Thursday, October 15, 2009


Wow, it has been a long time since I have written, but that's okay. I have been super busy with a lot of different things! First off Coco's puppies will be nine weeks old on Sunday and they are still for sale! As well as Egypt, who is eight months old this month. We couldn't get our basement fixed at our old house, so we decided moving was the best option. After being given a long run around, we were able to get financed to buy a three bedroom manufactured home at the Sunrise Terrace Mobile Home park. The house has to stay here for four years, after that we plan on moving it to some land we plan on buying between now and then. We moved in here the last week of September, and so far I love it here. We are building custom shelves into the living room wall, so we have a nice place to store all our movies in there. I have been working on sanding and staining the wood myself. Chris is the builder and puts it all together. I think I am going to put one big shelf in my bedroom as well, for all my books. The master bedroom has a large garden tub that looks like a hot tub! I love all the space we have here. Plus they gave us our own space to store my car. Justin finally got me to go to one of this Pokemon tournaments with him. I played and had a blast. We are planning on going back again.
The house is still a moving mess for the most part. I don't work at Wal-Mart anymore. I got fired for stupid reasons, which was proven since I get unemployment from them. I still work at the library, but I am looking for a desk job at a hotel preferably. My Lyme's is up and down right now, I haven't finished transferring all my paper work yet so I can see my family doctor, instead of the dude in Grinnel who was ripping us off. I have been having big issues with putting things off lately, I know about things I have to get done, but I just seem to forget until I am in bed at night. It is very frustrating. I have been working on it.
A couple of days ago, we decided to take on a special needs dog. Her name is Lulu and she came from a drug house. She is ten weeks old and can't walk. Basically our goal is in the next six months is to teach her how to walk and be a normal dog her age. She is a sweet white terrier mix. She is always so happy too. Today we got her to play with all the puppies and it was pretty fun. We did have one couple come and look at buying one of the puppies today, but they said they would have to think about it. They were looking for a smaller chihuahua then these. Mine at the biggest are only ten pounds, but then I guess they were looking for something tiny. I really need to get at least one sold because I am taking Coco in to get fixed in a week and a half. So I could really use the money for that.
My family has the flu, so I am avoiding them for now. I have started my Christmas shopping. Everyday is a challenge to unpack more and get stuff done!