Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kat Von D

With my new job, I have been able to watch LA Ink everyday, Monday through Friday. So I knew of Kat Von Drachenburg, or more commonly known as Kat Von D before watching the show. Since I have been watching it I have become more interested with her as a person.
After watching several episodes I am completely blown away at how amazing she is as a artist. She really understands what the person wants and is great at bringing out the real image and meaning that the customer is looking for.

I really also admire how confident she is in her own body and appearance. Society today is so harsh on how we should look and act, and she takes her unusual look and makes it something truly beautiful to behold.

I am more the conservative body artist, with only one small tattoo myself. Her style is inspiring me to consider more for myself. I would have to say she is a pretty inspirational woman!

All the pictures for this blog post were found on a google search of her name. I basically wanted to show off her brilliant tattoos as well as her grace.