Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, I finally think I have some good stuff to write about. My life has been taking so many rapid twists and turns that it could easily put a romance/drama/scify novel to shame! lol. Maybe. But for the most part I think things are well on their way to some sort of normal balance again. On Sept. 1st I should start getting more hours at work. On Sept. 15th I go to Iowa to help Justin move here! I miss him so much! It has been really hard to be away from him so long. I just put in a application in today for a really nice 3 bed 2 bath trailer in the same trailer court that Butch lives in. Mom has decided to try to work things out with him, so I will be living in the same trailer court as the kids. That makes me really happy because I can come and visit them and they can come and visit me. Plus it has a pool! I am going to buy a battery for my moped soon and start riding it before the season is over. We have had a few cool days and I am loving it. Coco is doing really well, although she still can't jump onto furniture and walks a little odd from time to time. I miss Garth a whole bunch and can't wait to see his little fluffy butt!
I am getting used to my new phone. I have this rockin new application called Laputa. It is actually a app that downloads books from the Internet and you can read them for free!! I have read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books, which is the series True Blood is based on. I have read several others as well, it is awesome to have a entire book shelf in my pocket. It is especially great because I don't have to worry about turning lights on and off when I am reading because of the phones back lighting. I have a couple other apps like a nice solitaire game I play and some cool picture editing apps. So over all I am pretty pleased with Verizon as a cell phone provider.
So basically, things are going well and I am pretty happy camper.