Monday, May 07, 2012

Family fun

Things have been going well for all of us in the household. Having all this new family has been going really well for all of us. It has been bringing us together and working more together then ever.

Kat has been looking more radiant everyday. She has been enjoying all her new clothes that fit well, and having fun dressing the kids in all their new clothes as well. Melissa loves her new dresses and shoes, where as George is a boy and could care less.

All the nice weather outside has been great for family time. We all take turns working in the yard and playing with the kids.

Justin is even getting in on the kid time. The kids have a blast with all of their new yard toys and bikes.

With all good comes some bad and some times they need time outs. Melissa is really good at her angry time out face as always, but since the kids have been here their behavior all together has been greatly improved.