Wednesday, December 31, 2008

There is nothing like the power of guys when a girl gets upset! We were trying really hard to move the lumina by hand and it wasn't working at all. The front drivers side tire got flat and stuck in the ground over time and the other front tire was sunk in as well. After I realized that we had no tow chains, I got really upset, because we just couldn't come with a way to get it out. But then it dawned on me that we could jack it up and put some boards under the wheels. So Mike busted his ass getting them jacked up and we got boards stuck under there. We still couldn't get it moved, so we had Mike use this big SUV to push it. Which was awesome and scary all at once. I had to ride and steer the wheel. Then once we had it backed up, we tried to push it forward and it didn't go very far by hand, so once again he pushed with his truck. Which got it where it needed to be. Not that we will be able to get it out of there any time soon. But using our ghetto red neck ways, we all got it done. It was me, Mike, Justin, and Jeremy. Thanks guys, you are awesome!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Well, the car has been sitting up at Barneys racking up an outrageous bill. I don't know what to do to get it out of there. I can't afford to pay them to tow it, and I can't find anyone else to tow it either. I am really stuck right now. I just wish I could find a way out of this entire mess. It just feels like I am the only person worrying about it and then my mom has been on my case about the whole thing. I can't magically pull a resolution out of my ass. Not that I haven't tried. But that is where I stand now. I am so stressed over the entire thing.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Well, today was long. Very long. I was supposed to have the day off but I worked for another cashier who had a family emergency. I ended up working a full eight hours. Which kinda went by quick, but then dragged at times. After work Krystal stopped by and gave me my Christmas present. It was a pretty light green shawl. I like it a lot and plan to use it a lot. Then we took the gifts over to my moms and we all opened our presents form each other there. I got two really beautiful framed pictures that were made by my mom. It is hard to describe so I will have to take pictures of everything. Then I also got a kind of friendship necklace from Jeremy for me and my sister. The necklaces read big sister and little sister. Mom also got me a warming scarf and some neat folding shoe totes. Me and Justin gave each other one present tonight and we are saving the rest for tomorrow. He got me the laptop carrying case I wanted, and he opened the one gift where I got him the first and second spider man dvds. He really liked them. I love the case and can't wait to use it. I like to take my laptop to my moms and I haven't much lately. We will probably be there most of the day tomorrow, so I will probably take it with me. I finally finished the fourth book in the twilight series. It was really really good. I love twilight. I can't wait for the other movies. I am probably going to be reading a lot of fan fiction about it in the future. Over all today was really good. It was weird with walmart closing and stuff. Jeremy's mom is super nice and is going to be taking Justin to his second job in the mornings that they work together. The car is down again, but I am going to try to start it tomorrow. It got too cold and the engine needs a serious tune up and probably an oil change. I am not sure if we can afford any of that right now. Justin got an ipod from my parents and he is anxious to use it. He is allowed to listen to music at work. I am so in love with him. I couldn't be happier.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


This blog post is all about Twilight. They made an awesome movie from an awesome book. The books in the series are Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn .
They are basically all about Bella Swan, and how she falls in love with Edward Cullen. Which he also just happens to be a vampire. The books go into depth on how they fall for one another.

This picture is the entire Cullen family(with the exception of two).

I thought this picture was awesome so that you can see all the different views of Edward, who is amazingly hot. I think he as hot even when he isn't playing the role of a vampire.
I really just wanted to post up some pictures of my recent obsession. I love twilight and can't wait to read the fourth book!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I think everyone is starting to feel better after the major sickness. I am doing ok, still kinda sick, and Justin is doing so much better. My family is pretty good except for mom. I haven't been hungry since I threw up on sunday. Which I have eaten, but just because it hurt. I think I only eat because of the pain anymore. I worked on my snowmen ornaments I am making. They are almost done. I got another one in the mail today. I am not sure what it has to do with Christmas. But it is neat. I am reading the third twilight book right now. It is really really good. I saw the movie in theater with Mike over the weekend, and it was AWESOME. I love twilight. Mike is actually loaning me the third book that I am reading. It has snowed a bunch the past few days and it has made the roads pretty bad out. I think me and Justin are using sand this year instead of ice melt for the dogs sake and to help the drive way. Justins car died at WalMart and Butch help me go get it today. He thinks we have a fuel injector out. I am not sure. I have to figure out if we can get it to a shop this week. Jeremy has been driving us around. He is hanging out with my brother today. I watched tv with Mickey for a while. Which was fun. I like hanging out with my siblings. The Sebring is still up at the tow place, and I have to figure out what to do with it, because it is racking up a bill every day it is there. Today is my last day off until Christmas. It is so weird how time went by so fast.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well, as an update on everything, my car is still very totaled and now sitting up at a shop until we find a place to put a totaled car until I pay it off. Then I called my insurance company and they for some reason changed my address and canceled my policy without notice back in OCTOBER! So now, I have to figure out how to resolve that and the huge fine that goes with that as well. Butch came over and we have figured out how to fix the van and Justins car. I have to go fix his car tomorrow and get tags. I guess the good side is I will finally get a four door car. This just isn't the way I wanted to.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Everything changes...

