Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well I have had this crazy head cold for a entire week now and I seriously starting to get really whiny about it. I am getting really excited about Christmas though because I know Justin is gonna get me some awesome gifts! I got him some good ones, so I know this will be fun. I picked up a roll of wrapping paper today, but other then that I am using gift boxes that are reusable to help cut back on cost and waste. One point for the environment! Speaking of that I have to find a way to recycle paper goods here in Mechanicsburg. I have been saving all my boxes and now I am starting to save my papers too. I realized how much wood byproduct I have been throwing out and it bothers me. Seriously, even if every person just recycles a little, it makes a huge difference in the future of our planet!
I bought Coco a dog sweater today at walmart. It is adorable. It is purple with a velvet purple bone on the back. She of course doesn't like it, but will wear because she is a good girl. I got it because I have been going back and forth to my moms a lot and I take Coco with me. I don't always wait for the car to warm up, so she can stay a little warmer with her sweater. Plus my mom has a tendency to keep her house kinda cold, so I usually take a light jacket myself. She has always been that way and it really sucked growing up there! I froze my butt off! But it saves on the electric.
Well I am off to bed and hope this cold will go away!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well, I have to say this will probably be the bravest post I ever write about myself. I know people are going to try to judge me and think very different of me after reading this post. I have done my research, read through, and think twice.

About a week and a half ago I had a weird spot appear on my hip. Slowly over time it got bigger and more spots appeared. I had a preplanned appointment with a health clinic and they assumed it was ringworm. Which happens, I live with two dogs and just got back from visiting family who had several dogs. So they give me some cream and send me on my way. Well, it didn't get better, it got much worse. I was getting pretty freaked out because this rash in that short time has nearly covered my entire body with the exception of my hands, feet, and head. So I finally decided screw it, I am going to see a real doctor. The health clinic as far as I can tell is only run by nurses. So I go to the ER in Urbana, and wait forever of course. Finally the doctor comes in, looks at me, and gives me the ' you are gonna die' poker face and tells me I have SCABIES. I know the look on my face was priceless. I was extremely shocked. EXTREMELY. From what I thought I knew of scabies it was something only gross people got and it was bugs crawling in and on your skin! I was completely freaked out. The good news is that it is easily treated for people. I just have to wash every piece of fabric in my house with extremely hot water, and if possible iron it too. After coming home, I decided some research is in order. A doctor knows how to diagnose and treat it, and I want more info so I can prevent and make sure it stays gone! Here is what I have found.

My scabies was actually contracted from a dog with mange. Garth is my male chihuahua and has a very mild form of mange. I honestly didn't know he had it at all. Near his hind quarters he has a lot of areas with very dry, white and flaky skin. I assumed he had dry doggy dandruff and needed something in his food to add moisture to his coat. Turns out that his skin condition is a very mild form of dog mange, probably in earlier stages. My boyfriend doesn't care for Garth too much and never pets him, and I do, often. Also it is very likely I went and petted him and then scratched some where along my waist line where I have mild acne. Which is how the bug would have been transmitted. They are smaller then head lice, but are visible to the human eye. They are a type of skin mite.
Now when one person has it, it can be transmitted sexually and be considered a STD. It can also be transmitted through personal contact, sleeping together, and sharing infected materials. Now as long as I shower every day and use the prescribed cream I won't be contagious because I will be washing away the insects and preventing the continuation of the spreading.
Basically a female mite lays eggs on a host(AKA you, me, the dog) and when these babies hatch they crawl over and burrow in your skin. The good thing I have noticed is this is actually a painless process. The rash you get is actually a allergic reaction to the mite, its eggs, and its feces.
This is something that can happen to anyone. It is not a condition based on hygiene habits. It is all about exposure. Which means if you visit a friend who has a large family under one roof, a child in school, pet a stray or neighborhood animal, or go to a dog pound you risk getting this little bug. It happens.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Hair Cut?

Yeah, I just jump at the chance to make a pretty edited photo. But I have been thinking about my hair lately, to keep my mind off other things. I loved having long hair and I have really enjoyed having short hair too. So I am going out on a limb here to ask the opinions of others. In a weird way I am going through a weird mid-life crisis at 23. I chopped off my hair, I want a tattoo, and I really want to learn to ride a motorcycle. All things I never even considered before! So back to the hair, should I grow it back out, or cut it shorter again?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Super Bargain!

These are my latest super bargains from WalMart! I got all three of these sleepers from Walmart brand new marked down. The first one I got while I was in South Carolina and payed a dollar for it. It is a size 3 to 6 month. The other two are a size 0 to 3 months, and were the biggest deal of all. The one in the center was only 15 cents! Then the one on the right was only 30 cents! So I was thrilled to get these sleepers, because I love Halloween!!

