Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prejudice Against Adoption

I recently was banned from four different facebook resale groups because of one simple post.

I am looking to adopt a baby, wanting something private and personal, and I can afford to raise a child, but not pay these extreme amounts adoption agencies charge. If you know anyone or have any recommendations I would love any help or advice!

The above post is exactly what I posted in four different areas of Ohio. As those who know me know, there may be a slim to none chance of me ever having children. So I simply asked for help and information. After a Rhonda Dunkley berated me for my post, she deleted me from those sites. I find it extremely sad and pathetic that people like her are prejudiced against children finding homes. This all has been a difficult struggle for me, and people like her just make it even harder.
Now I did post this very same post in many of the other Ohio groups that she was not a part of and not a single one had a issue with this, so I do believe it is a sad attempt at one trying to make themselves feel as though they have some control over other peoples lives.