Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Trip to the ER

Well, last night I was having the pains agian like I did last time. Only this time they were ten times worse. I was really bad all down my left side, with a extreme head ache. I was feeling pretty faint as well, so I decided to go to the ER. I went and they gave me baby asprin and nitro and I felt better. I am going to see doctor Clevenger this week for sure. I am not sure when my insurance starts, but I can't do this anymore. I don't know if it is heart or stress. So I will know more when I talk to my family doctor. But I have to rest a lot today. I just hope and prey this doesn't endanger my job.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, Aaron broke up with me days ago. Something about us having nothing in common.But I really don't care, he was kinda a jerk anyway. But the same day we broke up I met Justin online.He is so funny and smart. Then the next day I went out with him and things have been wonderful since.I am so happy. I love being around him. He treats me like a princess and encourages my dreams. He is cute and funny and just a wonderful guy. I think me and him are going to last a while. We went to Best Buy the other day to get some stuff and I picked up a new phone. I had a gift certificate I needed to use up. So it was really cheap. Then we went to this neat book store and Justin bought me this neat journal book. You go through and answer all the questions in it. I really love it. Poor Chris has been so sick lately. Has been just trying to sleep it off. He should be fine though, he just a lot of up-set stomach.I am taking the puppies into Mickeys class today. She is really excited about that. Mom did Farmers Market yesterday and did really good. I only made 75 cents. But hey, money is money.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow,I am having such a hard time keeping trackof what day it is. Working nights has me all confused. I took Coco and Asia to Holdens show and tell today. They both did really well. I am very proud of Coco, she walked where she was supposed to walk and was a really good girl. Holden loved it. Now Mickey wants me to bring them. Krystal had her interview with IowaTelecom. She said it went well and I really hope she gets the job. I am not going to be switching to days, the only position they have open has sunday monday off and that would defeat the purpose of me riding with Butch so I can save on gas. I really need to just ride with Jason and Janelle more. I am having a big yard sale tomorrow, and selling moms fresh produce at it. I think it will really help draw in customers. Now she has all the stuff so she can sell anything at the farmers market. So Chris is going to be making jewlery and stuff to sell there. I really could use the cash. I still haven't found anyone to trade my car yet. Working on it though.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wel, I have to say today was a pretty good day over all. I am now dating Aaron. Me and him have been working together for a a long time. He is a CFA. I like him a lot. We had a awesome time last night. He came over here and we watched movies. I am happy. This morning I went to this church thing where they were giving away free clothes. I got tons of stuff for me, mom, mickey and holden. Oh and I picked up a couple of things for Krystal and a ton of stuff for Chris. So yeah I got tons of stuff. I painted my nails blue today. I have been wanting to paint them for a long time. So tonight I was like screw it, and just painted them. Chris was pretty sick today. I felt bad for him. He still gave the dogs a bath though, which was awesome. They all really needed it. I am taking them all to the vet at the end of the month for shots and stuff. I am going to find a program to pay to nueter Garth. I am tired of him peeing on every thing, and I don't want him to hump Asia when she comes of age. But yeah, it has been a really good day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Go Green

This was a really neat find. I stumbled accross a womens go green site that has all kinds of neat things on it. The thing I find interesting that I am posting about here now is these designer purses. They are all made 100% from recycled mens suits! I think that is wild and they look neat too.
mandinka's Shop Announcement Welcome to Mandinka Designs' cyber store!Our unique line of bags, bugs and accessories are expertly crafted from reclaimed & recycled men’s suit coats. Each bag is a beautiful work of art -- inside & out -- and is an artful combination of jacket parts including sleeves, collars, pockets and even labels.

My Stuff for Sale

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For Sale

Chris has made some really cute dream catcher like things for us to sell. They are really neat. The little ones are 50 cents and the big one is 75 cents.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Day At Prairie Meadows

Well, Me, Jeremy, Chris, Mickey and Holden went o family day the the Prairie Meadows Race Track. It was a lot of fun. We got our pictures taken with Batman and Spiderman. They were pretty cool.
They also got heir faces painted. Holden made an awesome villain. Then Mickey, Holden and Chris got their hair spray painted. It was really cool.

