Monday, February 23, 2009

New Things

Well, not much new has really been happening. Just working on the same things. But I have been talking with my mom about some volunteer work she is doing and I am very interested in. We are doing a Kids with Cancer camp day on June 14th. Basically that day is for the kids and their parents to come and see the camp and we will have a big carnival with games and stuff. They need a lot of volunteers. So if any one wants to volunteer, my mom is driving everyone down there. I am really excited about helping. We will be running the games and stuff. Then my mom is going to be collecting pop tops. She said she could find all kinds of other volunteer opportunities for me as well. So I am very excited. I want to be involved. This is a pretty meaningful thing. I am going to try to get others involved too. Then I am very anxious about this years farmers market, which will be every Tuesday. It starts on June 1st. This year you can sell anything handmade, instead of just food! So I am going to be making lots of things. Plus mom is going to be having tons of stuff as well. So I am very much looking forward to it all. I haven't decided what I am going to make yet, but I am going to try to make a variety of things to sell.

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Meez!!

Meez 3D avatar avatars games


I don't think I every really put up a post about my new phone. Jeremy got me a awesome early birthday present. He got me the Apple iPhone!! I love it. I have been using it for everything.It has tons of different applications, such as: Text, Calender, Photos, Camera, Contacts, YouTube, Maps(with GPS), Clock, Calculator, Notes, iTunes, Weather, Email, Internet, and iPod. Then I down loaded a few of my own which were Brain Tuner, a game that helps get your mind sharp, Tap Tap, Jeremys choice there, and very similar to guitar hero. Also I have an app to monitor my menstrual cycles, and the game Mahjong,as well as solitaire. I also got a app to monitor my cash flow. I am reading a book now I have down loaded through an app called Stanza. I also keep my work schedule in there, and any important appointments. So with a few taps I can access all my information. No need to find a phone book, I can hop online and look up a business and tap the number and my phone will call it. I can also access my voicemail without calling it. While I am on the phone talking I can also access and use all the applications. Which comes in handy. I haven't mastered the phone yet, but I find new ways to use it everyday. Which has been a blast. I never get behind and I have more free time now actually. Because I can check my email frequently, I spend less time on the computer. So yeah, my new favorite thing is my iPhone.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Odd Pictures

This is just a kick-ass pair of shoes I own. I love sneakers.

This is some really awesome cross stitch that Krystal did.

Then this is Krystals hair from the back after I did it up one night.

New Pictures of Krystal and Dale

I know they aren't big on PDA so I just posted up my three favorite pictures we took the night we all hung out!

Hehe, I love that I got Dales picture without him knowing!

New Pictures of Me and Justin

These are new pictures of me and Justin over the past couple of weeks. I love him sooo much!

We were over at Krystals and he would not behave!

Then some one thought it would be good for him to hold me.

But just being close to him makes me so happy.

Except every now and then I wonder if he is a little retard.

New Pictures of Me

Just some new pictures of me, taken over the past few weeks!

A night at my house

Jeremy brought over his new xbox 360, Holden and Koty took turns playing on it with him.

Holden watching Koty and Jeremy play Halo.

Mickey playing games on the laptop.
These are some ATC cards I made for my swap-bot group.
The one on the left is a picture of roses and it has a sticker on it that says 'Whats your line?'
I thought it was pretty funny.

The one on the right was made with an ad from the American Heart Association.

The one on the right was partly made from a cut up walmart gift card!

Picture Post! Puppies!

This is Coco, all fat and very very pregnant. She was miserable poor thing!

But Coco proudly popped out four beautiful puppies!!

Sam decided to inspect them and still isn't impressed much.

Poor Coco, she feeds them all at once and it is like they are sucking the life out of her little body!!