Thursday, January 10, 2013

30 Things I want my kids to know about me Part 5

Wow, some serious spam and rude comments on my last post. Awesome. Well, to those of you out there, if you don't like, don't come back! I write this blog because it makes me happy, not to please any one else.

NOW! To continue on with the list!

Question Number 14:
Describe 5 Weaknesses and Strengths you have.
1. I am forgiving. I always think there is the best in people, so people end up using me and throwing me aside. Especially family.
2. I literally have no upper body strength. I can only lift about 40 pounds over my head. I am hoping lifting a baby everyday as they grow may finally help that though.
3. I have severe anxiety. Most people with this condition do not consider it a weakness, but I do. It has gotten worse as I have gotten older and honestly, I miss the days where I wasn't afraid to make phone calls or go new places.
4. I overload myself. I have a tendency to think I can take on more then I can possibly handle and I spread myself too thin. Some times I can balance the chaos and some times it kills me.
5. I am addicted to acquireing objects. Not exactly buying, although I love to shop! Not stealing, I am just rally good at always getting things for free! Which is bad when you come from a long line of hoarders.
1.I am ambitious. If I want some thing I am always willing to work hard to get it, and there are some things in life that only hard work will get you.
2. I am creative. Whether it is making art or figuring out ways to save money or be greener, I use my creativity to think out side the box and find a better solution.
3. I am a multitasker. I do well with more the one focus at a time. As long as I don't over load myself I enjoy doing many things at once, or having various projects to work on.
4. I am caring. I love to help people. I enjoy volunteer work. I would nurture a sick animal in a heartbeat.
5. My greatest strength is my ability to walk away from the worst and over come it. Through hard times in bad I have always found a inner strength to carry on.

Question Number 15:
Describe when you knew your spouse was the one or how I fell in love.
This is really one of my favorite questions so far! I fell in love with Justin the day I met him. It was love at first site. Now don't get me wrong, we didn't start drooling over each other or nothing like that, but it was definitely big smiles and giggles all day. We had a afternoon date, where we went out to eat. We didn't eat, because we were both too nervous to. We went back to his place to hang out and listen to music and stuff, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I felt such a strong connection with him I said yes, and I may have been really super thrilled he asked too. I had gone through probably 6 to 10 guys in the past 6 months, nothing serious, just a date or two and then over. I was really starting to think there were no guys out there that wanted to settle down and be serious. I had a great career, home and job, I just wanted some one to share it all with. Justin showed up and it was like a dream come true. Things weren't always perfect, but we worked through them, and he NEVER gave up on me. So, is there true love at first site? Yes, there is.

Question Number 16:
What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?
Not necessarily in this order:
1. Bought my first home at 21.(Don't own it now, but I lived there for 2 happy years)
2. Finally getting pregnant at 25.(After two long years of trying)
3. Graduating High School after being kicked out my senior year for being injured. Not to mention my family degrading me, calling me a high school drop out.
4. Learning to love ME. After being made fun of by people I went to school with and family, it took me a long time to learn to love myself, and be proud to be me, and I finally am.
5.Adopting my first 'child' Coco. If you don't have a pet you deeply love you won't understand, but Coco will always be more then a dog to me. She was my training kid. We are really close and bonded and I don't care if I am homeless, I promise to always take care of my baby. She is the reason I know I will be a good mom when the time comes.

Question Number 17:
What is the thing you most wish you were great at?
Well, one of two things, I always wanted to be a great singer. I am ok, but not amazing. The other would be I wish I had gotten a serious college education, and had a real career in marketing and business. 

Question Number 18:
What do you think your spouse loves most about you?
I think he loves either the fact I love him for who he is or that I am smart. Up until recently, I was the one deciding and solving 99% of all our problems. Life is like a puzzle and he knows he can depend on me to figure out how it best goes together.

Question Number 19:
How did you feel the moment you became a parent?
The baby isn't here yet, but the moment the doctor said I was pregnant my whole world changed. It was like everything went from black and white to rainbows of color. I instantly had mommy vision. I saw cars and thought of if a carseat would fit in there, or would that be safe for my teen to be driving? I no longer saw the menu at the restaurant as what ever sounded good, it was what healthy? Do they offer a good kids menu? In the last three months I have been thinking about college money and buying his or her first car. Before, it would be me thinking of making crafts or jewelry and maybe looking for a flea market to sell my stuff. Or what could me and Justin do together this weekend. But now it isn't about me anymore. The moment I became a parent, I opened my eyes to a new world, a world for three instead of two.

Question Number 20:
Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.
1. Not sure on a specific year or age, besides between the ages of 4 and 7. Every Thanks Giving and Christmas was a really awesome time at my house. Me and my brother were basically the only grand kids so holidays were celebrated at our house. My mom always went all out, huge meal, tons of decor, and tons of presents and family every where. I will never forget having such an awesome holiday and I hope I can provide my kids with the same.
2. I remember one time our back yard flooded, I want to say in the fall. The leaves had fallen off the trees and there was just enough moisture left in them that they coated the ground and it rained a lot, and it made it hard for the ground to absorb the water. So there was a foot to two feet of water in our back yard, and I played in it with my brother and step siblings, and it was just a awesome weird experience. 
3. When I was in kindergarten or first grade in the summer my mom had me lay down for a nap and she laid down for a nap.Before she went to lay down I asked her to open my window. I wasn't strong enough to open it myself and I had plans. As soon as she laid down I shut my bedroom door and popped the screen out of my window and got out. I went next door, a house my mom used to live in and used as storage, broke into there and got a kite out. I flew it all after noon. Then I put it back. But when I got home I didn't realize I couldn't get back in the window and had to go in the front door. It was a adventure, and my mom was pissed. Looking back now, I think I was a pretty clever kid.