Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just an Update

Not much new has happened this week really, but I love to write so I am sure I can come up with something.
Basically Chris and Kat have been applying for jobs all this last week. I got more stuff unpacked that we brought back form Iowa. I am finding tons of treasures I had left behind. We now have all of my DVD's here and many more books. Discovering everything I packed up is like Christmas! Very few things are broken or unusable. There were some issues with mold and some bathroom items dried up, other then that most things survived. It has been bringing back some great memories as well. Sitting back it feels great to know how far I have come in life. My belongings really show how hard work has paid off. We brought back one of my old dressers that is missing two drawers. I keep it because it reminds me that I didn't always own nice things. Plus we need another dresser. When I got that dresser though, it was that dresser or nothing because there was no way we could afford to go out and buy one, where now if I wanted to, we could convert to all matching furniture. I love what we own, and the people I have in my life now.
Having kids here has been nearly as much a pain as joy, but I wouldn't change it for the world. They are great kids, but not perfect like any other kid. I was able to get them free bikes today! We are working harder in getting them potty trained, because Melissa will be going to kindergarten next year. They are smart kids though, and learn quickly.
I guess I would say over all I feel pretty blessed. I keep my life drama free, I have people as my family because they chose to be, and I have everything I need. I am very interested to see what life has in store for us from here!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter and Such

The kids enjoyed their first Easter here in Ohio. They both got their own buckets filled with toys and candy from the Easter bunny.

Justin has really shown his parenting skills since they have been here. The picture above is him helping with the kids while at the churches Easter event.

Even Blackie is starting to come out of hiding and be seen more around the house.

So far everything has been great. Having Kat and her kids here has made us all more of a family.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Scrapbooking Pictures

Here are several pages I made with online scrapbooking.

Hello April!

Welcome to the month of April. This month already holds many changes for my household.
The first huge change is while my van was parked in Newton a drunk driver came around the corner and hit it. It was completely totaled and we are waiting on the check now.

Another huge change for our household is my close friend Kat was able to come and live with us in Ohio. So we have three new additions! Above is Kat.

This is George. He is the cute quiet one.

This is Melissa. She is the hyper talking one.

These are only the beginning of the changes for our household, we are looking at getting zoo passes and other fun stuff.