Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well I have had this crazy head cold for a entire week now and I seriously starting to get really whiny about it. I am getting really excited about Christmas though because I know Justin is gonna get me some awesome gifts! I got him some good ones, so I know this will be fun. I picked up a roll of wrapping paper today, but other then that I am using gift boxes that are reusable to help cut back on cost and waste. One point for the environment! Speaking of that I have to find a way to recycle paper goods here in Mechanicsburg. I have been saving all my boxes and now I am starting to save my papers too. I realized how much wood byproduct I have been throwing out and it bothers me. Seriously, even if every person just recycles a little, it makes a huge difference in the future of our planet!
I bought Coco a dog sweater today at walmart. It is adorable. It is purple with a velvet purple bone on the back. She of course doesn't like it, but will wear because she is a good girl. I got it because I have been going back and forth to my moms a lot and I take Coco with me. I don't always wait for the car to warm up, so she can stay a little warmer with her sweater. Plus my mom has a tendency to keep her house kinda cold, so I usually take a light jacket myself. She has always been that way and it really sucked growing up there! I froze my butt off! But it saves on the electric.
Well I am off to bed and hope this cold will go away!