Saturday, November 06, 2010


Have you ever stopped and wondered about the meaning of dreams. Dreams can mean so much on so many levels. I have had dreams with the simple explanation of my mind creatively combined things I had seen and thought about during that day. On the other hand I have had dreams with a almost prophetic effect to them. In a metaphoric way I dreamt about the exact moment of my future break up with a boyfriend, the death of a relative, and one dream that was a exact dajavu of what happen when I awoke. I personally own several books that interpret dreams and their meanings. Sometimes I feel these match, other times, it just doesn't seem to click. Often in my dreams I have issues with clothing. Now I am not naked in the dream, but usually I am missing a piece of clothing, or what I am wearing is far too small, but yet no one else tend to notice. I found a interesting meaning at which suggest that if you change your clothes (which happens often) represents a need for change. Also if your clothes fit too tightly it can mean you feel restricted. If your clothes are torn or ripped in the dream it can mean you are unprepared for a task ahead. Which to be honest all of these have a meaning in my life. One of the dreams that stays with me are the dreams of children. I have had two separate dreams of having a baby boy. Anyone who knows me knows I am so ready to have a baby and start a family. The weird thing is I really want a girl. In my dream though I am often holding a infant boy, and it feels as real as the air I am breathing. Now my last dream I came into the room, the baby was crying, and I picked him up and it comforted him. According to the website a crying baby means a part of yourself is deprived of attention and needs to be nurtured. Since I comfort the baby in my dream and all seems well, does that mean I corrected the problem in life? All in all I consider myself to be a lucky person because I rarely ever have bad dreams, although I do have those ones that get your heart racing. That's my thoughts for the night :)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


So I have been watching this show on TV about polygamy. There are people out there making it work. It has been pretty interesting to see how happy they can be as a large group. The most common is polygyny. Which is where a man takes many wives. Usually in this type a man divides his time up as equally as possible between the women. What I find most interesting is the least common form which is polyandry. Polyandry is where a woman takes many husbands, basically the reverse of polygyny. A big difference is one woman will usually marry two brothers in a family. Currently Africa is the country with the highest amount of polygamy. Currently in many different regions of the US and world there are very uneven numbers of each sex, such as there may be twice as many girls, or twice as many boys then girls. So if I do have any readers out there, what are your views on the concepts of Polygamy?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay, I am very excited to have Internet again and I have honestly been thinking of writing several different blogs. Some of the topic's that have crossed my mind are the recent deaths due to bullying and teenage pregnancy and the hype behind it. Things either come up or either it is like 3 am and I am in bed thinking what a great idea it would be to write about it.
Today we took coco to the vet, she hurt her back again and had completely stopped eating. He recommended treatment, and we have nice meds and soft food for her for a couple of weeks. I am so glad she is getting better and she is so good about resting. After she does get better I am going to see about getting rugs for the hallway and making sure she doesn't attempt to jump onto the couch anymore. I don't want her to take any unnecessary risks. I miss having her walk to the mailbox everyday with me.
Justin is doing wonderfully at his new job. He is adjusting well to Ohio life. We stopped at a book store in Urbana called Ole Book Nook. They were the only place in town that had his new book that got released yesterday. So we are pretty thrilled with the place. I even wrote a review for it on Yahoo! Business.
Well look forward to some more blogs in the future, I plan to pull some more ideas together and do some research. Then I will be back to write some more!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, I finally think I have some good stuff to write about. My life has been taking so many rapid twists and turns that it could easily put a romance/drama/scify novel to shame! lol. Maybe. But for the most part I think things are well on their way to some sort of normal balance again. On Sept. 1st I should start getting more hours at work. On Sept. 15th I go to Iowa to help Justin move here! I miss him so much! It has been really hard to be away from him so long. I just put in a application in today for a really nice 3 bed 2 bath trailer in the same trailer court that Butch lives in. Mom has decided to try to work things out with him, so I will be living in the same trailer court as the kids. That makes me really happy because I can come and visit them and they can come and visit me. Plus it has a pool! I am going to buy a battery for my moped soon and start riding it before the season is over. We have had a few cool days and I am loving it. Coco is doing really well, although she still can't jump onto furniture and walks a little odd from time to time. I miss Garth a whole bunch and can't wait to see his little fluffy butt!
I am getting used to my new phone. I have this rockin new application called Laputa. It is actually a app that downloads books from the Internet and you can read them for free!! I have read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books, which is the series True Blood is based on. I have read several others as well, it is awesome to have a entire book shelf in my pocket. It is especially great because I don't have to worry about turning lights on and off when I am reading because of the phones back lighting. I have a couple other apps like a nice solitaire game I play and some cool picture editing apps. So over all I am pretty pleased with Verizon as a cell phone provider.
So basically, things are going well and I am pretty happy camper.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