I know I haven't really updated in a while. I have the mobile blogging I use as a get me by. But I have been so busy with work and the house. I bought a Xbox360 on ebay today. I thought the boys deserved it. They have been working really hard on the house. I am working one day of over time this up coming week. Then I am signing up for another day the next week. I am still trying to cut back so I can recover from my extra long work weeks. The good news is I am talking to my mom again. So I have been seeing the kids. I took them to family day at the races. I am going to do a separate post about that. Then I have a bunch more stuff up for sale. Me and my mom are having a huge yard sale over the holiday weekend. Mom says she might put it off, but I really don't want to. She is going in for surgery tomorrow. So I am taking the kids to school. Krystal has a interview with Iowa Telecom, which is awesome. Chris has been doing really well with the house, he got the new cabinet put in today.

Oh, I have been collecting Sobe bottle caps, because I want to make a stepping stone out of them. I think that would be so cool. I have been getting a lot more lately because Jeremy drinks it a lot. So I am doing good with that. I am going to try to find mroe time to do my scrap booking, because I really do love to do that.

My mom is having surgery on wed.i have to help her with farmers market tomorrow.Then i need to help with bathroom remodeling.It is going great!
My mom is having surgery on wed. I have to help her with her farmers market tomorrow. Then i need to help with bathroom remodeling. It is
It is finally friday! I am happy it is finally my weekend. I got more stuff up for sale today.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I always feel bad when i order food i can't finish. I try not to be wasteful. But some times i just feel sick when i eat.
Thats weird. I just tried to text a Blog update and it wouldn't let me.
Some times it can just be very frustrating how people act some times. I have a lot going on and i hate playing guessing hands with the guy

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I try to always eat as healthy as i can. I have cut alot of sweets and junk food out of my diet. Which has given me a lot of natural energy.
I am so tired. I dont mind working nights, i just have not been getting enough sleep. I hate having to use pop to give me energy.
I have new pictures i will post when i get time. We went out to cici first for dinner. Then after the races we went to menards for supplies
I took the kids to the races today. We had a lot of fun. They got their faces painted. They had retired grey hound racing dogs too

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I try to put off my dinner until 4am. But i still have problems eating. I dont know why i cant eat. I take a few bites and feel sick.
Work has been so boring tonight. I am taking the kids to the races tomorrow. I think it will be a lot of fun.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Today is my mon. My ankle hurts, but i think it will be a quiet night. I have a ton of things to do in the morning. Plus it is payday!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am now Bloging from my cell while i am on the go! I hope every one enjoys my little up dates.
New Blog

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I joined a new online thing today that is kinda dorky. But I saw it in the news paper and thought I would try it out. The site is called It is like myspace for dogs. I am working on a profile for Coco right now. But I am not sure how far I will get into that. We were supposed to go the the fair today, but it rained most of the morning, so we didn't. I think Chris and I will end up going tomorrow. Jeremy has to work, but then he didn't really seem to want to go anyway. I am going to Adventureland the first weekend in sept. I took it off from work. This week is pay week and I am so excited. The bathroom is starting to look really awesome. Chris has got 80 percent of the wall paper done. He has to wait until I buy the pedestal sink for in there. The kitchens paint is all done except for one piece of trim.
I went over to my moms today. I was tired of not seeing the kids. So she can be mad at me all she wants, but I am going to see them. SO I took them a bunch of stuff over and gave it to them. I gave her a plant, but it was too late to save it, so she put me a live plant in the pot. Which was really nice. I think I might give her what is left of my potting soil. Her kitchen looks nice. I did enjoy going over there. I might go back later, I am not sure yet. I have some plant seeds I am going to split up with her, I don't need all of them. I took the Tru Back I bought over there so she can try it out.I hope it works. I paid forty bucks for it. They did research on it in the University of Iowa. It makes a lot of sense how it works. I got it for my back pain, but then mine is muscle related, not spinal. So my moms is mostly spinal. I took Asia and Coco over there with me. Asia wasn't too happy about the whole idea. She wasn't upset the whole time, just most of it. Coco had a blast though. I am so glad I got to see Mickey and Holden. I miss them everyday. Mickey kept giving me hugs and kisses.I told them about taking them to family day at the races.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Well, things can change rather quickly. Me and Dustin are done. He up and moved to Knoxville, and then says he wasn't ready for a relationship. So I will probably never see him again. I will miss his daughter for sure. Being around her made me kinda want a baby. But then I just really don't have that kind of time right now. I want everything to be perfect for my kids when I have them. I want to be really prepared. No suprises, like not having what they need. The house is coming along well. I took the boys out to Cici's yesterday. We had fun and went to Menards and got a large board to cut into trim and a nice garden hose. When the kitchen is finished I will put up the pictures of the new stuff. Chris is doing an awesome job! I am super proud of him. He has been getting a lot done. Plus now he is doing laundry. The dryer is still broken, but has been putting stuff up on the line. We picked up another area rug at the salvation army for only three bucks, so now most of the living room/dinning room floor is covered and protected from puppies and the messes they like to make.
I put aliminum foil over my windows today to help block out the sun light. I was told by a co-worker that it also deflects heat. Which would be a good idea, considering my bed covers half of the floor vent for the air conditioning. I am still kinda debating between which house I want to buy. Because Chris did bring up the point of all the maintence the bigger one requires with tentants and such. So I am not sure. I really like the yard and all the garages. I mean come on! Who would turn down 13 garages!! Plus I can walk to the salvation army. I love that. I am working the Wynonna Judd concert tonight. I am happy because I am in a place were I will get to heart the whole thing! I am excited. It will be like being paid to go to a concert. I worked the Heart concert, but I was in parking all night. SO that really really sucked. But I did get to talk to a bunch of the band members and pet the dogs that belong to the lead singers. Petting the dogs was probably more interesting then meeting the singers anyway, becuase I didn't even know who sang the music until I learned about the concert. Well, I am off here until tomorrow. Have to worka double today!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stuff Done!

