Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Update

April has been a crazy roller coaster ride! We are dealing with legal issues with the previous owner of our home, which has been a drain on us money wise. We are also in the process finally of filing my divorce. With everything in motion we will be able to have our small private wedding this fall. We decided to have a private ceremony this time so that we may save up and have a large beautiful ceremony later. Plus I want us all to go on a group honey moon with the kids to Disney Land! Justin and I are kids are heart.

Aries is growing so fast! He is now ten months old and almost walking. He takes little steps all by himself and stands alone as much as he can! I am so proud. He has 4 teeth now and will eat anything you feed him. The greatest joy in my life is watching him play and grow. He has such a unique personality too. Crazy, funny, and just wild. He is so attached to his Grandma and Daddy too.

Another big leap is I decided to start selling Passion Parties! I still remember so much from when my mother did it years ago, and I have gotten a head start on it. I am on track with the Fast Track Program and have been really successful so far! I have a small party this weekend and several coming up at the end of May. Life is going so well for us and Passion Parties has made it even better!

We are also planning a huge garage sale this coming weekend, to help raise some extra money to go toward our legal fees, wedding, and hopefully our Iowa trip.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Things I made!

I am posting this from my phone so bare with me on this. I am going to try my best to make it work and make sense of it!
First off this is a post about all the new things I have made since we moved into our new home!
The very first picture is of our TV stand I made. This isn't very special but a huge help because we can now fit the cable box and Xbox360 under the TV so they can be seen clearly.
The second picture is of my DVD shelves I have made. We had a huge DVD collection and I wanted to be able to see all of them and make good use of the available space. Total there are three shelves. The shelf on the left has legs that hold it up because it could not be mounted into a stud.
The third picture is the new pots and pans rack I did. I took a old bookshelf and removed the middle shelf and drilled holes in the top for the hooks. Much easier and faster to get to the pots and pans now!
The forth picture is of one of the coat racks I made. It is right behind the front door and has plenty of space for guest shoes and coats.
The fifth picture is the coat rack I put in upstairs. This one is for me and the guys to hang up our stuff.
Then the very last picture is my proud fix it moment. We bought our van and the key fob had the ring holder broken off. So there was no way to put it on a key ring! So after some thought I figured out I could super glue some ribbon on there to replace the ring and ta-da! Good as new!
So I feel like I have been very handy lately and a Mrs. Fix It. We have been changing light bulbs and replacing the solar lights, as well as trimming the vines out back. I am loving this new house and loving working on it!