Thursday, November 05, 2009

I love how when the dogs get tired, they all do at the same time. They cuddle up together and drape themselves over each other. It is a adorable heart warming thing to see. Even if they fight and play and get on each others nerves they all come together in the end. Which is kind of how the relationships in this house work together. We all fight and play but still come together to relay on each other when we need each other the most. Trust me, they mostly get on my nerves. Like no one knows how to wash a dish or run a load of laundry unless I tell them too. We actually ran out of plates and forks!! That's how it is sometimes though. We aren't prefect by far, but we work together pretty well most the time. Justin and I got the kitchen cleaned up. I worked on the living room while he hand washed some dishes. Not everything can be put in the dish washer. He has never had one before, so he is learning the rules. Plus I am teaching him the best ways to keep the kitchen cleaner, faster. I am going to start taking clothes to the consignment shop soon. I haven't done that in a long time. With Christmas coming up it never hurts to try and find some extra money. Boys are much more expensive to buy for. At least, all the men in my life are. Chris is going to be easier this year, because he got his big gift early. I bought him a new computer a few months ago. I don't want him to feel left out on the day though, so I am getting him several little gifts. I need to take an inventory, because I have a lot of people already bought for. I got awesome Christmas gifts last year on black Friday. So I am hoping I can do similar this year.

I still need to sell the puppies really badly, our house was not meant to have so many animals! Now, if they didn't poop, that would be a different story. Coco is doing good, I was worried about her for a while. She had long term bleeding after the puppies were born. I took her to the vet and he cleared her, and put her on a watch. I can happily say though she has stopped all her bleeding. Quinn, which is Chris's puppy, is growing up to be a big white turd. He definitely has a personality. He is going to be one unique dog for sure. I am getting really attached to the first born puppy. She is all black with a little white. We call her Tubby. It was supposed to be more of a label name so we could identify her until she was sold, but it is gonna stick I think. She is my little chunky thing. She has big paws, so I am sure she is gonna be big like Asia. I love all my dogs though. It is hard to try not to get too attached to the ones that will go to new homes.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I had my first review at the library and got a raise! I am really enjoy working there. Books and I were meant to be together for sure. When ever I go to Des Moines we always stop at Boarders. I love this book store. It is wonderful! I love that they have a dollar book table and then they always have great sales too. I almost always find a wonderful book on sale that I love. This last trip I got a huge book called 'The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead'. It has over 900 pages of vampire information. I plan on reading everything. I am pretty vampire obsessed. I have been reading the House of Night book series. Justin has a Boarders membership, so when we buy things he earns points.
He was able to find a ton of vampire stories for me. He is into the 39 clues books. So he keeps up with them on there.
We still have a ton of unpacking to do, we have kind of took a break from that. I have been keeping an eye out for Christmas shopping. Holden is the hardest one to buy for. I took him over to his girlfriends house today. She is really nice and I like him spending time with her. He always has nice things to say about her.
I bought Coco a doggy shirt on sale at WalMart. She has been wearing it for a few days, and it looks really cute. I got it for her because she always seems to be cold lately. We still have all the puppies here. I really want to sell them. You just don't realize how much dogs can poop!!
Chris has been working weird shifts the past couple of weeks. He will work like 12 to 16 hours for a few days then be off work for 3 or 4 days. It has been hard on him.
I made up treat bags of Halloween candy for the three of us. I got the candy on sale on the first. The boys really liked it. Oh and I had Mickey with me when we went, and I got a dozen cupcakes to split. We don't really need 12 cupcakes for three people. So I gave them six and took six home.
Sam is a pathetic cuddle monster of a cat. I am trying to write this and he comes and throws himself across my right arm. He just purrs his heart away. Zoe has been super loving as well. I wonder if it is because she wants attention or because it is cold out.
This fall has been going pretty well so far.