Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Heart Beat

Today Justin and I went in to get my first ultrasound done for my pregnancy. I have been so sick. Since I found out around Novemeber 15th I have had a variety of illness issues. First everything was coming out too fast down stairs, then everything decided to just come back upstairs. It is really starting to feel like I can't win. But the nurse at the prenatal clinic was able to prescribe me some medication I can safely take to help with the nasua and vomiting. The only problem is it gives me headaches and makes me light headed. So it has been a hard road so far. As I said before we went in for my first ultrasound today. I have never had one before but had a general idea of what to expect thanks to TV shows.  The lady who did it was a pro and found the baby in 3 seonds flat. He or She was beautiful. Right now the baby kinda looks like a doll with no fingers or toes, and I got to see the baby move a little and hear the heart beat. I think it all settled in and was finally real to me then. I have a healthy baby gorwing inside me and this is something I thought would never happen. I am 8 weeks along and my little one is due July 8th. I am going to pick up a journel at Walmart so I can start writing down my thoughts. Nothing has made me feel more complete then when Justin was sitting there holding my hand and we looked at the pictures of our baby. Life is never perfect but what we do get is amazing.

Friday, November 09, 2012


Oh, Yes, This is a gamer post!
My system of choice is the Xbox360. You can blame my friend Jeremy for that, since he got me interested in the system back in 2006. Since the original Xbox360 was released in 2005, I wasn't too far behind in the times. The original game that got me addicted was Guitar Hero. Since then I have played several games such as Fallout, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 3, Fable 2 and 3, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Halo Reach, MineCraft, Lego Indiana Jones, Borderlands, and Dragon Age.

Though out the years Xbox360 has offered a large variety of looks and styles that make it so the user can have their own individual system. The system offers a monthly membership you can buy to be connected online with other users, sharing game scores and playing multi player games together.

So basically I have chosen a popular gaming system that is constantly coming out with new games and connecting players all over the world.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Waiting Room

**Please note this is  a old post I wrote from my phone and have now decided to publish, enjoy!

Sitting in a hospital waiting room gives you a lot of think about things. I don't even mean regular things either. Sitting for an hour and half I came accross many topics such as college, where my life would be if I had made different choices, children, christmas and all the in between. I guess to say I am pretty happy in life. This isn't where I planned to be. When I was in middle school I started dreaming of life as a lawyer, and going to a state college. Nothing thrilled me more then the idea of carrying a large stack of books accross campus and attending classes. Then as I came into high school I wanted to become a psychiatrist. I wanted to help people solve their problems. Through out high school art classes opened my eyes to my passion for art and I guess you would call it recycling? I found my talent to reuse objects and make new things from old. I also found my love of sales. I knew then I wanted to go to college for sales and marketing. My life long goal started taking shape at this point. First it was a thought in the back of my mind, then slowly it became a idea. I wanted to start my own thrift store. As years passed I picked up more and more ideas to add to it. I didn't want any store, I wanted to help people. When I started my plan it was all about keeping good items out of our landfills and making some money. It came to me that I could donate materials donated to local schools for their art programs, and tech schools for engine repair training programs and such. I could also take portions of profits to donate to charity.

New Addition

On September 27th, 2012 my friend Cynthia went into labor and gave birth to a wonderful little boy named Xavier Uriah Wilson. Due to other circumstances Childrens Services placed him in another home and he ended up with me. This is the first full time infant I have taken care of since my little brother and sister were little. He is a sweet little guy.
He is One month and 12 days old today. This week I got a nice glider and foot stool rocking chair to rock him with. I also got the portable bed I ordered from walmart. Right now he prefers to sleep in his swing, but my mom says he will grow out of that phase.

There is nothing like having a little one in your life to make you think about life and what is important. He has been a precious blessing.