Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Being Pregnant With TWINS!

This is how it starts. Your period is late. You take a test.
I knew from the get go, something wasn't right. I took the test the very day my period was due. I felt 'off'. That test turned positive faster then I have ever SEEN a test turn! My OB wouldn't see me until I was at least 8 weeks. We found out at 4 weeks. Waiting. So we did. 
We show up. At this point I was SICK. Like more then morning, more then normal, at least what I thought was normal. So the jokes start, Oh it must be a girl or Twins! hahaha. Right.
My doctor starts the ultrasound. Starts kinda high and rolls on down past what looks like the baby. At this point Justin and I are both thinking "hmm what was that?". Then he stops lower and is all Hey! here is the baby! See the heart beat? We are thrilled. He looks at the baby a minute, and then rolls the wand on up my belly and little and goes AND here is the other baby!
I start crying and Justin looks like some one slapped him. I cried out I knew it! And the OB looks surprised that I was in the know! lol. Two healthy little heart beats and two little sacs. 
This picture is 8 weeks and 3 days.
Two weeks later I start my belly pictures.The idea is still crazy. TWINS. How could it be TWINS? Do you realize that means there are TWO BABIES IN THERE?? I know I look happy and calm, but still freaking out! Did I mention twins? Holy Crap. 
I got back to my OB. We get a professional ultrasound in office. Here is the pictures of my pretty babies. They are 11 weeks and 4 days. After some quick comparison Baby B looks like my son at 17 weeks. This makes me nervous, because I want girls. Or at least one girl. But then my son is very pretty, so who knows? Even if you squint you CANNOT tell gender at this age. WHY? Because right now girls and boys both have what looks like a penis. Everyone does at this age. In the next 4-6 weeks they either lose it or add to it depending on gender. 
My next belly picture! 15 Weeks exactly. Finally gained some baby weight. Bump starting to form. At this point I already feel WAY pregnant. Just finally starting to look the part! Twins. It is still twins. Crazy Twins. It is still rocking our world that there are TWO BABIES IN THERE!