Monday, February 25, 2008

I think I have met some one. He is sweet and nice. But also a bit odd, but then I am too. So I guess we will see where this all goes.
Melissa came over today and we had fun together. We all watched a movie and Chris made Tacos. I went to the salvations army and got a few things there. I also picked up Mickey from school because Holden is home sick with the flu. But other then that not much happened today. I had a interview in R&D the other day but I won't hear back on that until next week.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Pic's

Kinda angry looking
These are just some new pic's of me
They are kinda emo
I think I need a tan
But look at how blue my eyes look!
Very sad looking

Valentines Day

This is my new outfit I got for Valentines Day. I really love it!
Chris bought me it, and Jeremy got me beautiful roses that matched the outfit I wore on Valentines day.
But overall I have to say I had a good Valentines day thanks to my two closest friends and roommates.

Luke and Lia

I have two new puppies. They are brother and sister. Me and Chris named them Luke and Lia, like off of Star Wars.
They are really cute, but really young too. They poo every where so we built them a pen that they can play in and to work on paper training them.
Mom seems to like them, they have only been over to her house once. Luke peed on Lia while they were there, so I decided to wait until they were a little older before I take them back.

Friday, February 08, 2008

I worked today and it wasn't too bad. My job really isn't that great. But my 90 days is up in a week or so and I am hoping to either duel or go to another department. Brandons department may have an opening real soon. So I hope I can get on there. Coco is asleep in my lap and Zoe is alseep at my feet. I am very close to all my pets, and feel like I have the right balance in my house. We have so many people, so many plants, and so many pets. I think we all live in harmony very well. After working today and driving the chevy for the first time a long distance, I realize things aren't so bad. I have been pretty depressed lately, and I think I may be over it all now. I think the accident and that my parents think I can't sell my house is what really brought me down. I have decided that if I can't sell it I may rent it out. But we would have to save up some money first so that we could afford two houses if no one was renting it. Plus I still have to get it all refinanced. Which they won't do right now because I have not owned it long enough. So all I need is time, patience ,and money.
It is so weird outside right now. There is so much snow on the ground and stuff that it reflects all the light back up and the sky is always a bright orange. Like it is 6 am all the time.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It is knida weird how things can change. I was doing so good, haad two cars, decent income and was remodeling the house. Now I barely have on good car, still decent income, and trying to sell as much crap as possiable. It kinda makes me sad. But I will keep trying. My mom and I are working on me going to college through DMACC instead of Iowa Central. It is all complicated, but I am just going to go with what course my mom says, because I am too busy to figure it out myself right now. If it weren't for her I probably wouldn't go at all.
I don't know what I would do without my dogs really. They cause me stress, but the joy they cause me is so much more. I never get to go to tha bathroom without them. Even when I shut the door they will figure out how to open it. I love how they are so excited to see me when I get home. Plus they sleep with me every night. Coco really likes to sleep with me when I take naps. When I am on the computer, they play around on the floor near me, or sleep on the heat vent. They are my little turds and I love them. Garth is my cuddle monster, and Coco is my crazy little playful one. I love my babies and couldn't imagine life without them. Garth is so crazy, he loves snow. He will go outside and play and play. Jumping around and bouncing in it. Coco goes out there and just looks at me like the whole world has gone crazy. She hates the cold.

Monday, February 04, 2008

We went back up today and bought me another honda form cedar rapids. It haas it's own set of issues, but I think between the two, that I should be able to make one nice honda. But as for the lumina on the other hand, after looking at it today, I am not sure of its' future. Chris and I drove it home from North Liberty, which is where they had towed it too. I will put up pictures tomorrow of it. I think it may be totalled because I think it bent part of the frame. But we will have to wait and see. I am calling the insurance and such tomorrow as well. I am just kind of bummed about it all really.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Well, today I wrecked Jeremys car. It is right now in some towing place in Iowa city. We wewre on our way to Cedar Rapids to buy me another Honda. I was very excited about the deal I was getting so I thought traveling in such bad conditions was worth it. So we were on our way. About 45 minutes into our trip traveling east bound on I-80, I went to break as a semi switched lanes revealing that the traffic was very much slower then him. Well, I tried to break and car said no, and we spun out and ended up in the left hand lane in the west bound of I-80, facing the correct direction. I drove back through the median and got back in my orginal lane going back the way I was supposed to. In case your wondering, no that wasn't how I wrecked Jeremy's car. About 35 to 45 minutes later we were traveling a ways beind a large group of cars, when they all slowed down rather quickly( later on I found out it was due to a woman rear ending a semi) and I was unable to reduce my speed as fast. I quickly had to decide what to do and I chose to take the car into the ditch on the right hand side. But I seconded guessed myself and began to turn too late, and the rear end of my car caught up with me as I tried to ditch myself. I slid diagonally into the back of a white van, hitting only my drivers door and the back drivers corner of their car. I 'bounced' off the van and went a ways into the ditch. When I hit the van it broke out every inch of the drivers window, and the door is bent inwards at a V shape and the paramedic said it was 8 inches. I was taken to the emergency room, but I am all good. Just very very sore, and little cuts on my face.

Well, now you all know where I was today, and why the next few days I will be tired and sore!
I am going to be home for a while. I don't work again until Friday. I sold the stove. Which I thought was pretty small, but once you take it out of that kitchen it makes it way bigger! I have a lot more work to do. I am actually starting to feel back to normal though. I just have the normal runny nose stuff. I have to get everything done in the living room so I can bring more stuff into the living room, because I need to bring things in form the garage. Once I get the garage cleaned out, then all the furniture I am keeping goes in there. So I am very happy about it all. Chris is going to be buying a lot of the supplies, like paint and such. I am excited, because I am very very close to the painting point! He is supposed to talk to a friend of his to see about getting the kitchen rewired for the new fridge and stove. So everything is happening. I am really happy. I can just imagine myself now in my new house!! Plus with everything packed up the way it is, it is easier to move, and keep things clean here. I just pray for no more huge amounts of snow! It makes it hard to get around. Plus I need to make the garage door pretty, and I can't do that if it is freezing out!

Friday, February 01, 2008

----$2.00 each
Well, today wasn't too bad, for the most part. I am selling some of my furniture and I will put pictures on here. I need to get as much stuff out of here as possiable. We did get today getting the hosue work done. I re-arranged the entire kitchen, chris got the basement cleaned and my closet disassembled, and Jeremy got his house work done too. So all is well. Chris got paid today and was really good. My sore throat is coming back with a vengence. Which really sucks. I work tomorrow and then don't work again until next friday. SO I am trying to take advantage of this time, sick or not, to get house work done. My mom now thinks I am a selfish bitch who wants to use my brother for money when I suggested he move in with me. I was just trying to help because no one seems to get along there at all. At least she is always complaining about him. So I don't know. I give up. I am always just going to a failure to her. She was saying my house is so horriable. But I don't care. I have better things to worry about. She is going to move to Virgina supposedly now too because of me. Which is fine by me, I like it here. I am staying here for life.

I got a lot of work in the bed room done today. I am hoping the boys start getting some of the stuf out of the garage soon, so i can go through it and get rid of it so I can start storing furniture I am keeping in there. I am very excited about putting this house back on the market. I am hoping the basic upgrades I do will help increase the value and the ability to sell. New flooring, paint and light fixtures. But it shouldn't cost me too much, a lot of the supplies I was able to buy cheaply. But I am for now.