new phone

I got a new phone. it is a lg ally by verizon. I will be trying to set up a good program like this to post short blogs so I can update more often.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Okay I feel so excited and yet so blah at the same time. This packing carp has really been wearing me out super bad! On a side note though, my friend Jeremy has offered to pay for me to get a clinic pregnancy test done so I will know if I am pregnant before I leave for Ohio. I am really excited and I am going to go in Monday morning and have it done. I have to have blood drawn which really sucks, but it will be completely worth it to know in the end! Because when we move this weekend it will take all day to load the trailer, all day to drive and another day to unload the trailer. So basically, if I am not pregnant, it is ok to hurt myself doing this, if I am pregnant, I'm gonna wimp out and try to get other people to help us, because there is nooo way I am taking any chances! I want a baby soo bad! I want to be a mommy. Plus I have already started to lower my medications, which has been hell already. So if for some reason I am showing signs of early pregnancy I wouldn't know, because my meds are throwing my body for a loop for me! Coco is doing much better, she can walk, although it is kinda funny. I'm really proud of her though, I though I was gonna have to get her a little doggy wheel chair and squeeze her twice a day so she could pee! I am supposed to keep her on restriction though until the end of July at least. That is a fun game to play, because she thinks she needs to be where mommy is at all times!

Monday, June 07, 2010

We should be moving within the next week. Things are going very well for me in my family. I have a ton more responsibility on my shoulders now with my dad being gone. I have been doing lots of packing, cleaning, and selling of my moms stuff. Also at the same time I have been trying to get pregnant. In two weeks I should be able to know if I am pregnant via test, and a week or so after that I will know if I miss my period. I am excited, nervous, and anxious all at the same time. I have been extra careful with my body to increase my chances of getting pregnant. I have been trying to keep my body the right temperature and not to lift excessive amount of weight. Which has been a struggle because we have been packing and running a yard sale. I believe I felt myself ovulate last week, so I hope that we have some success! My toes look really terrible. Both nails have dried blood underneath them and look really bad. I have clipped off a bunch of them. I have been packing all my baby clothes to go to Ohio and man I have a lot! lol. I think I have serious mommy shopping issues. I really want to have a girl. I will come to accept it if it happens to be a boy, but my heart is truly set on a girl. I am not 100 percent sure Justin is ready to be a dad, but I know I am ready to be a mom. My mom has been super supportive of everything. I started lowering my medication about a week ago. It already has begun to effect me. I have had a couple of anxiety attacks already, and I'm already more easily agitated. But I have to do it for the sake of the baby. Because if I am pregnant right now and don't know it, which is possible, the medication can severely hurt the baby during development. So even if I get a bit crazy, it is worth is to have a healthy baby. I am just really lucky to have great friends like Melissa and Brandon, who have been helping me a lot lately. Justin and Jeremy have been busting their butts working at Trolli, so I don't see them much, but they are making good money :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Super Changes