Every day has its ups and downs. But then there are those moments in life that change everything. In those moments you find yourself truly scared, afraid, happy, or lost what ever the case may be. Everything has been hard for me since I left work at Prairie Meadows. Money has been very tight, and hard to keep up with previous debts I have acquired. Tonight us getting by changed drastically.
Tonight on his way to work, Justin totaled my only running car. He didn't take the time to defrost the windshield fully and wasn't able to see that the snow plow was driving down the middle of the street. He thought he could clear it but didn't. The car is beyond totaled, and he is lucky to walk away.
We now have no way for either of us to get to work and we do not have the funds to fix and put another car on the road. As of right now, I see no light, and no way out.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Improving Your Memory

Well, it it seems lately my memory has been slipping and I have been repeating myself a lot and stuff. So I decided that I should research the subject on how to improve memory. I found tons of stuff.
First off I found that games can help improve memory. Though the games I usually play, like cards, aren't helping my memory. One site I found suggests:
1) Puzzles 2) Quizzes 3) Try to remember a set of random numbers, alphabets, names etc. 4) Take a number and start continuous addition or multiplication with itself, in your mind only.
Also I found it useful to know what kind of memory there is to use.
Sensory is the first type. Basically when you see, hear, touch something briefly. It can't be improved, because it is only when you see some thing briefly.
Short-Term is the second type. Short term can also include some sensory memories and it is when you are briefly exposed to something up to a minute or two.
Long-Term memory is the final type. This is where you are able to recall things in the past such as old phone numbers and things of the such. Long term memory is stored in a different part of a persons brain. Using repetition you are able to store and recall this information for a life time.
On another note, other information I found was that a lot of our memory retention is based on how much attention we are paying at the time to what we are retaining. Sites suggest repeating things either a loud or in your mind if you find it important to remember them later on. Especially peoples names, try to repeat them in conversation. Then as you set things down such as car keys, you should make a mental note Text Colorof where you put them. Reminding yourself as you do things will help you to recall it later on. If you have problems remembering things during certain times you should think about how many things you are doing at once. Multitasking slows down your retention rate and makes it harder for your mind to recall things it may have just seen or done.
The next few methods I thought were rather interesting. First off talk yourself through it. If you are worried you will leave the stove on or misplace your shoes, then as you do things say them aloud. This might now be the method for you if you have lots of people around, because they might think your a little crazy. Now the next method is picture yourself doing it before doing it. Have you ever gotten up to get something, then get in the next room and have forgotten why you are there?? I know I have done it, and I know my mom has too!! So visualize your self looking or getting that item or thing done before you even get up to do it. Then the final method I suggest is called spread the word. The best way to remember things is repetition, and even if it is just telling some one what you did that day, or mentioning the friends you saw or talked to lately. Just recalling the previous day to another person or teaching someone something you have just learned, is a great way to help your memory.
By far the easiest things to do to help your memory are the following:
1)Get Some Sleep! The brain needs a rest, at least 6 to 8 hours so it can get fully rested and work well.
2) Do Aerobic Exercises. The increased blood flow to the brain helps the brain sharpen and work at it's best.
Well, I feel like I found lots of information that I can use and hopefully my memory will improve. There is a good chance though I may forget to use it!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I am off work for the next two days and happy about it! I get to watch Heroes for once, and can't wait. I have some Christmas ornaments I have to make. I am gonna get up in the morning to see if I can find Chris's diploma. I would have looked this weekend, but between housework and work, I didn't have time to. I am pretty sure he is mad at me, but he should have taken it with him. It has always driven me crazy how unprepared he is! But hopefully I can find it and he can get a nice job. He deserves one for sure. A coworker might be treating me to the movies, so I might get to see twilight!!!! I am so excited. I hope I can. Well, Coco is way more likely then not going to have some puppies in a few months. She has gotten banged three times. Now Garth spends all his time in the kennel. Which doesn't thrill him. Jeremy said he would help pay for getting him neutered. Which means a lot to me. I hope he can afford it. He is having some troubles with his car. But since he isn't living with me, he doesn't really have bills and his part time job can afford to fix his car.
Tonight was fun with Justin, we ate dinner together and watched Kung fu Panda. I finally broke down and watched it. It was actually pretty good. My favorite part was when the turtle tells the master 'The past is history, and the future is a mystery, but now is a gift, and that's why it is the present.' It goes something like that, and I really liked it a lot. I would give it a pretty good rating as a movie over all.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Today was a pretty good day! I went to the gym with Jeremy and tanned while I was there. It was fun to have some one to go with. Then I got this awesome package from swap bot. It had this great book about dragons, I gave that to Justin. He really liked it. Then I had to work, and I had a good night there. I hauled the trash to the curb when I got home. I got the most awesome deal on tupperware. They had all sizes of the four packs for only 75 cents each, and they were originally like $3.29 each. So I am happy about that. I went through my cabinet and got rid of all the old stuff. I am taking it over to moms and what ever she doesn't want, I am giving to the salvation army. I need to get rid of stuff, so I am giving it away. Some of it has lids and stuff, it would just be easier to have a all matching set. I love the color too, they are clear and burnt orange. It is a pretty fall color. I love fall. I almost have all the stuff cleaned out of the basement. But that brings me to the realization that all the Christmas stuff I had got ruined in the flood. So I will have to get new stuff as I can afford it.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Today was a pretty good day in the end. I got to spend a lot of time after work with Justin. Jeremy and me both have gym memberships now, so we can work out together. Which will be fun. Justin got some of his Christmas shopping done and I am going to wrap more presents tomorrow. I have to make a bunch of phone calls about jobs and my one credit card. I tried to use it for a small purchase and it got denied, which is weird because I have a good amount available on it. SO I am gonna call and figure out what the deal is. Then I need to call my other card company and have then reissue me a card, because I have miss placed it around the house and I want to use some of it. I haven't used them in months. Then Justin has to call the one company he goes through and change his rates. In three days I will have worked at WalMart for two months. I am not doing swaps for a while, but when the opportunity arises I pick up things really cheap for my swaps. Like I got wind up sushi for a quarter a piece. Sounds weird, but I think it will be a good trade gift for on swap bot. It has been snowing like hell here and the roads suck.

