Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Time has passed...

So much time has passed since my last post and so much has changed. My life at some points feels like it is in a constant state of flux. I recently lost some one I was very close to a few months ago and in that moment I felt weak. Weaker then I had in years, and I didn't know who was going to save me. But then days passed and time went on and I started to grow. I picked up my pieces and grew stronger. Those moments when you feel like you cannot handle the change and the challenge, those are the moments that define us. But I didn't feel inspired to write today because of that sadness and burden, I was inspired to write today because of the happiness that is filling my home.

There are mega blocks all over the floor in front of my kitchen. A whole bag, dumped out and scattered, because today Aries decided he wanted to build things and the twins helped. It was beautiful to see as I sat at the table. I sat there working on paperwork and watched my boys learn.

I grabbed a cold bottle of tea from the fridge, because my roommate Caitlin remembered to stock it. The fridge is covered in photos of family and friends.

I got to spend time cuddling each of the twins to sleep tonight. Aries went to bed watching his new favorite movie 101 Dalmatians. A love he now shares with his dad.

I got to hang out with Jeremy, laying around watching dumb videos and looking at funny pictures on iFunny. Just hanging out.

Aries told me today he was HUNGRY, not just that he wanted a snack. Every day, new words, and sentences.

The joy of getting to wear new clothes I got for this season.

Justin found out today they will be extending his work hours back out, so that means more money for Christmas and for our savings.

Everyday I fall more in love with the man of my life as I watch him play with our kids, and spend time with them. He is a amazing father.

Caitlin starts her new job tomorrow, and her new school next week. So much change and she has arranged it all herself. I am so proud of her.

I found the twins matching dinosaur costumes, and Aries has his own, so I will have 3 little dinosaurs to take out trick or treating this year.

All of these beautiful things are why our house is so happy. We have so much good in our lives, so much to be thankful for. Life is never a perfect thing. Things happen, and people come and go. But the truth is if you cannot make it through the hard times and struggle you never get to enjoy the good and all it has to offer. Since having the twins I haven't been as strong as I need to be but I am learning I can be. I can find myself. I can do this. Life is beautiful and I won't let events or people hold me back. I never have before now, and I am not about to start!
Here are just a few of our special moments:
Aries pushing Pikachu in a stoller.

Aries and Draven watching TV together.

Me and Justin in our family photos 2015.

Me and Aries cudding before bedtime.

Caitlin working her magic on the twins before bedtime and playing Xbox.

Jeremy rocking guitar hero at Dave & Busters.
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