corner. Took Cy to the bathroom. He is my good dog. Mickey has been here with me all afternoon. She has been pretty good. I gave her a bath earlier. One piece of furniture has already sold and someone is picking up another later. I am putting the money in the house savings. I am so excited. We will know the day after tomorrow about the loan!

Key search

oh, boy, this morning was great. I could not find the keys to my van. We searched all over the house and the garage. Still nothing!! It wasn't until way later that Zack finally found then mixed in with some stuff in the living room. I have to clean out the van today. I am also going to vacuum out the house. I need to get my place rented out so that I know that when we move there won't be two payments to make. I feel so bad for Chris, he had to work 12 hours with little sleep. I can't believe he has to go back to work at mid-night. We need the money. But it sucks he can't help us pack and stuff. Well, I hope it cools down today because it hot out.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pack pack pack

I got a bunch more packing done today. I think we did pretty good too. Cy has been really clingy. I think he knows whats up. I would never leave him behind though, He is my sweet puppy. Me and Chris banned together and baiscally got the garage working. Zack fixed my bike, which is awesome. I feel like I should be tired but I am not really. We dicided to sell some of our furniture and I already have abunch of people interested in what I have. So today has been pretty good overall. I actually got to sleep in and I got a ton of stuff done.


Ok, I just found out that you can post new auctions up on ebay for free for a limited time! So I have three auctions going so far, check them out:
Ice Skates

This Blog

I have been using this blog for a little while now and I have to say that I really like it. It is easy to use and maintenance. Plus it is just nice. I keep a link to it in my favorites and all I have to do is just a couple of clicks and I am all set. I have always liked writing and I can type just a little faster then I can write. Plus I enjoy typing. I am not sure why but I have been super loving towards Cy lately. He is such a good dog. I guess I am just lucky to have such a good dog who fits in with my life and routine. Especially at his age, because he is six years old. Well, I am going to go take a nice shower.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Well, I spent the evening busting my ass packing up the stuff in the garage and labeling it. This way when we move we don't have a ton of random boxes with random crap in them! Plus I threw out a ton of stuff I just didn't need all together. I am really tired now. Chris goes to work at midnight. I found Jeremy's favorite hate and MP3 player while I was re-packing some things, so he is super happy now. I am glad about that. I like to do nice things for him when I can.


Me, Chris and Zack went over to help Linda move. I had Holden there for the first half and then Mickey there for the second half. They fed us pizza too and that was pretty awesome. I have to check back in about three hours and see if they are back so we can help them unload the second trip. They were really nice too. Cy accidently went on the floor last night because no one let him out. But I am going to rest for a while before we have to go back.


It is the weekend again, and I am glad. I am so tired from this week. Working twelve hour days can suck when it wants to. I was supposed to help this lady move today, but I haven't heard from her. She is kinda old, so I hope everything is alright. I have called her several times and no answer. I am anxious about Wednesday because we should know about the loan by then. I am keeping my hopes up though. Jeremy is at work now and Chris is sleeping because he just got off work at 8 this morning. I have several sites I need to check out to see if I can make some money there. I am doing really good on mypoints though. I already have over 300 points!