I got this new bottle of face wash. It is the Clean & Clear Morning Burst facial scrub. I really like it. It smells really good. It exfoliates and doesn't burn the way some scrubs do for me. I need to get a new lofa, my old one was eaten by dogs. Love them, but they are a pain in the butt. If I don't wash my face enough then it itches. Which wouldn't be so bad, but I itch it at work, and don't realize I am doing it at all. Then some one will point out that part of my face is red. Justin is sweet, he keeps me from itching or chewing on my nails. I don't really bite them, but they have been breaking off so much lately, that when they get jagged I bite them. So I have to watch or I will completely chew them off! I have never had some one watch out as closely for me as Justin does, it can be wonderful( though some times annoying.) I wouldn't trade him for the world.

I didn't get anything done around the house today. Justin did, he is amazing. He cleaned instead of sleeping for work. We broke our drain plug for the sink and we are having a hard time finding a new one that fits right. So dishes keep getting postponed. I got a awesome deal on some tupperware tonight. They were only 75 cents for two really big bowls, and a tiny one. They were in sets like that, so we got two. I need to organize my tupperware and get rid of stuff with no lids or bottoms. They have some other tupperware on sale and I will see if they have any more tomorrow.

Asia ripped into one of the Christmas presents. I will have to re-wrap it now. I don't mind too much because she didn't hurt the present. I rearranged the dinning room and the little brat can jump and climb on more stuff then Garth and Coco can. So she is a pain. She can be really smart too and knows how to get around things. I had to put a baby lock on the cabinet under the sink because she figured that one out! But she is a sweet dog, and still just a puppy. She just turned five months old a few days ago.