Monday, March 31, 2008


Me and my mom went to the salvation army and made out like bandits. I am very happy about it. She 30 dollars worth of clothes, and got some Tupperware as well. It was pretty fun. I got two new shirts and some Tupperware as well. I also got skein of pink yarn and one of green. I also got a bunch of fabric to make purses with. I think I got some pretty good deals. Plus I picked up a nice glass measuring cup and a new collar for gretchen. The only that sucks about today is that I have a cold. I feel like crap. But I am sure it will be better in a few days.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Late Night Gym Trip

I left and went to the gym at 1 am. I love my gym I really do. It is open 24 hours a day, and has awesome equipment. I was there all by myself and it was so nice. I love to jog, and their machines are so nice. They have cable tv on every machine. So I can get lost in a tv show while I work out. It makes it much more enjoyable when your sweating your butt off! Plus their weight machines make it easy to change weights, and I think I am doing good improving my muscle mass. I am mostly focusing on upper body, because I don't have a lot of arm strength.

I know I should be sleeping now instead of writing this blog, but I can't help it. I am just not tired. I didn't take a nap today either. I was up all day doing things. I even went to Altoona today to drop off a bunch of bikes I gave to a lady for her daycare. By the way, I love my van! It is a big ugly thing, but it is the best! I need to do some work to it, but that's OK. I still think it is worth it. I went to Story City the other day, and got a entire van full of free stuff!

Friday, March 28, 2008


I have come to realize that I love tea.

I really don't know how I came so many years and not drank it.

But I was sick about a month or so ago and I could only drink hot fluids, and my mom made me hot tea. I actually thought I hated tea because my mamaw drinks cold sweet tea, and that is very nasty. I hate it. But I like plain tea, unsweetened. I tell everyone it is like dirt water, lol.

But anyways, I finally after all these years, learned to make tea, which I am now addicted to. I bought this huge pitcher, and I make a big pitcher at a time. Then just keep it cold in the fridge. I love it though, because when it cold I can drink it hot, or when it is hot I can drink it cold. I take a glass to bed at night, and if it gets room temperature, it is okay, because it still tastes good.

So, yeah, I felt like writing a blog about tea. It makes me happy, and some times it is the little joys in life that make the most of everyday. Plus I have been much more hydrated lately, and it saves me money. One box of tea bags has lasted me forever!! Chris and Jeremy don't drink it, so I have it all to myself!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Bathroom Sink

Well, if the title doesn't catch your attention, then hopefully the story will.

Today started out as an ordinary day, with one exception. I was on a mission. My mission, a whole, was to command and conquer the house by cleaning it!
Yes, I had had some preparation from the day or two before by staying up all night one night cleaning because I couldn't sleep. I put away clean dishes, changed trash cans, folded and put away laundry. I fed and watered the dogs, which the weather was nice enough today to walk them. My sister helped me clean off the front walk. I swept the porch steps, and filled the dip in front of the drive way.
The day has gone well and I have gotten much accomplished. Then I find Coco in my bed room, chewing on some thing odd. I shoo her away only to find she was chewing away on a rock and screw. Which was odd indeed.
The point of the whole story is afterwards I had to use the restroom, like most people do. While I was in there I happen to glance over at the bathroom sink. Which by the way no one ever cleans off. So every thing kinda collects there. I came upon the realization that the contents of the sink edges were rather odd. There are two razors(normal), toothpaste(again normal), a screw driver(why?), a little plastic pony(I have no kids), a weird Ronald McDonald bobble head pin you wear on your shirt(thanks Jeremy), and a ink pen(taking notes?). How all these odd things came to be in my bathroom, I am not sure.
I am starting to think, maybe I should clean off the sink.....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Take a Stand Against Breed Discrimination

