Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Bargain Shopping Trip!

Okay, so I had a little time today to make it out to Walmart thanks to my friend Jeremy. The roads are really snowy and bad so he was nice enough to drive me out there. They were having a big sale on the Miley Cyrus/ Max Azria line of clothes, Valentines Day clothes, and some other odds and ends they had. So I went and got myself some really nice stuff really cheap! I ended up spending roughly $45 and I came home and added up the tag value WITHOUT tax which came to $235!! That means I saved $190! Which for some of the tags I couldn't find the full price but a previous mark down price only. So that means I saved even more, I just don't know how much. This was a AWESOME trip over all!! I also got a outfit for my mom and for my little brother!

This is a sexy bomber jacket for only $3, when it was orginally $20!
These jeans were orginally $15 each and I got two pairs for only $3 each. One pair for me and my mom.

These two sets are sweatshirt/jackets with Tshirts, and I paid only $3 each! The one is Betty Boop and the other is Tinker Bell.

Then these three shirts I paid only $1 each and they are from the Miley Cyrus/ Max Azria line, very cute, and I am going to wear a thin strap tank underneath.