Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Well, if I haven't mentioned it before I will now. I am a hoarder. I do have a problem. But the best part is I have support. I have a family that helps me, and we are making a change for the better. We had our house over packed, and we have finished sorting here and are going through our storage units now.
So Phase One is the first part of our big spring cleaning. We started by making a large master list of the items we wanted to accomplish and the time we wanted to accomplish them in. After that we started going through everything in the basement and sorting them into different boxes. We sorted them by Keep, Yard Sale, Donate, and Sycamore House. 
The Keep stuff will go through a second round of sorting after we finish the basement and storage units. This way I get rid of anything I may have kept that I really didn't need after all.
The Yard Sale boxes are items I think I could sell quickly and make decent money off of. I have tons and tons of sale items and most of them will be donated.
The Donate box is everything we need to get rid of that isn't trash and will go straight to local thrift stores.
The Sycamore House box is all the motherhood and baby/children items I have to donate. They are a great organization that has helped me get baby supplies and maternity wear, and I want to make sure I give back to such a great program.
So Phase One will be considered complete when we finish emptying out both of our storage units. This is a big feat because we have two units that are 10X20 feet and were basically filled to the ceiling, front to back. So accomplishing this is a big thing to get done overall. 

Now Phase Two is more detailed and requires less heavy lifting! In this phase we go back through the keep boxes first, and get rid of any extra stuff. I want to thin out as much as possible. So once we have thinned out everything and we are sure we are down to ONLY the items we are for sure we want to keep, then we go into our organizational part of the phase. We will go from box to box and determine which room the items go in, then sort items and put them away. At this point we will work on rearranging and determining what we really have room for and what we don't. 

Phase Three is the expensive phase. At this point we start our remodeling. We are adding on a additional room that will be half a craft room and half a play room for the kids. This is my ultimate goal. So I can spend time with the family yet craft in my own space. 

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