Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Droid X

Well, today I upgraded my phone. Which was desperately needed because the one I had was severely lacking in memory. So with my options and price range ahead of me, I went to the Verizon store on Towne Blvd in Middletown, Ohio. Which, by the way, is my local store. I did have the option of a samsung phone that was similar and cheaper, but overall was literally less phone. So I ended up spending $200 out of pocket, and getting the Droid X. So far my experience with it has been great. I am loving the huge amount of space. I have 3 GB on my SD card and 6 GB internal storage remaining. It is all touch screen, which I have previously used with my iPhone. So that isn't too bad. One of main key points that led me to this phone was the size. It is really big like the iPhone as well. Which makes it easier to work with. Even though I have always preached you buy a phone to use as a phone, I don't use a phone as a phone any more. This is my Internet, GPS, text messaging, weather checking, facebook updating, calculator, camera, that also is a phone. It is crazy, because six years ago when I got my first cell phone, it was literally just that, a cell phone.

Just think, if we can go that far in six years, what can the future hold for us?

April 2011

Well the lack of blogging has not been because of lack of want to. I love to blog, just knowing I am sharing my thoughts and life with the world is a awesome experience. So I am going to make is a point to sit down at least once or twice a week and write about what is interesting me lately. There are so many things going on at work and home that I know I have a limitless amount of topics. Also I am changing my style of writing a little. This new format is basically just going to be more individual posts, to help separate topics. I know I have a serious tendency to ramble from topic to topic. When a reader comes to my blog they can easily tell what articles I have written that they may be interested in reading, because not everyone may be interested in my personal life. So that's my update, here we go!