It has been a while since I have blogged. Don't think that while I was gone I didn't think about it, all the time. I would want to write but never really found the time or the quiet to do so. As I sit here with a headache, I decided to take this moment of quiet and write. Before I go any further I will be getting into some pretty big TMI for those who aren't interested. First lets start off with the not personal parts.
My family has officially decided to move to Ohio. No more ifs, ands, buts, or maybes. Butch left my mom in a rage, and is now in Ohio. I am trying to help my mom sell off most of her stuff so this move is as easy as possible. We haven't even started in storage yet and we are looking at moving by June 16th. So yeah, things aren't looking well in my perspective on that. I am trying to go with the flow and not stress too bad over it. Because after all, it is my moms life and all I can do is help her to the best of my ability.
Then there is my poor Coco. Some time last Saturday she got hurt, I think falling down the stairs. She is currently paralyzed from the waist down. I have been taking her to the vet twice a day for two days now to get shots to help. She is only showing minimum progress. So I am pretty worried over that. She doesn't complain though, she is my strong girl. I am pretty proud of how well she is taking all of it. She has been confined to a plastic clear tote that has a pillow and food and water for her. The vet gave me the talk today that she may be paralyzed forever, but then reassured me that she may not. Either way, I love Coco, and I would do anything for her. She is my baby and I wouldn't trade her for the world. If she remains this way, I will have to expel her bladder for her several times a day, and eventually find her a mechanism similar to a wheel chair so she can get around. But that is something to look at in the future. For now we are going with day to day treatment, and I try my best to make her happy.
Now is for the TMI. After my adoption falling through I have been doing a lot of medical research and such, had a few doctors appointments and I have decided to try to carry a child. It is very dangerous for me and the child. First off I have to make sure that everyday I am taking my full dose of lymes medication, and on time, to prevent the baby from getting lymes. Then I will have to wean myself off of my anxiety medication. I take a extremely high dose. This medication actually manages my anxiety, bi-polar, and manic depression. So once I am off of it fully I will be very emotionally unstable and unable to go in public places alone, if at all. It is scary for me to think about being off my meds. I like being able to be happy and I am glad I take them. But if I continue to take these medications, it would harm the baby for sure. So the entire time I am carrying, I have to be drug free. Now I know this doesn't sound too hard, and that's right, because it isn't the hard part. Getting pregnant is. This is very TMI, so those of you who just can't take it, look away now! lol.
Basically I found out from my gyno that have a vaginal muscle that in enlarged, and doesn't permit proper insertion of males parts, which thus explains why it has always been too painful for me to lose my virginity. I can only fit things about the size of a tampon in there( which I don't wear because they hurt, btw). So the gyno told me that my options lay between artificial insemination and invitro insemination. Which she highly advised the invitro due to my vaginal sensitivity. So now I am stuck with the fact that to have a baby, I have to have a doctor knock me up for a minimum of ten grand. Which depending on how hard it is, it can go up to 40 grand! So I have decided to attempt to inseminate myself using a children's medicine dropper as my tool. I know this is a lot of personal info, but I really just want to talk about my struggle with this. I am trying for a girl, and there are natural ways of increasing your chances of girls, and I am going to try them. My predicted fertile days are June 1st through the 5th. So wish me luck as I try to finally get the chance to become a mom. Because honestly I am not sure if I could ever afford for a Doctor to have it done.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking Back

Well, I got some of those weird spammer comments on one of my older blog posts and I was going back trying to figure out how to delete them, when I got looking at some of my older posts I wrote in 2008. I kinda got a laugh out of a few, where I found weird things around the house and was finding major bargains. I think some of my more recent posts have been a little more mundane. Knowing life can't be a exciting read all the time, I think I may do some more research articles in the future, especially about baby stuff. Me and my mom have big housing plans. Basically we are going to finish remodeling her house and next year she will buy a big house in the country with a good amount of land. Then I will rent her house until it sells and then I will proceed to buy a manufactured home and put it on her lot as well. Then I can fence in a little yard for my dogs, and we can be as close as we are now. I talked to her about the idea and she really likes it! So I am going to be working on saving up a lot of money this year so we have a good down payment for the house.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great News! Justin got told today that they will be starting work ASAP! Which is gonna be great. He will be out of state for nearly two months, but will be back in time for my birthday. I am getting a lot of hours at my new job. I like it a lot. When Justin goes to his new job I may go visit him and see the sites down there. He is going to Omaha,NE. I am gonna miss him, but I think the time apart will be good for us. Plus I think this job is going to toughen him up a lot. All the dogs are doing good on their house training so far. Mom is loving her new Pomeranian Abby. She is a sweet little fluff. I have been cleaning out my storage like crazy. I am selling my sectional sofa, and a lot of my bigger furniture. If I can get everything together I may have a yard sale this Saturday. My mom is going through her stuff too. Not as fast as me, but I am one of those people that I want things done fast!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It has been a while since I have written. I have been so busy with life. Recently I moved two houses down from my mom. Being close to her is very wonderful. I like being able to see her any time I want and we go places together all the time. I have been working hard to get things ready to become a parent. It has been fun and interesting to getting things ready. I got rid of the cats and now only have four little dogs. House training is coming alone very well. But I do have little escape artists, who like to find new ways to get out of the fenced yard. Although I have donated over 50 boxes of stuff to the salvation army this year, I still have much more stuff to go through and get done. My goal is not to have to have a storage unit or at least get down to one! My mom still has two huge ones and they are full!! My book is coming along in pieces, weird little pieces. So I am not sure how that will end up. I started a new job, which ensued enough stress that I have decided to leave the library. I am really going to miss working there very much. I love books and wish the house I lived in now had the kind of room I needed for all my books. A lot of my stuff is packed up, so I really need to sort it all so I can have access to what I need to use. Having things in a storage really is pointless most of the time. I have been kicking butt on photo albums, not only for me but for family as well. Kinda going through a photo frenzy. That's about it for an update on my life. There is probably more, but I am slightly overwhelmed with it all.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Bargain Shopping Trip!

