Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New and Valentines

I finally got some pictures taken of my new house. Here is one of the front of the house.

Getting moved in is coming along really well, we are mostly settled in. Mom sold me her freezer, so we are getting that all set up. Storage is one third empty, and we are still working on it. Things are going very well!

Then Justin surprised me on Valentines day with this cute PJ set and a pretty bouquet of flowers! I felt like one lucky girl!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I just wanted to update everyone on the progress of the house and the move. Things are going very well! We have about 75 percent of all the furniture moved in. We bought the hardware today to reassemble Jeremys' bed and start assembling the fence. I am excited to start working on that this next week. My mom got me a awesome deal on fencing pickets, so all I had to buy were some screws and one by four boards to put it all together. Things are coming together rather nicely. The dogs are really enjoying the new yard, mostly on days not like today, because it only got colder and colder. As I write this it is only 14 degrees out. Tonight we actually had enough time to sit down and watch a movie. Chris rented Cowboys and Aliens, which was way better then I thought it would be. It actually had a good plot. We got a lot done today too. Chris, Jeremy and I made a trip in the truck and van from storage, and it is now 1/3 empty. This next week I plan on taking a truck or van load to donate to Stepping Stones in Urbana when I go to get free food.  I have some clothes and some other odds and ends to give because they aren't worth the time to try and sell. I am though going to sell some things because I want to buy an additional freezer for us to keep our extra food in. Our current one isn't very large, and cannot hold much. I have been only moving things into the house as I have room for them, so that as we go everything stays clean and organized. With that method so far so good! I finally have a place to store all of our books so we can read them when ever we please. So far I am really happy with this move!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Days go by and life keeps on going. We just moved into our new home over this last weekend. We are officially home owners, again! I had to let the lender have my last home back because of safety issues I could not afford to repair. This house though is brilliant! There is nothing wrong with it and nothing needs repair. It is a three bedroom home on just over an acre of land. So we have a huge yard for our little doggies to run in. Then we have a large three car garage with a built on heated shop. There is a full basement, with a large laundry room, two living rooms and dining room. I am super happy with it. We have tons of parking out front, and plenty of room to do what we want with the lot. I plan on fencing most of it for the dogs and future kids. I also plan on putting in a large garden, along with a compost bin. Recycling is very important to me, and composting is a great way to do that. Either this summer or next we will also plant apple trees. The house is located in Mutual, Ohio, but has a Urbana address. We are roughly five miles from fast food, hospitals, and WalMart. So basically far enough away, but not out in the boonies. Mutual doesn't even have a stop sign or zip code, but it is more of a gathering of houses, and they are all pretty nice, so I feel pretty safe here. I would be really happy if I were able to get pregnant and raise a baby here. Weirdly enough it is a Urbana address, but Mechanicsburg schools. Which Mechanicsburg is a tight knit community and very good schools. I may some day want to buy a bigger home on bigger land, but I could see myself here for a long time. I even get my own craft room!