Monday, August 06, 2012

Flea Market

I just recently had my first weekend at Market Place of the America's, a large all indoor flea market. I have a wonderful 10 by 10 booth, with some very nice neighbors.

Above and below are a few of the pictures of my booth, I have tons of great items for sale, for very low prices.
All the clothes I sell are only $1 each. Plus I toys, books electronics, and more.

My booth is nicely located in the 'San Fransico' area of the mall, and is across the hall from the 'Dollar Store'.

I am also selling Pandora Style Beads for only $1 each.

Along with the beads I have been making my own jewelry as well, and they are only $2 each. I have wolf, turtle,button and skull earrings just to name a few.

I started doing flea markets when I was 17 and loved doing it then. I would sit outside, no matter how hot or cold and sell what ever it is I had at the time. My goal is to make enough money off this to open my own thrift store. I make things and buy things at such a low price I am able to pass the bargain onto customers and make a good profit at the same time. It isn't always easy, but I enjoy what I do. I especially enjoy when I can sell some one something that they truly would enjoy or just love to have. I hope you decide to come visit me and the other great vendors at Market Place of the Americas in Columbus.