Okay, so I had a little time today to make it out to Walmart thanks to my friend Jeremy. The roads are really snowy and bad so he was nice enough to drive me out there. They were having a big sale on the Miley Cyrus/ Max Azria line of clothes, Valentines Day clothes, and some other odds and ends they had. So I went and got myself some really nice stuff really cheap! I ended up spending roughly $45 and I came home and added up the tag value WITHOUT tax which came to $235!! That means I saved $190! Which for some of the tags I couldn't find the full price but a previous mark down price only. So that means I saved even more, I just don't know how much. This was a AWESOME trip over all!! I also got a outfit for my mom and for my little brother!

This is a sexy bomber jacket for only $3, when it was orginally $20!
These jeans were orginally $15 each and I got two pairs for only $3 each. One pair for me and my mom.

These two sets are sweatshirt/jackets with Tshirts, and I paid only $3 each! The one is Betty Boop and the other is Tinker Bell.

Then these three shirts I paid only $1 each and they are from the Miley Cyrus/ Max Azria line, very cute, and I am going to wear a thin strap tank underneath.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Okay, I must blog. I have all these thoughts running through my head and I gotten get them out the only way I know how! To write! Well the first thing on my mind is how awesome my pants fit today. I know it sounds dumb, but I got a really awesome deal on Tripp pants at the salvation army!! For one Tripp pants are super expensive. Like at Hot Topic they sell for $60.00 a pair! I paid full salvation army price for them, which was $3.28 each. I haven't tried on both pairs, but this pair fits like a dream. I love them. They have these long black ribbons hanging down from the sides. Which is nice because I have this thing that some times when I stress or think I mess with the hems of my clothes or feel alone seams. So I can have my arms at my sides and feel these black ribbons. Some may laugh, but others know what I mean! It kinda runs in my family too, my little brother likes how things feel.
The other thing that is on my mind is my new schedule I am on. I have been on it for five days, and it seems like every day I get a little more tired. Which is very discouraging. I am getting enough sleep, and I have been doing exactly what I am supposed to, but my body is taking a extra long time to adjust. I feel really wore out. I am going to keep pushing though, I am sleeping in only one hour later on weekends, other then that I am trying to stick to a strict schedule to try to be healthy and be more focused.
Speaking of focused, my new schedule has helped that a lot. I was always forgetting things and putting things off because I would only think of them last minute. Before my new schedule I couldn't sleep at night. I am still tired during the day, but I have learned that I just don't naturally produce enough energy to get me through my day. I am testing different caffeine drinks to figure out what boosts my system the best. Overall I am feeling pretty accomplished. I have gotten my living room unpacked and cleaned, the closet cleaned out and organized, and I found a bunch of stuff I have been looking for! I have been writing out long to do lists and getting so much done every day. Honestly before I slept more then I was awake. We are working with all the dogs we are keeping and work at getting the other dogs sold and gone. We have 13 dogs right now, and we are cutting it way down! I wish I could find a nice old lady for my cat Zoe. All these animals stress her out. She could use a home like that, but most people have multiple animals. The only reason she gets along with Sam is because she made him! I am excited, we have people coming this weekend to take Spaz, and look at all of Egypts puppies. We only have one of five claimed so far. Then once all her puppies are gone, we will have her for another month, so she can get rid of her mommy boobs, and then find her a nice home. She is pretty needy, so I am sure she will make a nice dog for some one.
Today has been a tragedy though. First off I wake up with a really sore throat and booger issues. Then I am trying to relax in the living room while doing some paper work, and reach for my drink and spill it all over myself and the couch. Oh yeah, I felt like a major fail right then. I was lucky that none of it got on my important paper work.
I have been having the weirdest dreams at night, too. Like I had a dream that my mom tripped over my dog Coco, she broke her leg and Coco's! Then in another dream she secretly bought back the house we used to live in, which would be a dream come true for her, but she couldn't pay me back the money I loaned her. Which I loaned her a big amount, so she comes up with a reason to be mad at me!! So I was freaking out in my dream. My mom laughed at me when I told her about it though. Basically the more restful sleep I have been having has resulted in lots of weird dreams.
Oh, and I am super proud of my friend Linda!! She went and got a stomach surgery, and now is losing a lot of weight, and she looks so good! I am proud of her for taking that step to have a healthier life, because in the end that means a longer life. Linda is one of those people you really want to have around for a long long time. I took her some new clothes, then felt a little silly, because they were too big! We really related to each other the last time we visited because we are both going down that road of self improvement right now, and are very happy with our progress. This is going to be a great year, I can feel it.