When ever I tell people I have two chihuahua's the first thing they say or think, is ew she has two yappy ankle biters. And they aren't! It pisses me off to no end. In a lot of ways that isn't too bad. I used to own a pit, and I am very fond of them. I hate that the government is trying to pass laws now to ban certain breeds! Such as pitts, rotts, and even german shepards! I found a great site that makes the I'm Sorry videos.
You should really check it out. When ever I watch the video it always makes me cry.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I AM THE BARGAIN QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got back from shopping, and I happen to catch this huge sale at this place in Newton that is going out of business. I only spent $11.50. I added up all the tags with the orginal prices and there were a few without tags I didn't count, but the total came up to $641.65 without tax! Most of the stuff was from Target too. I am sooo happy! I got six brand new pairs of shoes for me, two new pairs for Mickey, two shirts and a pair of shorts for Holden, a shirt for Koty, a shirt for Chris, a bra, six belts, two doggie dresses, four pairs of pants, four skirts, seven shirts, and three dresses!
I am so set!! I think this is my best haul ever! Coco is in my lap giving me kisses, I can't wait to dress her up in her new clothes! Yay!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I got balloons last night from work, it was a long hard day. But I got the balloons for the kids, I thought they would really like them. Mickey and Holden were so excited when I gave them to them. I had them stashed in my trunk. I love to bring home surprises like that for them. I know my Mamaw is never around to treat them like grand kids so I want them to feel that anyway. I want them to be able to say they had a good childhood. I am very lucky to have such great brothers and sisters. Koty can be pain in my ass, but I still like him. We grew up together and honestly is some one messed with him I would fuck them up!
Lately I have been watching the first season of Heroes. I really like it. I have been watching it with Chris mostly, he got me hooked on it. I went and picked up some free books and magazines from Nevada, Iowa today. I like to travel. I hope someday I can go to Disney land or world, I am not sure which one I want to go to for sure. The city filled the pot hole in the road in front of my house and I am so glad to have that fixed.
Coco is laying here sleeping beside me, she is so funny. She makes these cute sucking noises when she dreams some times. It is like a baby on a bottle. I am so happy to have such a awesome dog in my life, and she is one pet that my great grand-kids will know about. I love all her excitement.
I posted a bunch more books on paper back book swap. I already have a request for one, and now I have another. Mom has been mailing them out like crazy. Oh, mom doesn't know it yet but I picked up two pairs or snow pants and a nice jacket that Koty can have for free too. So I think I did pretty good today. I was in a lot of pain from work so I couldn't go to the gym, but I am going tomorrow.
Work really sucked a lot! But I need the exercise and the money. We had this huge party that only got bigger! We had to go out in the middle of the party and put out more tables because the host under counted. It was one wild night, with lots of rude people and a few under age drinkers who thought they were smooth. I ended up not getting out until nearly 2 am!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Everyday that goes by is different, but all the same in a lot of ways. I think I am a little caught up in the mundane of it all really. Once spring actually starts and things are changing more then maybe things will be a bit brighter. Right now it is just kind of blah. Things didn’t work out with Brian. I don’t get him. Oh well, next on the list I guess. I have been getting back into myspace. I am hoping to get to know my sister more that way. I haven’t been able to check it yet today because the internet is messed up at my moms house. She is doing well after her surgery. She is in a lot of pain though, and is bed-ridden for the most part. So it kind of sucks. She was able to make a stew for tonight for dinner, it is ready in the crock pot. I am just sitting outside the school waiting for Mickey and Holden right now. I am really proud of how they are doing in school. They get awards all the time for their grades and good behavior. I was a hellion when I was a kid and only got awards in church. But I have changed a lot and that is good. Today at school the kids had a crazy hair day, so I got to do Mickey’s really cool and Holden’s I did like a Mohawk thing. It was cool looking. I put pictures of it on here later, because my mom took pictures. I ran some errands for Mom today too. She needed me to run to the post office and to Hy-Vee. I did end up having to go to Wal-Mart too. She wanted these boxes of cereal with books in them, and is going to use them on our paperback swap site. I have an other book I need to get shipped out too. One of the books I received is called the Embrace. It is really good so far, but it is based on a true story. It took place in 1996 and is about a vampire cult that murdered a girls family. It is just really wild to believe it happened. Right now the book is describing how he would murder animals and it is just horrible. But then I think it is good to have books like that to remind us of the fact that there are really bad people in this world. Here in Newton we really don’t have a lot of violence or crime. We are very lucky for that too. I have had people my age tell me how Newton isn’t safe. I don’t worry about walking down the street, because I know I am not going to get robbed or mugged. It just doesn’t happen here. I had a teacher tell us once she used to teach in Texas and she let a student go to the bathroom and about ten minutes later he had been stabbed to death outside her class room door. When I lived in South Carolina I never felt safe. There was always drugs, gangs, and violence every where. I hated it there. I know Chris and I will never go back. He hates it there more then me. That’s probably because he lived there longer. I plan on staying in Newton forever. This is my home. We are supposed to be getting a casino in here in the next year or so. I am very excited. All the jobs it will offer to the town, then property values will go up as well. It is really a time for Newton to be making a come back after the loss of Maytag.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I think today is going to be a long lazy day. I dont feel very well, and I am just messing around onthe computer right now. It is nice having the new laptop, because then I can relax in bed and be comfortable. My sweet Coco is curled up in my lap. I found out the day before yesterday that my great grandpa Grubb died. He was 90, but it is so sad. But I am hoping this will help reunite me with my sister and two brothers on my dads side. It may, it may not, but I will just have to wait and see. It would mean a lot to me if it did. I have been spending a lot of time with Brian. He is really nice. We aren't a couple, but he wants to take it slow. Thats fine with me for now, it is better not to get burned. He is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. Mom is doing ok after her surgery. It is just really bad they couldn't fix her knee, so she will have to have a brace forever because she is not old enough to have a replacement. I took the kids to school this morning and it was really cold out. But it was nice seeing mom in the morning. I will probably go over there later. I know she likes my company.
I am very excited about tomorrow. I am going dancing with Brian, and I have never been dancing before. SO I am very excited!! He is very much a gentlemen so I think it will be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today has gone well and fast. Mom has her surgery on Wed. So I have a busy week ahead of me. I went to the gym today. I tanned and worked out. I like going, but if I can't find anything good on tv then it can be boring. My cardio work-out is starting to wear me out. So I am thinking that so I can make it through the entire time I should mix it up a bit more between the machines. Me and Chris went today and got a wirelss router for the new laptop, so I am laying in bed posting this blog!! So yeah I am a happy camper. Now we can watch any tv show and movie without renting it, because of a web site where they are all there for public view.
I really like this laptop too, it is brand new, Chris got an awesome deal on it. Speaking of awesome deals I got two pairs of sweat pants on sale at walmart for only three bucks a piece, and I have more pants to wear to the gym.