Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay, I am very excited to have Internet again and I have honestly been thinking of writing several different blogs. Some of the topic's that have crossed my mind are the recent deaths due to bullying and teenage pregnancy and the hype behind it. Things either come up or either it is like 3 am and I am in bed thinking what a great idea it would be to write about it.
Today we took coco to the vet, she hurt her back again and had completely stopped eating. He recommended treatment, and we have nice meds and soft food for her for a couple of weeks. I am so glad she is getting better and she is so good about resting. After she does get better I am going to see about getting rugs for the hallway and making sure she doesn't attempt to jump onto the couch anymore. I don't want her to take any unnecessary risks. I miss having her walk to the mailbox everyday with me.
Justin is doing wonderfully at his new job. He is adjusting well to Ohio life. We stopped at a book store in Urbana called Ole Book Nook. They were the only place in town that had his new book that got released yesterday. So we are pretty thrilled with the place. I even wrote a review for it on Yahoo! Business.
Well look forward to some more blogs in the future, I plan to pull some more ideas together and do some research. Then I will be back to write some more!