I feel pretty accomplished right now. With Chris's help I got a ton of stuff gone through out of the garage and all repacked in way less boxes. Plus I have a couple more boxes of yard sale stuff too! Which I think I may try that route one more time, and then I will be contacting a guy who buys the stuff in bulk. Krystal came over today, and I think that is really why I got so much done. I had some one to talk to and chat with while I was working and it kinda kept me going. It has been super hot out here lately, but I don't complain much, because it is still much cooler then when I lived in South Carolina. I have had a pretty good day. I got a ride to work last night, this way I could save on gas. I want to take the boys to Cici's for a reward for working so hard on the house, so me not driving to work one day helps equal it out. I might be doing that more often, depending on how things go. I am so glad it is my weekend though. I am getting so burnt out on working. I haven't had as much over time lately, so I have been looking for a second job I could work part time. If Dustin's mom gets an opening at the gas station I could work there. I haven't seen him since last week and it is really bumming me out. But he spent the weekend with family and just started his new job this week. So I know he is busy. I am hoping though that over my days off I might be able to go and see him.

It is funny, Krystal being here and me going through stuff, has completely wore the dogs out and they are all passed out around me. Garth and Coco sleep with me every night, and Asia has her doggy bed on the floor. She still falls off the bed, so I really don't feel safe having her up here. I don't want the baby to get hurt.

Jeremy baiscally has to work all day today, which kinda sucks, but he is trying to get more hours. He is still looking for a better job too. Quiznos doesn't pay that well. He misses his job at Prairie Meadows and people there miss him too. He is just one of those guys everyone likes.

I am hoping that by Christmas time I could get on for security at Trinity Manufacturing. They build those wind mills that generate power. Which I think is cool as hell!!! I am very pro recycling and go green. I have a ton of recycling that I am putting out with my trash. They do that for free out here. I love it. I also pick up pop cans and bottle because they are worth a nickel a piece. I pick up the ones that aren't worth money too, because when you take them in, they will get recycled too. We only have so much material to work with on earth, we have to be careful and not take that for granted.

Friday, August 01, 2008

I thought I was doing so good. I haven't cried since sunday. I almost made an entire week. Dustin snapped at me in a text messag about giving him the third degree because I was asking about him buying a car and getting his cell turned on. It doesn't add up and I still don't understand. It actually upset me enough to cry. I feel like he was comparing me to his ex, who ruled his life. I care about him a lot and I just want to know what is going on. I am pretty sure he is mad at me but I really don't know. I guess I will see if he calls me. I want this to work, and I want it to work so bad. I am so tired of being alone and dating losers. I am always ending up with guys who hurt me some how, or think I am crazy. Dustin is so many of the things I want in a guy. He is hard working, funny, sweet. He has been honest with me as far as I know. He is a good parent. We agree on so many views about life. He is just all around a great person. I love being around him. I am starting to wonder if I will screw this up because I am honest. I actually told him what he said hurt my feelings and now I feel stupid for doing it. Right now I feel so upset and lost. Maybe I am just being stupid. I want to talk to him on the phone, but he says his phone doesn't have minutes and all he says in texts are ok and whatever. So I am going to leave him alone and let him make the next move. I think I have shown him how much I want him in my life, and I guess I need to see if he wants the same.