Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking Back

Well, I got some of those weird spammer comments on one of my older blog posts and I was going back trying to figure out how to delete them, when I got looking at some of my older posts I wrote in 2008. I kinda got a laugh out of a few, where I found weird things around the house and was finding major bargains. I think some of my more recent posts have been a little more mundane. Knowing life can't be a exciting read all the time, I think I may do some more research articles in the future, especially about baby stuff. Me and my mom have big housing plans. Basically we are going to finish remodeling her house and next year she will buy a big house in the country with a good amount of land. Then I will rent her house until it sells and then I will proceed to buy a manufactured home and put it on her lot as well. Then I can fence in a little yard for my dogs, and we can be as close as we are now. I talked to her about the idea and she really likes it! So I am going to be working on saving up a lot of money this year so we have a good down payment for the house.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great News! Justin got told today that they will be starting work ASAP! Which is gonna be great. He will be out of state for nearly two months, but will be back in time for my birthday. I am getting a lot of hours at my new job. I like it a lot. When Justin goes to his new job I may go visit him and see the sites down there. He is going to Omaha,NE. I am gonna miss him, but I think the time apart will be good for us. Plus I think this job is going to toughen him up a lot. All the dogs are doing good on their house training so far. Mom is loving her new Pomeranian Abby. She is a sweet little fluff. I have been cleaning out my storage like crazy. I am selling my sectional sofa, and a lot of my bigger furniture. If I can get everything together I may have a yard sale this Saturday. My mom is going through her stuff too. Not as fast as me, but I am one of those people that I want things done fast!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It has been a while since I have written. I have been so busy with life. Recently I moved two houses down from my mom. Being close to her is very wonderful. I like being able to see her any time I want and we go places together all the time. I have been working hard to get things ready to become a parent. It has been fun and interesting to getting things ready. I got rid of the cats and now only have four little dogs. House training is coming alone very well. But I do have little escape artists, who like to find new ways to get out of the fenced yard. Although I have donated over 50 boxes of stuff to the salvation army this year, I still have much more stuff to go through and get done. My goal is not to have to have a storage unit or at least get down to one! My mom still has two huge ones and they are full!! My book is coming along in pieces, weird little pieces. So I am not sure how that will end up. I started a new job, which ensued enough stress that I have decided to leave the library. I am really going to miss working there very much. I love books and wish the house I lived in now had the kind of room I needed for all my books. A lot of my stuff is packed up, so I really need to sort it all so I can have access to what I need to use. Having things in a storage really is pointless most of the time. I have been kicking butt on photo albums, not only for me but for family as well. Kinda going through a photo frenzy. That's about it for an update on my life. There is probably more, but I am slightly overwhelmed with it all.