Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Freezing Food

Today we got a tons of different vegetables from a local church. More then we would care to eat in a week, so we decided to get them prepped and frozen. I just recently bought one of my mothers upright freezers with plenty of room for these items. I took advantage of getting some expired tomatoes, now before you turn your nose up, it is perfectly safe to cut off any mold or dark spots and the rest of the tomato is fine to eat. Most of these had mold on them due to being stored with excess moisture anyways. So first step is gathering the goods! We received tomatoes, potatoes and carrots today.

Our second step in the process was Jeremy and I worked in the kitchen together and cut away at those veggies. The far red bowl has the diced tomatoes, while one green bowl has some of the carrots and you can see our potatoes up close. The metal pot has our second stage potatoes being blanched. So now all I have to do is label some bags and get these ready to store.

Here is the finished product of the diced tomatoes. I would say for the size of tomato I had and the amount of each one I threw away, each bag has 1.5 tomatoes in it. Great for salsa, soup, stew, chili, or anything really.
So there you have my big project for the day!

Well, That explains a lot!

I haven't posted in a while due to the fact I thought Blogger was having some sort of techical difficulty. As it turns out though it was me who was having the problems. I use two different laptops. These two are known as my World of War Craft Laptop and my Sims Laptop. My Sims Laptop is my primary and my newer laptop. I do all my bills on there, have my drop box there, and typically blog from there. It is generally much easier to access pictures and post things. Plus I usually let other people in the house use my WoW Laptop. So until we get the issue resolved, I will be over here(*points at WoW Laptop*) and will be blogging again!!