Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Jeremy got toe surgery today. It has been a long time coming. He has this issue where his big toe nail grows into the side of his toe instead of straight out. We tried having the doctors cut it out, cut it off and antibiotics, but no luck. So today he finally had the nail permanently removed. Keeping our fingers crossed that after it heals he will finally be pain free!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Today was a rather productie day for me. Jeremy got the Grand Am cleaned out, including vacuuming. It looks really nice but tomorrow he has to go out and clean off the dash board. We picked up a bottle of cleaner to use on it, it is the kind that cleans and protects. I got the living room cleaned up. It had gotten to be a mess with litttle areas of collective junk. I put away all my craft stuff. Jeremy got a ton of dishes done
When I had some free time I decided to look through my keepsake tote I have. I keep everything of personal and emotional value in there. Ever had some one ask you if you could grab one thing on your way out of your burning home what would you grab? This tote is it. It has all my journels, all my papers from school, coins I collect, and baby stuff from when I was born. I also have a copy of nearly every picture I have ever printed in there. Well I got looking through it and realized there was no way for me to enjoy any of these keepsakes stored the way they were. I decided I wanted to store all my school papers scrapbook style and discard a lot of the random papers I had from school, such as daily tests and worksheets that weren't very special.
I picked up a nice black scrapbook from Big Lots. For $8 I got the book stickers, punch outs, and tons of sheets. I don't plan to use the sheets since most of the papers with cover most the space. Starting off with kindergarten I tried to put everything in chronological order, or as closely as I could. I have already used 17 pages and have only made it up to sixth grade! Due to our budget I have to wait until next week to buy more filler sheets. Although I am very excited to see how it turns out in the end. A single book to have all my school memories in, instead of a bunch of random disorganized papers!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Vacuum Cleaners

I'm so happy I finally have a Kirby vacuum cleaner. They are so awesome. Mines an older model, a Heritage II. It still runs like a champ. I tested it on a large and very dirty rug at my house to see how well it would do. I did half the rug with my Kirby and the other half with my Eureka. My Eureka vacuum isn't cheap either, I bought it a few years ago for around $170. That's the most I have ever paid for a vacuum. I have taken it apart many times to clean and maintence it. It has been a great vacuum to me. Then the Kirby came along and killed its reputation!  When done side by side the end effect it nearly the same, but with my Eureka to get that quality I had to go over the area 2 or 3 times. Where as with the Kirby only one swipe through made the rug look new again.
So is the life of my Eureka doomed? Nope, not at all. I didn't get any accessories with my Kirby, so all the hosing goes to Eureka. I did vacuum the entire house with my Kirby and the only real down side is it is the older model before the transmission was introduced, so pushing the heavy thing around had me in a serious sweat!  Good thing I need the exercise. So now I'm off to buy vacuum bags!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Jeremy and I have been walking every evening. We take Coco for a lap around the neighborhood. Coco loves going on these walks. I have really enjoyed them too. We have several outdoor cats that we see and a neighbor made a bike-mobile! Its cool, four wheels and peddle powered.
I live in a nice neighborhood to walk in. We are going to start jogging. We go near dark because its cooler and not as many people out.

Monday, June 06, 2011


Okay, I'm not being dramatic, there is a store in the Springfield Mall called OMG! I went there today for the first time. It's a womens accessory store very similar the Claires, but cheap stuff instead. I bought a cute ring and a cuff bracelet. All their accessories are only $1.25 and their purses and make up are higher priced. I was really happy to find such a neat and affordable store. The only down side is some of their jewelry is rather cheesy and cheap. But it does make a great place for some one to shop for young girls jewelry, so if they break or lose it ( like my sister does) then your not at much of a loss!
I spent most of today with my brother, sister, Jeremy, and Justin. We had fun, but they all had me wanting to pull out my hair by the end of the day!

Saturday, June 04, 2011


Yay! I found a app for my phone so I may blog from my phone! What can't android do?
So anyways, I have become a pretty big gamer lately. I have been playing xbox360 with Jeremy a lot and simming on my laptop.
First off I recently defeated Fable Three for xbox360. That's a great game that u can play at any pace. Its also pretty enjoyable since you are constintly presented with options to be good or evil. I played co-op with Jeremy, which didn't go well since he decided to dart in my husbands face, it nearly killed him!
Then on a regular basis I have been playing Rock Band 3 with Jeremy. I usually play as the singer and Jeremy does drums or guitar. I often get so into the game I sing until I go horse!
Finally I am getting back into my Sims3 game. After reviewing some different player challenges online I have found even more ways to enjoy my game. Im currently trying out a male sim that has knocked up just about every woman in town. I'm curious of the effects this will have on the next generation since they will mostly be related!
That's it for now, more to come later!