Friday, December 28, 2007

Well, Michael may be coming sooner then I thought due to issues with his family. He is making me a little nervous, but I still have faith in him! I love him so much! Here are some new pictures I took just today!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pictures from North Dakota

I have all these wonderful pictures from the trip. My camera needs repaired.
Micheal looks sooo cute with glasses.
We had a wonderful time hiking out in the bad lands.
There was a lot to see, North Dakota is beautiful.
The river was frozen.
I love being with him, we always have fun.
just a little too close
Me sitting on a rock
I thought black and white would be pretty.
I loved being close to Michael all the time.

You won't Believe This

Well it has surely been a while since I have written. The first week I did not write was because of so much work. We wrapped up our holiday parties then. Then this previous week was because I wasn't home! Yes, I was gone, out of state! It is probably the most adventurous and daring thing I have ever done in my life. I found out the Sunday before last that I only worked one day last week. I have been talking to Michael for a long time, both on the phone and online. I was really beginning to feel a very intense connection towards him. So I knew if I was to ever have the opportunity to meet him that this was my chance. SO I called him up on Sunday(16Th) and we made arrangements with him and his family for me to come and visit him. I left the very next day by greyhound bus and arrived Tuesday(18Th) morning around 4 am. Yes it was very spur of the moment and very scary and exciting. I rode the whole way there wondering if he would be some one besides the person I knew on the phone and the person I had grown close to in emails. We had met on The entire ride there I could not believe that I was doing such a crazy thing. But then in the back of my mind I thought it could be love. He was everything I was looking for in a guy(including hot!). When I finally did arrive there, he was at the bus stop waiting for me. We hugged and had our first kiss right then and there. It wasn't exactly perfect, because it was about 15 degrees in North Dakota at the time!
He took me back to his house and showed me his room where I would stay while he slept in the family room. I put down my stuff and got comfortable. We laid on his bed and talked for a long time, but at some point we fell asleep. He had to work that day, but I was so tired from the trip that I slept most of the time he was at work.
Most of my trip after that blurs together, because there were so many happy moments. We went hiking and went shopping together. I got to meet some of his friends and some of his family. Every second we spent together I felt closer and closer to him. I have to say now, and I have not said this in a long long time, but I am now truly in Love with Michael. He is everything I have ever wanted. Because he knows what it is like to go through what I have been through. He is also bi-polar like me and is on medications for that as well as depression. We have been through such similar things and see things a lot a like. We were born only a year and 5 days apart. Making us both Gemini's. Which is really unique in itself. But he is truly everything I could ask for in a guy. He is tall, thin, handsome, funny, smart, and caring. He played football in high school and was in drama and chorus. He sings and that is soooo sexy. He calls me princess and treats me like one too. He is always telling me how much he loves me. I could not ask for more!
Michael works at Wal-Mart right now. We want to be together as soon as we can and he is moving here in Jan. The last week of Jan. I will be going up to him and driving with him on the way back. I am very excited. I am going to be taking a second job at prairie meadows as a cocktail waitress. The extra money would be so wonderful.
I really missed my family and the puppies while I was gone. I got stuck up in Minneapolis Minnesota on my way back and Butch drove all the way up there to get me so I could be home for Christmas. I had a very very wonderful Christmas with my family.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wow, I don't know what is with me and not blogging as much as I used to. But I am gonna write a bit now before I go ad pick up Mickey and Holden from school. My mom and I are talking again and that is awesome. I was over at her house for a long time last night even. Garth's fur is growing back very nicely. It looks very cute now with his cut. I took Garth to the vet finally because of his fleas. I was very worried. But they gave me this awesome flea medicine and he also got his first shots. He is doing so much better now. I am so proud of him. He is much more active now that he isn't itching all the time too. Koty spent the night last night. Him and Jeremy rented a movie and two video games from family video. Then he stayed up all night and worked on the computer. He is going to definitely be some thing. he completely fixed the computer. We even have desk top icons now!! I am so happy. I think he killed my favorites. But hey, with it now running fast and everything it is kinda worth it.
I get my first check from Prairie Meadows on Friday! I am very excited. It should be pretty good. I only work two days this week, but I might get called in. When Jeremy gets home today I am going to help him fill out his application for Prairie Meadows, because he is taking a year off before he goes to college. He needs a decent paying job. Plus I think he is beginning not to like McDonalds anymore.
I think Koty is coming back over later to watch the movie with us. He went home this morning while I was on the phone to mom. She is going out to Prairie Meadows now, because she went and tried on her uniform and it was all messed up. So she is hoping they can fix it before Friday, because that is her first day. She had her orientation Monday and Tuesday. I am excited for her. This is the first real job she will have had for years! She has been doing Passion Parties, but you work for yourself. Then before that she did mystery shops and stuff like that. The last job I remember her having is when she worked out at Hansen Directory. Which now the Newton Clinic as bought out and it is a physical rehab center for sports injuries. A lot has changed since I was a kid. Like the mall is almost completely gone now, because they are tearing it all down for the new Hy-Vee parking lot. But I guess life is change.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bad Weather

This is the first real bad weather we have had this year. I guess we are pretty lucky in that aspect. I couldn't get to work today because of the roads being iced over. I almost had a accident when I took Garth tot he vet earlier this morning. It was pretty scary, the car almost completly spun around when I went to turn into the vet. Luckily, I am only going like 20 and the car behind me was a ways off. So I got Garth his first shots and other stuff. He is a much happier camper now. But I couldn't believe how well he handled everything!! They stuck a thermomerter up his butt! He didn't even whine. Then when they gave him his shots, he didn't cry then either. Oh and the doctor held him up and squeezed his little boy puppy gentital and not a fuss was made. So he is my tough little baby! I would have whined and cried through the whole thing. When I bring himin next time I need to take Coco with me, because she needs her second shots.
I have to get everything done with the bills today. I have been putting it off forever. But it needs to be done. My back is so sore from work last night. We set up for a party of 500! Then we served them everything and took plates and cups. We had tons of cleaning to do. After we were done with the party we ahd to clean out the room and house keeping had to come in and clean, so we could divide up the room and set up for two more parties the next day! We did get out at mid-night. But these 12 hour shifts are killing me! Having to lift up all the chairs was the part that really killed my back in it all. Then two people got sent home because they ahd bad attitudes. But I am meeting a lot of new people and I work with a lot of nice people. There are only two I don't care to work with too closely. Thats only because I like to do a good job the first time and get things done right as well. I hate when people slack or half ass it. But all in all I really do like my job, it is just really hard!!